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2015 Elections!

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Jr. Miniature Hereford National Expo!


The 2nd annual Junior National Miniature Hereford Expo will be held this summer in the Grady County Fairgrounds, 500 E Choctaw Ave, Chickasha, OK 73018.

June 24 – 28, 2015

                                     There will be games, prizes, buckles, and plenty of FUN!


Click HERE for ALL the information, including CONTESTS!


Election Candidates

MHBA President

Jeff Bash

Hello fellow cattlemen.,

I have been honored with the nomination for the presidency of our miniature hereford breeders association. My name is Jeff Bash of Old School Genetics in south central Nebraska. I have been in the seedstock business for over 35 years. I was introduced to the miniature hereford breed by Steve and Judy Splitt About ten years ago. After working with the Splitts I have seen how much the mini breed has to offer the cattle industry. Steve shared his vision of where we could go with the minis and I agreed. That lead to my first purchase of Miss Kitty in 2009. This was the starting point of my herd  and my excitement and herd continue to grow.

My cattle story started in 4-h my Dad was very involed in helping the program grow in our county. He started the first livestock auction and continued it for over 60 years. Our family was also part of the formation of one of the first commercial feedlot operations in south central Nebraska 45 years ago. With The roots my family established it has allowed me to continue to actively participate in the livestock sector.  A few of my active duties have included. Serving on the Nebraska Cattlemen board of directors as the seedstock chairman. I have been a part of the Nebraska Cattlemen Classic Board of directors for 23 years. It is a 12 breed show and sale, that has grown to include a Jr show that was over 600 head this year. It includes an all beef judging contest for ages from 4-h to college. Kids come from as far away as California. Being President of this event has showed me that if 12 breeds can find common ground anything is possible if everybody works together. This year I was instrumental in adding a miniature Hereford class to our Jr show.  It was exciting to see how many of the classic herefords breeders were interested in becoming mini owners. In my years I have shown many breeds across the US at the major level and many in-between shows. My knowledge of putting on 4 Jr National shows in Nebraska and leading youth in 4h groups in our state has molded me. The contacts and knowledge I have gained through these experiences is something I could bring to the table as your next president of MHBA. I have seen other breeds grow and become great, while others struggled because of the breed not working together. I feel our breed has progressed well to date and is poised for a great future that I would like to help shape. Dad always said “if youth are involed in your plans they will make your future bright”. I believe we have excellent volunteers in many positions that have brought us this far and I would like to thank many of you for a job well done ! I would certainly like to be a part of the next step.

My plans include Growth! It’s a term thrown around so freely. Our government has seen directly what happens when you stick your finger in every pot. Control doesn’t follow in sentences with success or growth. As president I want to help guide and listen. Every region has its strengths and weaknesses and so each will need something different in order to grow. If one part grows we all grow we just have to be wise enough to let great things happen. The little guy– sometimes people forget this industry is comprised of market animals! Of course they all can look stunning clipped up on green shavings but what about our paying members who are raising beef. Some may have smaller farms who are using them for the beneficial trait of “high efficiency”. I’m a cattleman and as I said earlier we started a feedlot operation and I’m familiar with these businesses. My questions for you?

What do you need?

What we can we do to take the next step in our commercial market?

Can you provide important data we need to put us on the map! We won’t leave you out in the cold ! Our history is based on market animals and you are just as much a integral part in industry. Let’s feed off of the locally grown market . Let’s support grass feed efforts and build a consumer base for you all marketing quality beef. As president I would try to implement a commercial meat advisor. An appointed position of someone who is ready to help take this to the next level. Who can talk to our members and support those new who are interested. Just small steps in organizing and educating will lead to growth in the future. I’m not here to be the one mans opinion. I’m here to direct and facilitate cohesiveness across our great states.

Our youth is growing exponentially ! With market steer sales and many more youth expos. Guidance on heights, checking in, and paperwork is something readily needing to be addressed.  Class size and breaks and in general consistency across the major shows. You should be able to attend Denver and travel to Iowa or Texas and feel you know what will take place.  I will be here to continue to support this growth and aide in anyway our industry can. They are our future.

