Dixie-Classic Fair, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

In October, North Carolina had their Dixie Classic Fair. This fair takes place in Winston-Salem and is one of the largest standard size Hereford shows in North Carolina. When I called to see about bringing our Miniature Herefords to the show, I was encouraged with great enthusiasm to bring them. At any time I had a question about our entries or anything regarding our stay in Winston-Salem, the livestock super was very helpful. We had some apprehension about going to the Dixie Classic, but once we arrived we
knew we had made the right decision. We were warmly welcomed and treated very well. Everyone was very interested in us and people wanted to talk to us about the breed and the young bull that we had brought. Friendly, hospitable, and helpful describes the other exhibitors there. As soon as we arrived, we went in and represented the breed to the best of our ability, conducted ourselves in a professional manner and put on a decent show. In response, many of the exhibitors were eager to find out about the miniatures. We were complimented on our animals. We didn’t have any negative feedback which was something we were prepared for. One of the mornings, the fair provided a catored breakfast. A very nice touch to go along with our wonderful experience. The response from the public was fantastic. The show was better than we expected. We had a judge that has judged all around the United States and has judged in the past in Denver. He was impressed with the minis and had a lot of good things to say. The owners
represented there were Capeside Farm, Straitside Ranch, Ivey Glen Farm and Cherub Station. We feel that this fair has the potential to be a very profitable place to exhibit the Miniature Hereford breed.

Our goal in the upcoming years is to continue to attend the Dixie Classic along with the Raleigh State Fair that is the following week. We hope to have our own show in the next three years. We were asked and encouraged to bring more animals next year. I would like to encourage those breeders close to North Carolina to please come see us or plan to attend next year.

We hope to expand throughout region 2 by finding more places to exhibit theMiniature Hereford breed.
~ Ben & Jayme Williams

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