Lindsay Littles

Jim and I started Lindsay Littles a little more than 3 years ago in South Dakota.

We have shown our mini herefords at local county fairs, but we felt that we were not making too much headway in getting the word out that we were raising and trying to market these loveable creatures. So we decided to enter the largest livestock show and sale in our area: the Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo in Rapid City. To show it is required to sell also, which made us a little nervous. We sent our entry in for LL Playmate Eddie, a coming 2 year old bull that we had previously shown locally, as well as at Nile in Billings, Montana. Since it is a screened show and sale we were a bit worried that our entry would not be accepted. Our acceptance letter came in December and we were set to check in on Feb 2, 2010 with the show and sale scheduled for Feb 3rd. Our next job was to find a fitter for Eddie, as we had finally learned that a professional fitter is well worth the money. A friend who shows Maine and Chia said he could make some calls and find someone for us. Clint Filapek from North Dakota contacted us a few days before the show and we made final arrangements. Feb 2nd we arrived in Rapid City, set up our stall and led Eddie in. We got a few strange glances as we led Eddie to the wash rack. Clint came and started clipping him and told us that he had actually dealt with Miniature Herefords before, as his in-laws had some embryos shipped to Australia years before. As Eddie was clipped and fitted more people walking by stopped to look and ask questions. Our stall was at the beginning of the first row of aisles and almost every person that came into the barn walked by, usually stopping to look and ask questions. In those two days we met hundreds of people. Some laughed, some were reminded of the good old days, and many were quite interested, for youth projects as well as beef. The show was Wednesday morning with the show schedule being youngest to oldest. The AHA representatives stopped by that morning, as well as the auctioneer and the local show organizers. They asked if we wanted to be in a class of our own and we said no that we would like to be out there with the big boys. There were 3 other March bulls in Eddie’s class, they outweighed him by over a thousand pounds each and towered over him. Jim and Eddie proudly marched into the show ring. The judge made his placings and instructed Jim to the end of the line. He complimented us on Eddie’s conformation but noted that he just didn’t fit with the rest of the class. We had done our homework before the sale that afternoon and had lined up a buyer that was very interested in purchasing Eddie to breed his commercial heifers. When the sale came we were suprised and happy when there were two others bidding and Eddie sold for $2700. We were actually a little shocked when they were unable to obtain even a $1000 bid on a couple of those huge bulls that he had shown against. By entering and showing against the big boys we were able to meet hundreds of prospective buyers and improve the marketability of our product.

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