In a healthy industry of any sort all sides have to be operating. My show people need to be breeding to up quality every year and continue to provide excellent seed stock. They will have leftovers that aren’t cream of crop to show and our commercial people step in to take center stage that seed stock. Genetically those animals are ready to take their herd commercially to the next level and the consumer again plays a role in a need for quality beef and the cycle starts all over again.

We can grow this together great changes are on the horizon if I can be your leader.     Please consider this my sincere request for your vote to allow me to help MHBA grow.   Thank you for your consideration.

Jeff Bash


Justin Grady


Hello MHBA Members—

My name is Justin Grady and I am currently serving as President of the Miniature Hereford Breeder’s Association and am seeking your vote for re-election.

I own and operate J bar W Cattle Company in Elizabeth, Colorado. I was born and raised on a family farm, raising cattle & hogs, near Fort Dodge, Iowa. I started my herd in 1997 with the purchase of 2 bred cows and a bull. Through selective breeding and purchase of out-cross bulls, I have developed the herd of 80 head I have today. I also own & have operated a successful security/alarm business for 25 years.

I have been a member of the MHBA since it originated in 1999. My experience includes serving as President, Vice-President, Show Committee Chairman, Co-Superintendent & Sale Manager for the National Western and Show Superintendent for the Kansas City Royal and Nebraska State Fair. I was instrumental and assisted with the development of the first Miniature Hereford show at the Iowa State Fair & the American Royal.  I have been actively involved with our shows across the nation to include all 16 years at the National Western in Denver, Colorado, the Houston Livestock Show, the Star of Texas Show in Austin, the American Royal in Kansas City, the Tri-State Fair in Amarillo, the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, and the Nebraska State Fair in Grand Island. I’m very proud of facilitating the first Junior Nationals for the Miniature Herefords last June in Denver.

I will always have a deep passion and vested interest in these cattle. My goals haven’t changed over the years as I continue to strive to produce the highest quality cattle possible and maintain the highest level of integrity for our association.   As your president, I am extremely proud to have been a part of the amazing growth of the MHBA and the quality of our Miniature Herefords at the shows. I will continue to work diligently to maintain the standard of excellence we have achieved and will continue to carry the association in a united and positive direction. Along with the shows, I want to continue to promote the marketing of our beef.

I want to personally thank the membership, our current and past members of the Executive Board and Regional Directors for their time, sacrifice & dedication to this cause. I hope you see, as I do, how your efforts have made tremendous strides in the popularity and respect of the Miniature Hereford in the cattle industry.

As President– my goals include the following:

1) Continue to expand and improve our Junior programs and help our Junior breeders

2) Encourage greater member participation in shows and expressing their ideas and concerns

3) Develop programs for greater marketing strategies for the large or small breeding program

4) To gain optimum benefit of well-produced shows to increase public awareness and education

5) Promote Miniature Herefords as a specialty, choice beef product and the benefits of raising these cattle

I encourage all of you to please take time out of your busy schedules to cast your vote.

I want to thank you & appreciate your time, consideration & support!

Justin Grady


 MHBA Secretary

Charlotte Williams


To the Members of the Miniature Hereford Breeders Association,

My name is Charlotte Williams, and I am asking for your vote to continue as Secretary of the Miniature Hereford Breeders Association.

I have served since 2008 in this office and am delighted with the progress we have made in growing our membership by more than 10% per year, promoting our breed, especially through youth programs, and increasing show opportunities. We now have sound procedures for the Secretarial position for maintaining membership records, including the main databases and website information, managing the annual election, updating the events calendar, maintaining board minutes and records, responding to inquiries from members and the public, and increasing communication through the magazine, website, and direct contact. I hope to work with the board as we expand services to our membership and welcome ideas from everyone.

My husband, Steve, and I are engineers and owners of a construction company in Borger, TX, where we have lived for 35 years. Most of my time is now spent at our ranch in Pagosa Springs, CO, where my parents also live, and where our current herd of 30 head resides. We began raising Miniature Herefords in 1998 and showed for the first time in 2006.

