Region 6: Upcoming Shows

Gillispie County Fair in Fredericksburg, Texas will be in August. Additional information will be available this summer regarding entry deadlines, etc….

State Fair of Texas Miniature Hereford Show will be September 25 through September 27, 2009.

Email reminders will be sent out for entry deadlines.
Much of Region 6 continues to be plagued by drought. This drought has lasted for more than a year now and many areas have received less than ¼ of their normal annual rainfall. Forecasts show that this drought will continue. This will require increased range and pasture management to get through the drought. Cattle ranching is really just another way of harvesting your grass. This is the time to cull your herds if you are in a drought stricken area. Non-producing cows, poor producing cows can be culled from your herd. During times of drought, parasite management is a valuable resource. As the cattle graze the grass short they will consume more parasites, which in turn deplete energy within the cow. Regular or increased parasite management will help maintain body condition during this time.

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