Northern International Livestock Expo. Review

Was it a cattle show or just a big party with lots of laughs and hugs ? BOTH !

With our generous sponsors, Quality Supply, Lakeland Feed, Seven Ranch and MHBA we passed out colorful pitchforks, calf creep, feed tubs, embroidered jackets and T-shirts. The latest rose gold buckles went to Grand and Reserves.

Thanks to Mark and Michaelina Campbell the pancake breakfast was delicious and the coffee raved about. Our clinic presenter, Mark King, wowed us all, novices as well as old hands, with his informative presentation on cattle conformation.

Everyone came away with a clearer idea of how to evaluate an animal for not only beauty but durability and longevity as well. One of our celebrities was too ill to make
it, so we only had 3. All were well known and liked, so we had a large number of spectators who wouldn’t otherwise have seen our cattle and asked that question we all love to hear “Where can I get one of those little guys ?”

Thank you KP Ranch and Lindsay Littles for the use of your baby bulls. A special thanks to Dan and Beatrice Jensen and their 2 girls. This was their first show and though they brought no cattle this time, they scrubbed, fed, watered and led, thus getting the full experience. Hopefully they’re hooked and will show next year.

Peg Aldridge organized our Junior show and will be looking forward to next year. We will have showmanship as well as breed classes. Next year there will only be 2 shows in the Northwest, Oregon State Fair and the NILE in Billings. Let’s get out and support them.
~ Jo Young

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