Region 6

Our region continues to grow with new members each month. We have several new breeders and we wish to welcome each of you to MHBA. During the past quarter, a couple of our breeders in the Panhandle of Texas took their Miniature Herefords to the show in Amarillo and showed their Miniature Herefords against the standard size Herefords. The Miniature Herefords performed well against their larger counterparts. The best news from this activity is that in 2010 we will hold our first Miniature Hereford show in Amarillo. Participation at the State Fair of Texas doubled this year over last year with several new breeders participating. Haley Rector had the Grand Champion Female, and Charlotte Williams had the Grand Champion Bull. Schulz Farm, Double W, and Cole Cattle have provided sponsorship funds for this event.

TJLA (Texas Junior Livestock Association) has approved the request from MHBA to sponsor a Miniature Hereford Heifer Division within the TJLA and TCCA show circuit here in Texas. MHBA will be providing half the funding for TJLA and some of our breeders in Region 6 and Region 5 will be providing the other half of the sponsorship. If you
wish to help us with the sponsorship of a Miniature Hereford Division within MHBA, please contact Greg Schulz at Our current list of sponsors include: Double W (Charlotte Williams), Splitt Creek (Steve and Judy Splitt), Poe Livestock (Mike Poe), Cole Cattle (Jim Cole), Schulz Farm (Greg Schulz). The more the merrier.

MHBA has approved sponsorship of our planned sale in Austin, Texas this year. We will have some changes in consignment rules, and you should contact the sale manager if you are interested in consigning cattle to the sale. Sale manager is Greg Schulz. 979-429-0208

We are looking for about 50 head for the sale. In addition to our Pre-Junior Steer shows in Houston and Austin this year, we will have a Pre-Junior Heifer show at both events for 2010. We are planning a junior show for 2011 in addition to our Pre-Junior shows.

2010 events planned for Region 6 include:
Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo; Star of Texas Fair and Rodeo; Gillispie County Fair; Tri State Fair & Rodeo; State Fair of Texas; All TJLA events for 2010.

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