I love the Miniature Hereford breed and am actively working to promote it by taking my cattle to shows across the country and local activities, as well as distributing information with brochures, leaflets, e-mails, the MHN, internet efforts and just talking to folks. I also am superintendent of the Tri-State Expo, have been co-superintendent at the National Western Stock Show and Sale since 2012, and am particularly proud of helping start our first Junior National Expo last year.

Thank you for allowing me to have these past years as your Secretary, and please give me your vote for two more.


 Regional Director – Region 3

Ben Lisby


Regional Director – Region 6

Jeff Fulgham

Howdy!   My name is Jeff Fulgham,and I have been nominated for Director of Region 6. We live in East Texas and have been raising and showing numerous breeds of cattle for decades,but it was in 2009 that we discovered the Mini’s at Houston Livestock Show and knew that I had to purchase some of the best quality herefords I had ever seen,and we have been working to improve our herd ever since.       I have served on just about ever Tx A&M AgriLife Extension Service committee in our county,including, President of Beef Cattle Committee,President of Horse Show Sub Committee,President & Board member of Henderson County Livestock Show to name a few, and still serving on local Stock Show Supporters,Houston Livestock Show Go Texan committee in several capacities over last 19 years and Board member of Texas Miniature Hereford Youth Organization,an arm of our parent MHYF. I was  on Brownsboro City council and Mayor for two terms.     I believe in the future of the miniature herefords,not only from a showing prospective but as a viable beef market to those who want the best beef they will ever eat.     The Regional Director is only as good as those around him,as with any organization,and with your help,not only at the shows,but thru your input, advice, and support,we can successfully grow the Miniature Hereford Breeders Association. Thank You, Jeff


Regional Director – Region 9

No candidate was nominated.


MHYF President

Daydree Dopps


Daydree Dopps is a life long Kansas native, who currently resides in Milton, which is located in south central Kansas.  She is married to Dr. Brian Dopps, D.C. and has three daughters, Kodie (14), Karsen (12) and Kanyen (9).  Daydree attended the University of Kansas where she graduated with a degree in Environmental Studies.  She continued at the University of Kansas School of Law where she graduated in 1998.  Daydree was admitted to the Kansas Bar Association in 1999.  She pursued Law for a short time before deciding to help her husband grow his Chiropractic Practice full time.  Daydree is currently working with her husband Brian in his practice as well as helping manage others in the Wichita area.  Daydree grew up on a Simmental ranch and has been around and involved with cattle her whole life.  However, it wasn’t until her children decided to give it a try that she became interested in showing cattle.  At this time her and her husband, along with her dad, Steve had invested in a small herd of registered Miniature Herefords.  This small herd started KLD Miniature Herefords, LLC.   The entire family has fallen in love with the Miniature Hereford breed and spent more time and effort into growing the herd.  Currently the herd is divided between Brian & Daydree’s home in Milton and Steve’s ranch in Louisburg, Kansas.  The goal of KLD Miniature Herefords is to promote and improve the breed, through proven genetics, while having a blast showing, promoting and raising the cattle.  One of the best byproducts of being involved in this breed are some of the wonderful people we have met through the MHBA and the shows.  We have been welcomed with open arms and are really enjoying this experience.  Daydree’s girls are the primary showman of the family, therefore the youth side of the association is very important to her.  She is excited about the opportunities that are available to her girls because they raise and show miniature Herefords.  Daydree and her family plan to remain heavily involved with the breed for many years to come.  It would be an honor to serve as President of the Youth Foundation.




Chris Hoffman

Hello, my name is Chris Hoffman and I have been nominated for the position of President of the MHYF. I would like to take a minute and tell all of you about myself. My family has been in the show industry for over 20 years. I grew up showing Brangus cattle. We also raised commercial Herefords, Angus, and Brangus cattle on our family ranch. Within my family we have served on the International Brangus board, the International Junior Brangus board, the Texas Brangus board, and the American and Texas Hereford Associations. We have a ranch in Huckabay, Texas where myself, my wife Katie, & daughter Carlee raise commercial and registered cattle.

