MINUTES – 2009 2nd quarter



Summary – 2nd quarter 2009  

The following document summarizes the voting actions taken by the MHBA Board of Directors in the second quarter of 2009.

A.     Show Committee Proposal

Proposal by the Show Committee –


* All show categories would be based on prior year’s show (the following list of breakdowns were based on 2008 shows)

* Entries entered but not shown would not be counted; Breeders entered but not showing would not be counted

* The payout breakdown for each category is only an example; the breakdowns for each of the 4 categories is based on the size of a show and allows for MHBA funds to be utilized for the benefit of the most breeders at any show ( prevent a payout of $1500 to a show with 4 breeders or less).

* Steer classes are not included in the buckle breakdown, but could be worked into the show budget, if desired.

Requires a minimum of 30 breeders and 125 head shown

21 divisions or more x 2 (Champion & Reserve Champion Prizes)                        50 Prizes x $100/each                                                                        $5,000      4 buckles @ $150 each (Grand & Reserve Champion Females & Bulls)  $   600
Premium payout                                                                                  $2,000  Total                                                                                                   $7,600

MAJOR SHOW:   ($4500)
Requires a minimum of 25 breeders and 75 head shown Up to 20 divisions x 2 (Champion & Reserve Champion Prizes)
40 prizes x $50/each                                                                               $2,000
4 buckles @ $140 each (Grand & Reserve Champion Females & Bulls)      $   560
Premium payout                                                                                      $1,500 Total                                                                                                      $4,060

MINOR SHOW:   ($3000)
Requires a minimum of 15 breeders and 45 head shown

Up to 15 divisions x 2 (Champion & Reserve Champion Prizes)
30 prizes x $35/each                                                                             $1,050
4 buckles @ $115 each (Grand & Reserve Champion Females & Bulls)    $   460
Premium payout                                                                                   $1,490 Total                                                                                                   $3,000

REGIONAL SHOW:   ($1500)
Requires a minimum of 8 breeders and 24 head shown

Up to 10 divisions x 2 (Champion & Reserve Champion Prizes)                            20 prizes x $25/each                                                                             $  500
4 buckles @ $100 each (Grand & Reserve Champion Females & Bulls)    $  400
Premium payout                                                                                   $  600 Total                                                                                                   $1,500

LOCAL SHOW:   ($400)
7 or less breeders

4 buckles @ $100 each (Grand & Reserve Champion Females & Bulls) Total                                                                                                  $400.00


EXAMPLE:  If the MHBA had sponsored the 2008 shows as listed below,
the total payout by the association would be

DENVER< COLORADO             $8000 (Super Major)
HOUSTON, TEXAS                            $4500 (Major)
AUSTIN, TEXAS                                 $3000 (Minor)
LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY                  $3000 (Minor)
DES MOINES, IOWA                          $3000 (Minor)
BILLINGS, MONTANA                        $1500 (Regional) (*Not sponsored by  MHBA in 2008)
SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA          $ 400 (Local)
SALEM, ORGEON                             $ 400 (Local)
YAKIMA, WASHINGTON                   $ 400 (Local)        (*Not sponsored by MHBA in 2008)
Total           $24,200

Motion by Arlou Cox to accept the proposal as presented.

Second by Lesta Kugeler.

“Yes” votes for Show Committee proposal: Charlotte Williams, Steve Splitt, Fran MacKenzie, Greg Schulz, Lesta Kugeler, Julie Sandstrom

“No” votes for Show Committee proposal: Arlou Cox

The motion passed.

B.    Elections

Elections were held for the offices of President and Secretary. Jim Cole was elected President, and Charlotte Williams was elected Secretary, each for a two year term. A copy of the document certifying the election is attached.

C.    Iowa State Fair Funding

A request was made by Regional Director Bev Strong for $1000.00 for the Iowa State Fair to purchase prizes – including something special for the Celebrity Bull participants – jackets, buckles, and screen printed sweat shirts for each participating breeder and for sale.  Bills will be sent to the Treasurer.

Motion by Charlotte Williams to provide $1000.00 for the Iowa State Fair.

Second by Fran MacKenzie.

“Yes” votes: Steve Splitt, Lesta Kugeler, Arlou Cox, Julie Sandstrom, Teresa Speer, Charlotte Williams

“No” votes: NoneThe motion passed.

D. Central Washington State Fair Funding

Motion by Regional Director Arlou Cox to approve $400.00 sponsorship and funding for the Central Washington Fair.

Second by Fran MacKenzie

“Yes” votes: Bev Strong, Teresa Speer, Julie Sandstrom, Charlotte Williams, Fran MacKenzie

“No” votes: None

The motion passed.



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