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2017 Miniature Hereford Junior Nationals
June 21 to 25
Chillicothe, Missouri


Our website was created to provide information regarding all aspects of the Miniature Hereford business for both the general public and our members.  To gain access to Members-Only articles and information, please join our association!  Otherwise, feel free to browse the links provided to learn about the amazing Miniature Hereford.

MHBA (Miniature Hereford Breeders Association) was organized and established by breeders of Miniature Hereford cattle as a conduit to market and educate breeders and enthusiasts about these mini cattle. MHBA sanctions and sponsors numerous Miniature Hereford Livestock shows across the USA including the National Western Livestock Show and Rodeo in Denver, the North American International Livestock Exposition in Louisville, the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, the American Royal in Kansas City and many more.  Over the past ten years, shows have been the most rewarding method of introducing the breed to the public for the first time, and thus encouraging increased sales.

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Why Miniature Herefords?

That is a very good question.  Why not?

Miniature Herefords have a dedicated following in their breeders and admirers.  The reasons range from purely scientific to a simple “I just LIKE ’em!”  For the record, we’ll provde a few reasons why you, too, should become involved with Mini Herefords:


  • Smaller size means less feed needed.  Face it.  Feed today is expensive!  Pasture is expensive!  Miniature Herefords, weighing roughly half what the standard-size Herefords weigh, eat roughly half as well!
  • Smaller size means less mess.  Mini cattle do much less harm to the environment than their larger counterparts.  From disturbing the ground far less for each foot-fall, to simply ranging more because they carry less weight – your pastures will love the Minis!  Especially the spots around the water trough.
  • Smaller size means shorter muscle length.  While this theory is to-date unproven scientifically, there are many advocates of Miniature Hereford beef who believe the meat is more tender because of the shorter muscle length.  Also, because the animal’s muscles need not be toned enough to carry 2,000 lbs around all day, they tend to be far more tender.  Consider the average Mini Hereford weighs in at 700 or 1,000 lbs, and you might say the meat is twice as tender!
  • Smaller size means more appropriate steak size.  A lot of the steaks you see today would completely cover a normal dinnerplate!  Where would you squeeze in your baked potato?  Consider the recomended serving size for meat, and a Mini Hereford steak is right on the money – with a little extra just ‘cuz.
  • Smaller size means smaller amounts of meat off of one animal.  Miniature Herefords are just right for an average family to raise, feeding exactly what they wish to feed, slaughter, and eat in the recommended shelf life of the meat.
  • Smaller size means they’re better for kids.  Calves are born ranging from 30 to 50 pounds.  Compare that to standard-size cattle today!  Children as young as 5 and 6 are capable of showing calves and steers!
  • Smaller size means they’re much more docile.  A standard-size cow knows full well she’s got you out muscled.  While a Mini cow is still plenty strong, normally they just don’t try to get away with nearly as much – except when it comes to finding the treats in your bucket!
So, are you convinced?

100 thoughts on “MHBA Online – Welcome!

  1. This year I will start looking for a new sire to put on my cows, but I’m pretty new to the mini Hereford business. My stock is of Point of Rocks (LS) and LC Ozark Mtn breeding. Could someone recommend some bloodlines that would be recognized throughout the community and add value? Thanks

    1. We have 3 registered bull calves out of JW’s Megabucks. Born Nov./Dec. 2015. All 3 will make good herd sires. $1500 each Stillwater, OK 918-348-5162

    2. Hello,

      Kind of a late reply but I just joined this organization. Karl Falster of Falster farms located in East Texas is an outstanding breeder. I have purchased 4 heifers from him, one recently that just might end up as a Guinness world record. You can make contact with him at his web site Best of luck in your breeding.

    3. I have an Oct. 13, 2013 “Two Dot” reg. # 43435285. His papers have been updated to remove the polled designation, as he is horned. Most important, he has sired heifer and steer grand and reserve champions at Denver(including 2017), Houston 3x for a total of 11, combined. Works best on soggy females, as he is the classic show steer looker. He is for lease or sale. We have over 20 of his heifers to breed this year and I want to outcross.