The position of President for the MHYF means a lot to me and my family. Supporting and developing youth is the main reason that this breed is growing! We were very excited when we first heard about the Miniature Herefords. Finally a place for those younger future famers to fit into! We started with one for our 3 year old and the herd has been growing ever since.

Communication is a major key in any organization, I am the fire chief of my local VFD and that is one thing that we have stressed from the beginning. If any of you ever have a question or concern, I will always be available to talk, any time, any day.

So I would like to reach out and ask for your vote for the office of President of the MHYF. Hopefully we can all work side by side in developing youth with the integrity instilled by us and the lifestyle of agriculture.

Thank you

Chris Hoffman


MHYF Secretary/Treasurer


Hello fellow Miniature Hereford Breeders.

My name is June Roberts, I am married to Meredith Roberts and together we own J and M Farm, just outside of Tomball/Magnolia, Tex. Due to some health issues in 2007, we switched from Bra ford cattle to Miniature Herefords and have been enjoying them since.

I am retired from a major metal fabrication company, as the Human Resources Manager, after 22 yrs. Of service. I have been nominated for the office of Treasurer of the Miniature Herford Youth Foundation, a position that I have been temporarily filling for the last year. I think that with my life experience, and the recently gained experience in the position, I will be able to provide the leadership, confidence, and continuity required for the position and to assist the other officers in the operation of the Foundation as to its intended functions.

I would appreciate your support and vote for the position of Treasurer.


June Roberts


MHYF Director of Grants

Pat Underhill


Our website was created to provide information regarding all aspects of the Miniature Hereford business for both the general public and our members.  To gain access to Members-Only articles and information, please join our association!  Otherwise, feel free to browse the links provided to learn about the amazing Miniature Hereford.

MHBA (Miniature Hereford Breeders Association) was organized and established by breeders of Miniature Hereford cattle as a conduit to market and educate breeders and enthusiasts about these mini cattle. MHBA sanctions and sponsors numerous Miniature Hereford Livestock shows across the USA including the National Western Livestock Show and Rodeo in Denver, the North American International Livestock Exposition in Louisville, the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, the American Royal in Kansas City and many more.  Over the past ten years, shows have been the most rewarding method of introducing the breed to the public for the first time, and thus encouraging increased sales.

Thank you for visiting and we hope you have an enjoyable experience on our website!


Why Miniature Herefords?

That is a very good question.  Why not?

Miniature Herefords have a dedicated following in their breeders and admirers.  The reasons range from purely scientific to a simple “I just LIKE ‘em!”  For the record, we’ll provde a few reasons why you, too, should become involved with Mini Herefords:


  • Smaller size means less feed needed.  Face it.  Feed today is expensive!  Pasture is expensive!  Miniature Herefords, weighing roughly half what the standard-size Herefords weigh, eat roughly half as well!
  • Smaller size means less mess.  Mini cattle do much less harm to the environment than their larger counterparts.  From disturbing the ground far less for each foot-fall, to simply ranging more because they carry less weight – your pastures will love the Minis!  Especially the spots around the water trough.
  • Smaller size means shorter muscle length.  While this theory is to-date unproven scientifically, there are many advocates of Miniature Hereford beef who believe the meat is more tender because of the shorter muscle length.  Also, because the animal’s muscles need not be toned enough to carry 2,000 lbs around all day, they tend to be far more tender.  Consider the average Mini Hereford weighs in at 700 or 1,000 lbs, and you might say the meat is twice as tender!
  • Smaller size means more appropriate steak size.  A lot of the steaks you see today would completely cover a normal dinnerplate!  Where would you squeeze in your baked potato?  Consider the recomended serving size for meat, and a Mini Hereford steak is right on the money – with a little extra just ‘cuz.
  • Smaller size means smaller amounts of meat off of one animal.  Miniature Herefords are just right for an average family to raise, feeding exactly what they wish to feed, slaughter, and eat in the recommended shelf life of the meat.
  • Smaller size means they’re better for kids.  Calves are born ranging from 30 to 50 pounds.  Compare that to standard-size cattle today!  Children as young as 5 and 6 are capable of showing calves and steers!
  • Smaller size means they’re much more docile.  A standard-size cow knows full well she’s got you out muscled.  While a Mini cow is still plenty strong, normally they just don’t try to get away with nearly as much – except when it comes to finding the treats in your bucket!
So, are you convinced?

