Board Nominees & Bios

Diane Alu

Hi, many of you don’t know me, so please allow me to introduce myself. I am your northeast reporter for the newsletter, yes the one who regularly contributes with rants and ramblings about AI class and the investment potential of the mini Hereford, pinkeye and how to box out your barn yard. I have a small herd of registered miniatures that I raise to mainly keep me grounded and sane, and am presently embarking on a pictorial essay of the American Farmer to counter the insanely bad press farmers and ranchers are subjected to on an almost daily basis. I have an AAS degree in Horticulture and Landscape design, and currently work as a HS substitute teacher while working towards my teaching degree for Art Education. I enjoy working with my cattle, writing, painting and digging holes for fence posts and trees. I am a wife and a mother of two daughters. We live in an average size house on 22 acres that has become a small productive farm on which we raise our cattle, kids, Corgis and chickens. I owned a herd of registered Holstein dairy cows in the early 1980’s for 4 years, and never outgrew my love of the bovine breed or the desire to be a cowgirl.
I would be a hard working VP for the association that would bring the small- farm, eastern US point of view and potential market opportunities to the association along with endless topics for discussion and ideas to promote the miniature Hereford breed. I will do everything in my power to help implicate these new ideas and promotions and /or will be happy to delegate these duties to other talented members who need more work on their already overloaded plates!
Although I have not shown my cattle yet, I do promote the breed endlessly to the point of exhaustion, just ask my family. They tell me I am Cattle Crazy, and they just may be right.
Thank you for your time, and vote.
Diane Alu
Middleground Farm
Lima, NY


Fran MacKenzie

Fran MacKenzie: Treasurer.

I joined the MHBA in 1999 – just after it was formed, and served as the secretary from 2000 to 2004. I ran for Treasurer in the first Association-wide election in 2008 and took over the position in May of that year. During the last two years we have seen the membership double in size and operations of the Association increase in complexity. I take very seriously the tasks invloved with the funancial business of the Association and am proud we have clear and accurate records of all transactions. There is quite a time commitment to this job and our operations are getting larger with time. I am very excited to see this growth, and enthusiastic to be a part of this exciting time in our Association. I ask for and appreciate your support in this election.

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