Region 6

What a great year we are experiencing here in Region 6 in the Miniature Hereford business. On the show side of our business we started our year in Region 6 with the Houston Livestock Show and followed with the Star of Texas Fair and Rodeo. Both shows were significantly larger than during previous years. These shows continue to grow both in number of cattle as well as exhibitors. We continue to attract more exhibitors from within our Region and this adds more stability and local presence to our shows. People prefer to buy from their neighbors.

The Texas Junior Hereford Assocation and the Texas Junior Polled Hereford Association. For 2010 the state show was held at the Tri-State Exposition Center in Amarillo, Texas. This year they created classes and recognized our Miniature Herefords. We had several juniors show Miniature Herefords at this show for the first time. We expect to be invited again in 2011. This is such an exciting event and opportunity for all of us in the Miniature Hereford business.

We will be looking forward to Miniature Hereford Shows at the TJLA Belt Buckle Bonanza, July 4th weekend, TJLA Fall Classic, Tri-State Fair, Gillispie County Fair, State Fair of Texas, American Royal Livestock Show. There may be more that I’ve missed as there are numerous individuals here within our Region that are working on shows and expositions.

Thanks to all within our region for all the help both with your time and your financial contributions to help us grow our Miniature Hereford business’s throughout the US.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any suggestions or ideas which we can look into to improve our business opportunities, our youth programs, and our national association.

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