88 thoughts on “MHBA Online – Welcome!

    1. Hi, we’re looking for a young, polled bull to add to our mini herd. Do you have any bulls available?
      Thanks, Bob & Sue Radkiewicz

      1. I have a yearling polled bull for sale (KAP bloodlines) will be a 00 or 000 and his father (Ozark Mt. ) that will be offered in the late spring. Willing to negotiate on price. We live very close to the Canadian Border in Eastern NY so I know it will be a bit out of the way for most people. Please send me an email for more information.

      2. Re: Young, polled bull

        Abraham “Baby Abe” born 4/11/13 – Noah, born 4/27/14
        A great deal of hands-on contact. Noah has exceptional conformation.

        Location: Coleville, CA 96107 -818-300-4866

    2. I have a registered 4 yr old bull, and a registered 4 yr old cow for sale. They are both out of the KAP stock. pics are available. Muncie, Indiana 419.565.2260

  1. To anyone who is interested we live in Uintah Utah just 40 miles north of Salt Lake City. We have Miniature Hereford Bulls, Steers and Heifers for sale. They have great blood lines and are perfect to start your herd. Your can find our contact information on the MHBA Website under Region 9 Directors

  2. Are there any Miniature Hereford Breeders in the Middle TN/Cumberland Plateau area? I would love to visit one and get an idea if this is the breed for me. I currently have a Hereford heifer who was susposed to be standard size but she is 8 months old currently and is not as tall as my 7 month old Jersey heifer. Of course she is massively built with nice heavy body and nice thick boned legs. She is a sweetie and if she is a Miniature I would certainly be more than interested in a couple more with this gentle disposition.

  3. The number of acres per animal unit (cow) can vary widely, from less than one for irrigated pasture to more than 20 in parts of the arid Southwest. It is best to ask your local extension agent what typical stocking rates for cattle are in your area and then double that number for the amount of Miniature Herefords you can usually stock.

  4. We are conventional cattlemen that are interested in breeding some miniature cattle in SD. We have been producing grass-fed Hereford beef. How does the Mini Herefords compare to standard Herefords in fertility and ability to exist only on grass? I presume that it could be disastrous to breed a standard bull to a Mini Hereford cow, right? Where are you located?

    1. We brought the first herd of mini’s to montana about 20 years ago. We are getting older and the kids don’t want to carry on the program so we have all categories of mini’s for sale. Call Pete at (406) 388-1760

    2. We are in Hot Springs, SD and have been raising and showing mini herefords since 2007. We will have calves available this spring. We also have some mini semen for sale. KAP Playmate Craig.

      1. I’m interested in what your pricing might be on the calves available this spring. I’m hoping to start a small breeding program here in AZ, for personal use.

        Thank you!


  5. I am trying to add to my herd and would like to purchase heifers or preferably bred cows. I have a friend leaving MS and going to visit family in NE who hauls cattle. He will be leaving in a couple of weeks. Any available please reply back.


      1. want to get started in raising mini cows, what size herd do you have, what kind of breed? What are you looking for in price? Where are you located?

  6. We have a 1, 2, and 3 year old cow/heifer available in central Colorado. Sire for all 3 is JW’s Windsor from J Bar W Cattle CO. We also have 2 steers available who will be ready for market by late summer. Feel free to contact us at 720-320-1540.

  7. I am looking for a polled or dehorned bull calf or yearling
    I have dexter crosses. near Michigan is preferred.

  8. Hello there I’m looking for some minatures in my area I’m from Hereford Tx. And wanted to start of small and work my way up. Can y’all help me

    1. Are you still looking to purchase some herefords. If you are please feel free to contact me at 806-206-1494, we are in Amarillo Texas and if we don’t have what you want I know several breeders in the area.

