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Source: Ashland Times Gazette

Chris, Pam & Zach Tuttle of Circle T Farm found their annual county farm tour October 3rd & 4th a great way to promote their Miniature Herefords. “Our Miniature Herefords were the highlight of this year’s Ashland County, Ohio Farm Tour,” Chris Tuttle noted. “Most of the women and small children taking the tour were emphatic that our stop (one of eleven farms) was their favorite. The farm tour provided a nice opportunity to show off our minis and to educate the farming and nonfarming public about the history of the breed, and the advantages of raising minis.”

The Tuttles had three pens of miniatures on display – a cow with its three-weekold calf “Buckshot,” three of their March calves, and their herd bull, “Quincy.” All three pens were a big hit with visitors. “People couldn’t get over the small size of Quincy who stands just over 36” at a year and three months old, and the kids thought his nose ring was ‘cool’,” says Tuttle. The rest of their herd was pastured close by for viewing and just adjacent were pastured the Tuttles’ full size Angus cross beef cattle. Tuttle explained, “Having the full size cattle close by provided a nice visual to emphasize the small size of the miniatures.”

The Tuttle’s have been raising Miniature Herefords for about two years, starting with two cow calf pairs and three bred cows, and through their own calving and additional purchases increasing their herd size to nineteen head. “We’re ready to begin selling some of our minis and were able to make some nice contacts with sales potential through the farm tour,” says Tuttle.

“We also learned a lot from other beef farmers, being able to compare notes on rotational grazing techniques, feed issues and even tips on how to better de-horn cattle.” Tuttle was also appreciative of the help he received in the form of informational material to give folks interested in the miniatures. “We especially want to thank Judy Splitt along with our regional director Ben Lisby for the help they provided to us both for the farm tour and whenever we’ve needed information while developing our herd,” added Tuttle.

The Tuttle family has been raising beef cattle for the past fourteen years on their one hundred acre farm near Loudonville, Ohio and currently raise both full size Angus cross beef cattle along with their Miniature Herefords.

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