Lindsay Littles

By Sheila Lindsay

Lindsay Littles began as an idea in the fall of 2006 when a mom suffering from empty nest syndrome decided she needed a new hobby. Jim and I own 35 acres and had been running miniature bucking bulls, teaching youngsters how to bull ride for about 6 years. In May 2006 our youngest graduated from high school and we felt that the bucking bulls needed to go. They were very time consuming as they spent most of their time fighting and tearing out fence and since the bull rider now lived in Wyoming we felt it was time for them to live with a family that could use them. They joined a stock contractor herd in August.

By November we were missing them. I got on the internet and found KP Ranch. My grandfather and father had raised Herefords for years in Montana. Because of their color and gentle disposition we decided mini Herefords would be perfect. We bought our first heifer, Cupcake, off the internet from Kenny and Ali and they promised to deliver her in Denver at the NWSS that January. When we arrived in Denver we were so excited that she was everything we hoped for and more!!! We also learned that there was a SALE.

At the sale we were able to purchase two more nice heifers, Roseanne and Zelma. We were planning to use AI on the heifers but when we saw KP Playmate Craig we decided that we should try to take him home too, and we did.

Our little herd settled into their pasture in SD with no problems. They soon were used to our horses and dogs and we haven’t had to rebuild fence since the bucking bulls left. I had shown dairy in 4H when I was a kid in Montana and Jim had never shown. But we decided we could do it. So after some DVDs on clipping and fitting we were headed to our local county fairs open cattle show. Of course the mini Herefords were a big hit, especially the older generation who remembered those shorter cattle of the 50’s and 60’s. We had the three yearling heifers and Craig, who was 2 years old. We spent all morning getting ready for the show and talked a 4H member into showing one heifer as they would all three be in class together and their was only Jim and me to show.

When we came out of the barn and entered the show ring for the yearling heifers class there was a big gasp in the grandstands and a few giggles. The judge was astonished, she said that all day she had been lecturing on moderate frame size and by golly here they were. When the bull classes started she was very pleased and fell in love with Craig. He won the Hereford class easily and went into the championship class. There he and Jim showed against 5 other bulls: Angus, Salers and Gelbvieh, who were giants. You could have heard a pin drop as the judge went over and shook Jim’s hand declaring Craig the Grand Champion bull. Since then we have been to Denver, Billings and other local county shows. We have even collected Craig and have sold semen to 4H members that are trying to improve their club calves.

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