President’s Report

President’s Report
January 28, 2009
I am proud to announce that the World Miniature Hereford Show and related activities at the National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado were a great success. It is exciting to see each of the Directors successfully completing project after project in each of their respective regions. Lesta Kugeler, Region #7 Director, is commended for the outstanding job performed in putting together our World show at the National Western. A special recognition is also made to Jolene Grady for her continued support and work toward the success of the World Miniature Hereford Show in Denver. Thank you both Lesta and Jolene.
The Annual Members Meeting was held in connection with the Banquet on January 24, 2008. I provided a status report of the Miniature Hereford Breeders Association to the members in attendance, consistent with the information provided in this report.
1.  The Board of Directors approved a By-laws amendment that authorizes the conduct of MHBA business through a web based or similar electronic communications means. The Board of Directors are now addressing MHBA issues through a Google Group format that allows the Board to address issues on a near constant basis. The conduct of business in this fashion is a huge improvement over the teleconference method as scheduling such meetings is difficult with the number and geographical separation of Board Members.
2.  The MHBA is currently enjoying a record number of members with 204 current MHBA members. I encourage the membership to work toward increasing the membership to a number between 225 and 250 during the year 2009.
3. The MHBA currently enjoys a record number of stock shows being available to the membership at the Iowa State Fair, California State Fair, Oregon State Fair, Washington State Fair, NILE in Billings, MT, NAILE in Louisville, KY, National Western in Denver, CO, Texas State Fair, Star of Texas in Austin TX and the Houston Livestock Show in Houston, TX.
4.  Sponsorship money was not available for each of the MHBA sanctioned stock shows and the amount of funds available for other projected projects can not be determined without a budget. Ms. Fran Mackenzie, Treasurer, will evaluate the accounts throughout FY 2009 and then prepare and propose a budget to the Board of Directors for shows and projects for FY 2010.
5.  The Board of Directors approved the creation of several committees and confirmed my selection of Committee Chairpersons. The By-Laws Committee chaired by Greg Schulz; members are Ali Peterson, Ronda Fowler, Carson Ribble and Lesta Kugeler. The Show Committee chaired by Justin Grady; members are Lesta Kugeler, Judy Splitt, Erin Eldridge and Scott Bang. The Fund Raising Committee chaired by Ronda Fowler.
Mrs. Fowler is currently selecting members for the Fund Raising Committee. Members interested in serving on any committee are encouraged to contact the Committee Chairperson. Open Committees will be posted on the Website.
6.  A new MHBA website is now, at the time of this report, on line.
Many improvements have been made to the site and I feel that the membership will find it much more appealing and visitors will find it much easier to navigate, especially the identity of the different regions and members within those regions. The website contains a members login function where MHBA Board of Director news will be posted, a Board login and page for the conduct of MHBA Board of Director business and a members discussion section to allow for dialog between members. I encourage every member to take advantage of the new website.
7.  Election: The By-Laws Committee will prepare the necessary By-Laws amendment language, consistent with that provided to the membership for election of officers and directors for the 2008 election. The By- Laws Committee will present the language for approval to the Board of Directors. The amendment, if approved, should direct the course of elections for 2009 and into the future. The Office of President, the Office of Secretary and three (3) Regional Directors positions, as approved by the Board of Directors, should be open for election in 2009. I anticipate that the election will proceed as it did in 2008 with candidates selected or nominated from the membership and specific regions followed by a general election by mailed ballot. I’ve asked that the 2009 elections be completed by May 1, 2009, and that the Officer/Director elect take office on May 21, 2009. The time period should allow for any transition that may occur as a result of the election.
Significant advances have been made by the Board of Directors as they have moved the Association through the reorganization transition. The Board of Directors is now positioned to move forward with a more aggressive agenda. I am intent on moving the Association forward with a busy agenda and encourage communications with the respective Regional Directors. I will make every effort to have any matters brought forward addressed by the Board of Directors in a timely manner.
Jim Cole, President
Miniature Hereford Breeders Association

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