    4. I have a Bull I’m looking at getting rid of. Real gentle, produces small calves. I was looking for $3000.00. He’s about 4 years old. I could send his pedigree. Naturally polled.

    5. I have a registered 2 year old bull that is ready for cows and would be great on heifers as well. He’is out of show quality bloodlines from J Bar W and Salt Creek. We are located eastern Colorado and can send pictures if interested. Asking $2500. 303-818-6766

    6. I have a registered 2 year old bull that is ready for cows and would be great on heifers as well. He’is out of show quality bloodlines from J Bar W and Salt Creek. We are located eastern Colorado and can send pictures if interested. Asking $2500. 303-818-6766

  2. looking for top quality heifers and cows please call if you have a deal for them all . sincerely Ted 406 240 7611

  3. Miniature Hereford cattle sale starts now! We are offering heifers, bulls, and a steer, cow calf combos, proven cows and bulls, and yearlings for individual sale or in package deals to fit your needs. All our minis are registered (with the exception of the steer) grass fed beef with full pedigrees and DNA profiles. We can help you begin or expand your breeding program, or provide Herford quality grass feed beef for your family. Message us here or call 276-608-9134 or 276-608-9450. Bristol TN

      1. Hi,
        I have 2 registered heifers that will be for sale at weaning. They won’t be weaned til after the first of the year. Contact me if you are interested.

          1. Yes. I have 2 registered heifers. I am about to wean them. They are both horned, if that matters. I can have them dehorned, before you pick them up , if you are interested.
            I have them priced at $2000 each.

          1. Yes. I have 2 registered heifers. I am about to wean them. They are both horned, if that matters. I can have them dehorned, before you pick them up , if you are interested.
            I have them priced at $2000 each. 512-756-3342

          1. If you are still interested in my registered heifers , please give me a call at 512-756-3342
            I can get you the information that you are wanting.

          2. I can send you some pictures , of the heifers. Give me your email address or your phone number for me to text them to you. Thanks, Cody

          1. I have a 0000 registered heifer bottle fed from birth. She is a sweetheart.
            I’m moving, need to sell her.

          2. I have a beautiful 0000 Heifer who was bottle Fed from birth. She is a sweetheart.
            I’m asking $3500, obo.
            I’m moving

      2. I have a beautiful 0000 Heifer who was bottle Fed from birth. She is a sweetheart.
        I’m asking $3500, obo.
        I’m moving

    1. Hi, I’m a rancher in Brazil and I would like to know more about mini Herefords. I’m interested about the possibilities concerning feed efficiency and meat tenderness in mini cattle breeds. If you could send me am e-mail to discuss more about I would appreciate.

      1. Hi- Did anyone ever respond to your request? You are welcome to contact me at if you like. You may also look at our website at where some of your questions may be answered.
        Just in general, Miniature Herefords are extremely efficient feed converters. All the beef I have raised to eat have been tender, too. I have heard that a study was done that indicated Miniature Hereford beef tends to be more tender because of shorter muscle fibers. I’m a believer!

      1. I have a beautiful 0000 Heifer who was bottle Fed from birth. She is a sweetheart.
        I’m asking $3500, obo.
        I’m moving

    2. Hi Kevin,
      I’m looking for a Miniature Hereford bull and a heifer. Do you have any for sale? If so, what are their prices, age, height, weight please?

    3. Do u have any bre heifers or young cows for sale and r they polled. Looking for another cow or heifer to calve in April or May to add to my small herd.

    4. HI, My name is Bob, I am looking to sell/trade (a proven bull) or buy, a good polled mini bull that is a O to a 1 in frame. I have 6 cows that are 40 /45″ at the shoulders . My bull is horned very gentle, looks great. (can send pictures) I need new blood in my calves. Are you interested or do you know someone that might be interested ?
      Thanks, BOB

    1. I had 4 Lowline/mini Hereford heifers born this spring (Mayish). They are still on the cow, but would consider selling them in a couple months after weaning. Let me know if you are interstested.

