MHYA Vision

By Cody Hulbert

Hi, I am Cody Hulbert, Junior president of the Miniature Hereford Youth Association. I am 15 years old and I live in Northwest Ohio. Back in 2003 my family bought a bred cow. Since then our herd has grown, and my passion for Miniature Herefords has grown. There are MHYA shows in Iowa, Louisville, and Montana. The youth show is great
because there are kids around your age group, so you’re not going to show against adults.

There’s a lot of work in getting your cattle ready for the show, but when you get to the show, you get pretty excited to see all the cattle. When you get into the show ring and have fun showing and get your award, it all pays off. I love showing cattle. I consider it my sport. I am excited about the future of the MHYA- it is growing alot. Last year at the NAILE in Louisville we had 10 youth exhibitors, this year we had 18. Every exhibitor got a feed pan, fluffer comb, massage brush, rope halter, necktie, cuts of meat chart, and a John Deere hat thanks to all of our sponsors.

Our sponsors were Brookview Farms, Rolling Hills Miniature Herefords, DJ’s Miniature Herefords, River Ridge Miniature Herefords, Ulrich’s Miniature Herefords, Fordyce Farms, Stines Show Cattle, Springfield’s Miniature Herefords, KP Ranch, Eagle Rock Miniature Herefords, Strong Miniature Herefords, and Sullivans Show Supply. I hope that the MHYA will be a nationaly recognized association and to be at more cattle shows in the near future.

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