Fun against “The Big Girls”

by Sherry Robinson

We bought our minis this year and began a wonderful trek. Who would have ever believed that we were the proud owners of a new species. Or at least that was what we began to hear when we started looking for places to show our heifers. When we introduced our new heifers to our grandkids, Weston 14, Ethan 12, Alea 9 and Madeline 3, there was an instant love relationship that was even amazing to us. This relationship between the heifers and our grandkids brought about a new and arduous task: that of finding places for them to show their heifers that was in a somewhat close proximity to us here in the Texas Panhandle (6 to 8 hours away or less would have been nice). Because of the lack of close Miniature Hereford shows we decided to go ahead and enter the heifers into shows in which they would show against “The Big Girls” as our grandkids so cautiously put it. With that in mind we knew that we would probably not win, but at least the grandkids would get a chance to show their heifers and get practice in before going to the bigger Miniature Hereford shows. Now mind you: who would have thought you would have to convince people that these were not a new species but in fact
a registered Hereford heifer with the AHA, just taken back to the original size and a little smaller. So feeling that this was a good way to let people see the minis first hand and get to know the heifers we proceeded. When permission was finally granted to us to enter the heifers our grandkids were ecstatic and entered their Miniature Hereford heifers in the Amarillo TX Tri State Fair. They were placed in the AOB Class the first go round and then in the Hereford Class the 2nd time. And as the grandkids said always against “The Big Girls.” In this show at the Tri State Fair we have 2 generations showing at the same time: our son Kily, his son Weston; our daughter Nici and her son Ethan and daughter Alea. They would not let Madeline show in the ring so she would walk the heifers around for exercise and also take them to the show ring. Many people saw that
this was a family affair and one that we all were enjoying together. It was impressive to everyone that even our 3-year-old could handle the calves. We had more inquiries than most of the exhibitors there and most were about having their young kids show the minis. Parents are tired of their young ones being hurt and drug and parents having
to take control of the calves. They are beginning to see a big advantage to a little smaller sized calf. I have to tell you that the general attitude toward our cattle was great and it was good for all of us and everyone there. Also we were approached by a regional representative for the Jr. Hereford Assoc. about having our grandkids join the Jr. Hereford Association and showing their miniature heifers here this coming summer at their show. They would love to have the Miniature Herefords show also. So we highly encourage everyone to seriously look at entering your mini heifers even against “The Big Girls.” As our grandkids say “NEVER GIVE UP, WHO KNOWS YOU MIGHT JUST WIN ONE OF THESE TIMES.” But at least go ahead and get out there and show them what a mini is made of. AND BY THE WAY WE WON 2ND’S THRU 7TH’S BOTH GO ROUNDS and that was against “The Big Girls” and we loved every minute of it.

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