      1. Do you still have any of the spring heifers for sale? What do you have and how much? Are they registered? Looking for a 4h project.

        1. I have a Lowline/Mini Hereford heifer calf for sale. Beautiful little baldy! Will probably be 000 Frame Score. Sire is Registered, Purebred Lowline. Dam in unregistered Mini Hereford. Calf can be registered with the American Lowline Registry as a Moderator Plus. DOB 6/16/16. I’m located about 40 miles east of Dallas. Cell phone: 269-369-7257

    2. I have a miniature bull , a mini cow that calved on April 6th of this year and her calf is a heifer. She should be bred back . I would consider selling them as a package deal if you are interested . Thanks !!

    3. Dave,

      I know this is an older post, but did you find what you are looking for? I have Lowline/Mini Hereford cross heifers – weaned about a month ago.

      1. Craig, do you still have the mini Hereford /lowline heifer calves available? I’m up in CT where are you located? Can you send me photos & pricing? Thanks, Dave

    4. I have a beautiful 0000 Heifer who was bottle Fed from birth. She is a sweetheart.
      I’m asking $3500, obo.
      I’m moving

  4. I’m looking for miniature Hereford heifers and cows (exposed or open) preferably located a short distance from southern Ohio. Just getting started raising miniature Herefords and trying to build a herd.

    1. Hi David yes I have both please give me a call 641 230 0551 I a planning a trip that way . THANKS Ron

    2. Hi, I live in southern Ohio near gallipolis Ohio and I have some miniature cattle for sale . Will sell as a package deal or can separate if you are interested. Thanks

      1. Hi where do u live we are in gallipolis if you have these would like to see one if possible and we are intrested in buying a few thank you for your time

  5. As a new member as of 2016, I am finding it hard to fined a miniature cattle ranch here in southeast T that have full blooded cattle for sale. Please let me know if around Beaumont, texas Thanks Buck

    1. I live near Burnet Texas .
      I currently have 1 fullblood heifers that will be for sale at weaning.
      Call me if you are interested.

  6. I live in northeast Ohio and I am going to be traveling to the Columbus area in September. Looking for anybody in that route that has some mini’s that we can come look at. We are looking to change our herd from full size to mini. Please let me know if anyone has time to show us there cows.

  7. Hello, my husband and I are interested in a heifer and a bull. We have a 4 yr old who has been showing chickens lately and we would like to upgrade him to something larger for next years fair season, these mini’s would be awesome seeing he wants a cow but being so small I was worried. My husband showed heifers throughout school so we have plenty of experience there. Do any of y’all have a website we would be able to see our options? If so please reply we would love to start this new journey in life 🙂 Thanks!

    1. Perhaps you should check out the breeder websites. They can be found under the “Membership” tab, either under “MHBA Member Map’ where you can click and drag to find breeders’ contact information (just click on the red pins for that info) or go to the “Member Spreadsheet” under column K for clickable links to websites.

  8. any good websites on care, can they be shipped to Alaska? We have a smaller plot of land and have goats and chickens but would love a cow but they get huge and cost loads

    1. Actually, this website has some good resources. I especially recommend that you check out “How-To’s”, “FAQ”, and “Health” under the “News/FAQ” tab. My best suggestion for learning about care of beef cattle is Heather Smith Thomas’s “Raising Beef Cattle” book. It is a great overview of cattle care.

      Miniature Herefords can be shipped anywhere in the world – depending on how much you have to spend! But for your situation, there are not currently any breeders in Alaska, so you would need to arrange with someone from the lower 48 to ship up there. Possibly a less expensive/easier option for you would be to buy embryos to put in standard sized cows. Shipping embryos is easy and the recipient cows can be purchased at a sale barn.

