Region 5: Gearing Up for Iowa State Fair!

Hi gang,this your Region 5 director from the state of Iowa hoping your weather is better than ours. If the daily snow don’t get you, the bitter cold and wind will. We are gearing up for the Iowa State Fair. We will go in on August 18 thru August 21. For those of you that travel, I have set up getting in Tuesday night after six. They have saved tie outs. We will be given preminums this year  as we have proven we are here to stay. Our numbers were 81 head and 23 breeders last year and with all the new breeders I think we will grow again. We have moved the Celebrity Baby Bull class to start the Open Show which will start at 2:00PM. Get your babies ready let me know. It is a wonderful show case for your ranch. Last year we had standing room only. We have cooked up some surprises that I will inform you later about. So the buckles are ordered,the show will go on. Registration must be in by July 1. We a challenging you to come whether it is your first time showing. MHBA members are alway willing to help. So mark this on your calendar. I  attended a Cow/Calf Exibition  yesterday to see Brent White show our breed and the interest and excitement was unbelievable. Happy Calving season. Bev Strong

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