  9. Hello all,
    I live in northern Illinois and we are looking to buy a heifer or young cow. Any breeders close to Rockton Illinois? Please email me with any leads or info. Thank you

  10. At what age are most people butchering and are most people waiting for 18 months of age? We are interested in this breed in the Panhandle of Florida if there are any farms somewhat close by.

  11. We have bred cows, yearling exposed heifers, weaned heifers and a yearling bulls for sale. We have registered, commercial, and crossbreeds. Will make starter herd packages for anyone interested. We are located in Western Montana…

    1. I have a small heard and I want to add to it. Please contact me if you have any 3to5 year old cows. I live in South Dakota. Thanks Kimber

  12. We have a show quality heifer 7 months old for sale. Price is $2600 if anyone is interested. She is straight back, strong legs and blocky. Her blood line is Sandy Hills Farms and her sire is half brother to Sandy’s Grand Champion bull.

  13. Have a Polled Miniature Hereford bull for sale, one of the best if not the best miniature Hereford i have ever seen, would raise great show steers. Text for pictures @2178993015

    1. We have two cows and would like to obtain a bull. Can you send pics and price? Where are you located, we are in northwest PA.


      1. We have a nice selection of young bulls (excellent pedigree) in N. E. Ohio. Will also have a few heifers of breeding age this spring. Phone (440) 224-2921.

  14. I’m still trying to build a herd in Pa. Looking for a polled bred, proven cow. I’d also like to know when I need to separate my 8 month old heifer and 9 month old bull calf so he doesn’t breed her before she’s 15 months old. When is she likely to start cycling? When is he able to breed? Thanks

    1. I would separate them now! I have had heifers start cycling as soon as 6 months, and bulls may be fertile as young as 9 months.

      I agree with you that 15 months is about the earliest I would want to breed a heifer to allow her to calve at 2 years old. It allows her to mature enough to be able to carry a calf better.

      I also wait to put a young bull in with cows/heifers until he is at least 13 months old, and even then just with a couple of them. Again, he needs to mature enough to be able to handle the stress of breeding. A Breeding Soundness Exam (BSE) is a good idea at 13 months, too, to make sure he is fertile.

    1. Hi-
      This question has been answered, if you look on the “Forums” tab under “General Discussion”. I might add that prices seem to have gone up quite a bit this last year because of a shortage in supply. The top seller at the recent Denver auction went for $8000 and steers sold for $1500. No bulls were in the auction, though.

  15. This year I will start looking for a new sire to put on my cows, but I’m pretty new to the mini Hereford business. My stock is of Point of Rocks (LS) and LC Ozark Mtn breeding. Could someone recommend some bloodlines that would be recognized throughout the community and add value? Thanks

    1. I have a mini hereford bull for sale with KAP bloodlines. Mature bull will service many cows. Please give me a call if interested.


  16. I’m about 35 yrs removed from my steer showing days. Can someone remind me about how old a calf would be by the time it shows. I’m working on establishing a breeding/calving season. Thanks

    1. I’m not exactly sure what you are asking. A calf can be shown from the day it is born, both as part of a cow/calf pair and then also in its own age class. Shows are held year-round, so you could theoretically show a calf at any time.

      If you are asking about market steers in the typical county fair, Miniature Herefords in my experience need to be at least 18 months old to compete at all. And it seems that after about 24 months it can start to be harder & harder to hold them in good show condition. If you have one that is more than 30 months old, I wouldn’t bother trying to show it.

      1. Thank you, that helps. It seems that many shows in this area, including Houston, are in February and March. So, considering your advise of 18-24 months, something like May/June calving season should work. Any later than that, you have them calving in the heat of the summer.

  17. looking for top quality heifers and cows please call if you have a deal for them all . sincerely Ted 406 240 7611

  18. I am lookimg to get into the miniherefords to rasi and show I have grew up in 4-h and F F A phone 405-650-6130 you can call me anytime Thank you

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