    1. Hi Mark, we have sold and delivered many mini’s in Florida. We are located in North Carolina. John Cooper,

    1. Miniature Herefords will be at the Tulsa State Fair on September 29 through October 2, 2016.
      In the future, you can find this information a few different ways. First, it is listed at the top of this home page for the MHBA.
      If it is not there, you can go to the “Events” tab and scroll through the calendar to find it.
      Finally, you can always go to their website at to get all the information available about that show.

  9. Hi, I am interested in Mini hereford heifers or cows, polled, in the Illinois region or near Illinois. I currently have 2 registered Mini hereford bulls, 1 hereford heifer and a number of lowline angus cows. Thanks


  10. I am looking for 3/5 poled heifer/cows preferably they have been with a bull. I would like the darker (cherry) pigment with some pigment around the eyes. That is my perfect scenario, I can settle for something less though. I am looking to add new blood to my already started cow calf operation. I am located in central Ill. , so I can travel in most any direction. Thanks in advance, BOB

  11. I am located in Southwest MO and looking to expand my herd. Specifically I am looking for bred heifers or cows. No horns (prefer polled), registered, halter training a plus and genetics a big plus. Let me know what you have – text best 41seven 33seven 2sevenseven2

  12. Hi looking to get an heifer and bull to have on our farm . Live in Western Pa. anyone in our area have any available to buy.

  13. Have registered 2016 heifer for sale, also 2013 cow with her bull calf born aug 19 for sale located in Wisconsin if interested call 608.477.0082

  14. I am looking for 2-4 exceptional reg. mini Hereford cows! Must be bred! Don’t really want heifers, looking for cows! Cows that produce show quality and possibly shown themselves! I am located in Central Iowa but these cows will reside in Central Texas! Prefer pulled or dehorned but will look at others! You can text or call 515-250-2866 or email me photos to

  15. Polled 00 frame miniature Hereford bull, PVF King David, in Jamestown, OH
    Halter broke, calm temperament, proven sire, Reserve Champion Senior Bull Division 2016 Ohio State Fair. $3000

  16. I am looking for someone in the East Texas (GILMER) area that would like to show my registered miniature Herford heifer. Her name is Chloe and she has just been weaned. She is going to be extra small, as at 6 months she is still smaller than a 0000. If interested call John at cell #501-580-4463

  17. Registered Polled Yearling Steer, $1000:
    DOB 11/1/15, Reg # P43723341, LS, KAP, SSR bloodlines. Location: approx. 40 miles east of Dallas. We brought this yearling calf to Texas from Colorado as a traveling companion for his sister and he handled the trip beautifully! This young steer has a sweet temperament and is very docile. He’s been introduced to halter and is current on all vaccinations and deworming. Pictures were taken 12/31/16. Delivery within a 500 mile radius of our location is available at $1/loaded mile. Call or text: 269-369-7257

  18. I’m looking to purchase a few mini hereford heifers or young cows and a bull, I’m in northeast Alabama so I was hoping to find someone relatively close that sells them. I’m not really familiar with the genetics of these so any information on what I should be looking for would be really appreciated. I’m mainly just wanting them to have on the farm for the kids to learn about but I also want good genetics so we wouldn’t have problems selling calves later.

    1. Lee, we are located about six hours from you in North Carolina and have several Grand Champion sired heifers and bulls for sale. John Cooper

  19. I am seeking out the Miniature Hereford breed and trying to decide if this is the way to go. I love herefords and want to stay with that, just dont know if minis are the way to go. I am limited on grazing acreage at the moment, which is why I am looking in to the minis. I mainly will focus on beef production and minimal showings. I appreciate all the help and advice. Thanks.

    1. Hi,
      I have 2 registered miniature hereford heifers for sale. They are weaned ready to go. They are horned but i can have them dehorned , if you like. I will take $2000 each for them. Call me at 512-756-3342 , if interested. Thanks, Cody.

  20. I am interested in getting my 10 year old son started showing calves and thinking about a mini Hereford. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good quality breeder that produces top show calves. We have been showing hogs but I grew up showing Herefords and love showing cattle and ready to move my son up. We are very competitive family and want the best!

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