Minutes – 2010 2nd Quarter



Summary – 2nd quarter 2010



The following document summarizes the voting actions taken by the MHBA Board of Directors in the second quarter of 2010.


  1. A.   2010 Election

The 2010 Election for Board officers was held with the following results:

Vice President – Diane Alu          7
Ali Petersen     58
Steve Splitt      66

Treasurer – Fran MacKenzie      94
Jo Young                  37

Regional Director, Region 1 -Bill Moreton   6

Regional Director, Region 4 – Julie Sandstrom  5

Regional Director, Region 7 – Peg Aldridge        8
Lesta Kugeler     17


B. American Royal Livestock Show

Motion by Fran MacKenzie to sanction the American Royal Livestock Show in Kansas City, MO in October 2010.

Second by Charlotte Williams.

“Yes” votes for the American Royal: Charlotte Williams, Fran MacKenzie, Greg Schulz, Teresa Speer, Steve Splitt, Lesta Kugeler, Julie Sandstrom, Bill Moreton, and Bev Strong.

“No” votes for the American Royal: None.

The motion passed.


  1. C.   Election Timing


Motion by Bev Strong that elections in future years be held in December and results announced at the Denver show.


Second by Arlou Cox.


“Yes” votes to change the timing of annual elections: Bev Strong, Arlou Cox, and Teresa Speer.


“No” votes to change the timing of annual elections: Lesta Kugeler, Charlotte Williams, Bill Moreton, Steve Splitt, Fran MacKenzie, Greg Schulz, and Julie Sandstrom.


The motion did not pass.

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