Minis for the Whole Family

My interest in miniature Hereford cattle started a long time ago. My husband and I stopped at a sale barn in Macon Missouri in April of 1998. Just to see what they had, and what a sale. There were elk, Watusi, Zebu, Dexter and even Miniature Herefords. We watched for a while and then out walked a couple with a pair of miniature Herefords. A bull and a heifer. I thought they were the neatest things I had ever seen. I don’t recall ever seeing miniature cattle before. I have always liked the Hereford breed. Come to find out later, it was Ken and Ali Peterson who had the pair.
Then in 2005 there was an article in the Farm World magazine about a girl showing her miniature Hereford steer at the Indiana State Fair. She had to show against the big ones, because there was no class for the miniatures. She said the judge just kept telling her it was too small. Even though it was fed out. Judges just didn’t understand at that time. But Indiana has never had a class for miniatures as of now .
My husband passed away in 2006. After that I had more time on my hands and I started to look for some miniatures. I went on line and printed out a list of owners. Then
I just started calling. I was looking for some polled heifers and a steer. I found some right here in Indiana and went to see them. I purchased two heifers and a steer in Dec.2007. My son was with me and he purchased a heifer too. His heifer went to the Denver Show and was named the reserve champion fall Jr. miniature Hereford.
Then my grandson got interested and he purchased two heifers from Illinois. That gave us a total of five which was enough to make a class at our county fair. My grandchildren showed all five in 2008. We were really busy, having done this for the first time. My idea was to get the miniatures started on the local level, then maybe it would get started on the state level.
I had to wait until I was 73 years old to get to show cattle. I had always wanted to.
We have shown some at the Farm World Show in Lebanon, the NAILE in
Louisville twice, Iowa St. fair and again in our county 4-H fair.
We now have a total of sixteen including a bull that I purchased. The herd is expanding pretty fast. This spring we had four heifers and one bull calf. Pretty lucky I think.
I don’t have any fancy buildings or anything like that. My barn for the cattle is an old
Garage that we had moved to make room for a new garage. But it works.
I really love my miniatures. I like working with them, they are so gentle. I would rather be working with them as anything else.
I have met a lot of really nice people in this organization. They are my inspiration.

Dema Delp D&S Miniature Herefords

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