Iowa State Fair

Miniature Hereford Show August 19 – 20, 2009

By Bev Strong

This is Region 5 Director, Bev Strong coming to you from the sunny but sometimes soggy state of Iowa. We are gearing up for the Iowa State Fair Miniature Hereford Show. The date of arrival is August 19, 2009 thru August 22. All entries may check in from 7 a.m. thru noon. We will weigh in at 3 p.m. After all cattle are settled in we will have a BBQ on the grounds. We invite all breeders, their families, fitters, and MHBA members to come to a Get To Know Each Other BBQ. Coke will generously provide Coke products for our meal. We have asked all our Celebrity Baby Bull contestants to join us.

The entries are due by July 1; late entries will be acceted until July 8 with a $10 penalty. Iowa State fair allows substitution within breed on any animal you enter rather than by class. Anyone wanting to fly in to see the show, if they call the Quality Inn, they will pick you up and deliver you back at their expense.

Now for the fun part, the MHBA would like to invite all to view the first ever Celebrity Baby Bull Class. It will start our show. We hope to give our ranches some PR and also give our contestants some advertising. Everyone asked why baby bulls. To tell the truth when we got this idea, I looked at my babies and said what do I have the most of to cover this? I was thinking maybe 3 or 4. Then we had a wonderful surprise. Everyone was excited and wanted to show our babies. We now have 12 and expecting 13 as I write this. What we were trying to accomplish is happening. We are getting media coverage. As the list grows you will see we have people from all areas of life and locations:
Gary Van Aernam – President of Iowa State Fair Board
Gary Edwards -Des Moines Convention & Visitors Center
Ronald McDonald –Ronald McDonald House
Frank Brownell -Brownells Inc CEO
Ken Root–WHO Radio Big Show Guys
Erica Reimers –Sullivans Show Supply
Coca Cola-Lynn Clayton
Dr. Schroeder- Mercy Hospital
Tim Gassmann –Millhiser Smith Insurance Agency
Representative- Endreprocessing
Brian Rinehart – Hydro Klean
Representative- Adventureland
We have six classes for our Junior Show. We will have a new class for Junior Heifers shown by any age MHYA Member 3-18. This is a heifer born 1-1-09 and after. Our open Miniature Hereford Show will follow with thirteen classes. We have a new class this year GET OF SIRE. Information for all classes can be viewed at
So whether you are showing or sitting in the crowd learning, come enjoy an afternoon with us or stop by Wednesday thru Saturday

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