What kind of Starter Package should I buy?

That really depends on you.  Do you want show quality?  Are you looking for cute lawnmowers?  Something for the grandkids?  Beef for your family?  These questions need to be carefully considered, and the answers will help you determine what kind of animals will best suit your needs.How many animals you get depends greatly on how much you’re willing to invest, and how much pasture you have available.  One bull with two heifers is a popular starting point.  Smaller animals will cost more than the larger Miniatures, simply because there are so few of them.  Breeders producing the smallest Miniature Herefords are likely to want to keep them in their own herds for breeding purposes.  However, when the small cow has nearly reached the end of her productive life, she can most likely be purchased for far less than if she were in her prime.  If she’s purchased bred, the chances of obtaining one or two very tiny, high quality calves are pretty good, and that can jump-start your breeding program.

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