Remembering John Johnson

On May 5th John Johnson moved to his heavenly home. His life was most happiest spending time with his family,
mowing hay, moving irrigation pipe and watching his Miniature Herefords on our small farm.

In 1993 John picked up a magazine with an article about miniature Herefords from Point of Rocks, Fort Davis ,Tx.
His first conversation was with Roy Largent. Roy brought us a bull which got us started on the road to bringing down
our large polled Herefords.

John was compassionate about keeping the polled miniatures structure correct while downsizing from the standard
size. Striving to improve the herd each calf crop. Thus developing the first polled miniatures. John was very proud
of improving his miniature cattle by staying within his own breeding. Although we tried to convince him to bring in
different bloodlines, he knew he could accomplish what he set out to do 17 years ago and that was to have
structurally correct miniature polled Herefords.

John love to tell large cattle breeders that he could raise more pounds of beef, per acre , then they could. Which
always got a rise out of folks.

From 1993 John’s partnership with the Largent continued for several years. Rust Largent encouraged John in his
efforts to raise up miniature polled Herefords. Of course the discussion often centered around horned verses polled.

John supported the Cow Palace, the Ca St Fair, Or St Fair as well as of late the Central Wa St Fair in Yakima.

John supported the Sequim FFA for 14 years. He was a big supporter of our county’s Livestock Auction. John sold
steers to many FFA students as well as young people in 4-H. He enjoyed helping students learn to drive a tractor,
halter break a calf or feed steers. John always supported organizations and those programs he truly believed in. He
was always eager to support the youth programs at the fairs. He gave of his time whether it be church functions,
FFA or 4-H.

John promoted the breed by joining the very first miniature Hereford Club with Rust Largent. He contributed many
articles to their newsletters. He was a member of MHBA as well. Being a mover and shaker in this world of big cattle
verses small cattle.

John was loyal, honest, trustworthy and definitely a role model to those that knew him.
John’s dream was to have the finest miniature Polled Hereford herd . He will be missed by all who knew and loved him.

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