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MHBA Welcomes Leon Lamer

as the new Region 5 Director

We are excited to announce the new MHBA Region 5 Director Leon Lamer of Marshalltown, Iowa to the Board.  Leon and his wife own Carlee Farms where they breed Miniature Hereford cattle.  Leon has retired as the CEO/General Manager of one of the larger Utility Company’s in the state of Iowa. Leon and his wife enjoy working with their cows and offer special deals to young people so they can own and show Miniature Herefords.  The Lamar’s are stockholders in their County Fair and are always working to make sure that they can offer that great experience to as many youth as possible.  We encourage you to contact Leon with any questions that you may have. 

Contact Information:

Leon Lamer
Email: leonlamer43@mediacombb.net

2020 MHBA Show Notices:

Show cancelled due to COVID – Region 9– Utah State Fair is cancelled. There may be Junior show but would be all breed.

Show cancelled due to COVID – Region 5- Clay County Fair is cancelled

Show cancelled due to COVID – Region 2- NC State Fair is cancelled

Show cancelled due to COVID -Region 6 –
Tri-State Fair has made the difficult decision to cancel all events (except junior market shows open to local youth) this year to prevent the further spread of COVID-19.

Show cancelled due to COVID- Region 8-
We are sorry to inform you that the Eastern Idaho State Fair 2020 has been cancelled.

MHBA welcomes a new Interim
Region 6 Director Craig Rutland!!

Region 6 Members, My name is Craig Rutland and I have recently been appointed as the temporary Region 6 Director for the MHBA. I currently reside in Hamilton Texas and co-own and operate with my wife Phyllis, Rut Ranch in Hamilton County. We have been raising miniature Herefords since 2008 and continue to expand our herd. We don’t per-say show ourselves, but occasionally, our grandkids will, our main focus here at the ranch is to first and foremost enjoy the minis, and secondly raise the best quality that we can to move on to others that may want to show more aggressively or even just wanting to start their own herds. As we all know, its only time and money, which if you’re like me, am limited in both areas, but the sheer enjoyment and pleasure we receive from the mini’s are well worth the time it takes.

 I was born and raised in San Angelo, Texas. I spent 12 years in the agriculture transportation industry hauling cattle/sheep/hay/farm equipment/etc. In 1988 I decided to get off the road and go into the Health, Safety and Environmental world in the oil and gas field. I have spent the last 32 years in the midstream business starting at ground zero to today being the Director of the EHS department for a Fortune 250 company based out of Tulsa Oklahoma.

As I am new to this appointed position within MHBA, I look forward to working with all members whether you like to raise the minis for your enjoyment, to the members that raise their cattle to be in the show world. My thoughts are regardless what reason you’re into the miniatures every voice and thoughts are important as the next. We must remember at the end of the day it’s what can we do to continue to grow and strengthen the miniature Herford breed and to bring more families into this world of fun.

I am sure we will have growing pains, but I feel confident that we can always overcome and prevail in doing what is best for not only Region 6, but the MHBA as well if we all work together for the common goal.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have. Keep in mind I am new into this position and may not be able to answer the questions you may have at the time, but rest assured I will always find the answers and get back with you. My contact information is listed below.

I look forward to hopefully one day meeting or getting to visit with each of you soon.


Craig Rutland

Email: hcrutland@gmail.com