President’s Report

President’s Report

December 1, 2008

Jim Cole, President

The MHBA Board of Directors had their second teleconference meeting on November 30, 2008. There were several amendments to the By-laws being proposed. The first was an amendment that would allow the Board of Directors to conduct business through e-mail and electronic votes in a web based program. The MHBA Secretary, Mrs. Charlotte Williams, researched the wording in this proposal and it is similar in nature to organizations that are geographically separated. The other two amendments were designed to authorize the creation of a Show Committee and Bylaws Committee. I also asked the Board of Directors to affirm my selection of the Chairpersons for these committees. I am pleased that the Board approved and affirmed each of these item.

I wish to thank all for your show of support on these initiatives. The passage of these proposals should give each Regional Director a constant voice before the Board, regardless of any scheduling difficulties. The Committee proposals also gives a voice to the membership, through their Regional Directors, that has not historically been available. Chairperson appointments in the past could be made without any input from the rest of the Board. Each President will maintain discretionary selection of the Chairpersons for the Committees, yet each selection must be approved by the Board of Directors. I believe that the passage of these proposals will go a long way toward opening the Association up to the membership and help us through the reorganization transition.

While this was only the second teleconference meeting, I should point out all of the accomplishments of this Board of Directors and the Association in general. The current Board of Directors has been in office for just over six months and already we see an increase in membership. We now have over 200 total members. We have seen new livestock shows becoming available in record numbers across the country and shows that are completely under the direction of the elected Regional Director for that area. These are historical accomplishment for the Miniature Hereford Breeders Association.

While this particular Board of Directors must first concentrate on moving the Association through the reorganization transition, i.e. By-laws that secure the position of the Regional Director and outline the election process, I do envision the creation of programs that will more directly advance the Association for the benefit of the individual breeder and cattle operation.

Some of the programs that I would personally like to see accomplished are:

Obtaining Corporate Sponsorship from a nationally recognized Corporation. An arrangement of this type would have more benefits than could be listed here but in short it could provide monies to the Association and advertising of our breed at a level never before experienced.

A beef promotion program that provides a national advertising campaign to describe the benefits of the Miniature Hereford for “backyard” beef or “freezer” beef when purchased from a local breeder. This campaign could concentrate on the promotion of Natural, Grass Fed, and Fed Out beef equally and provide a mechanism for the individual member to advertise their product locally in conjunction with the national campaign. Quality over Quantity could be the emphasis.

A “Commercial Cattle” program that would explore the viability and practicality of utilizing the Miniature Hereford genetics in commercial cattle operations to reduce commercial cattle size, so that more head can be run on less acreage, while increasing weaning weight ratios. The program could also explore the profitability margin that may exist by utilizing Miniature Hereford genetics on first calf heifers to increase birthing ease and decrease mortality rates caused by birthing.

Sponsoring cattle clinics (the member would pay a registration fee) to be held in the regions to cover various topics associated with the breed, including stock show outfitting, Artificial Insemination/Embryo work, basic cattle health treatment and maintenance and maybe even a basic slaughter and butchering clinic.

While many of these items have been mentioned before, I believe that this Board of Directors is positioning itself to make these projects a reality. By working together as a united Association there is nothing that can’t be accomplished.

 Finally, several Committees are currently in place and I would anticipate the creation of more Committees in the future, pending Board approval. I am asking each Committee Chairperson to reach out to a broad section of the membership for their selection of committee members. Announcements of open committees will be posted on the MHBA website. Members interested in serving may contact the respective Committee Chairperson. I encourage every member to consider serving on at least one of the committees. I believe that you will find the experience very enjoyable and rewarding.


Jim Cole, President

Miniature Hereford Breeders Association

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