Billy Bryan

On July 26 after a courageous battle with pulmonary fibrosis. Bill Bryan passed away. He had only a few more tests to complete and hopefully he would have been on the transplant list in September. God seemed to know best.
He really missed not being able to go to the shows the last couple years. I remember the first time Bill asked me if I would like to take a little trip to Nebraska to look at some little cows. Well, I was always up for a trip but I was a town girl so how little were these cows. We went to KP Ranch and we met the 6 cattle they had picked for us. It was instant love. We wanted to take them with us that day. Bill was so happy on the flight home because it had been 25 years since he had lived on a farm. Everyone in our town (and neighboring towns) knew the minis were coming. He built a barn …put up fences. Laid water and electric lines. We were ready. Little did we know at that point of the impact the cows would have on us. As much as he enjoyed the cattle he enjoyed meeting all the members of MHBA. Bill was a people person and he loved his cattle so this was the perfect relationship.
While it was my idea to buy King Henry Hunter at the sale, he became Bill’s greatest joy.
The AP press came to the farm to do an informal interview that ran in at least 2000 papers nationwide.. I remember the day that Bill had a call from Brazil. A gentleman had seen the article and wanted a job as our herdsman. Of course, he did not get the job but by the end of the call he sure knew all that he needed to know about mini Herefords. We received calls from all over the country and Bill enjoyed talking with each and everyone.
Bill loved the mini Hereford breed and I think through his friendly personality he did a great job in promoting them.
For those of you who did not get to meet Bill let me share just a little about him.
Bill had the biggest heart and always had a story to share. He was what we would call a redneck cowboy want to be. He loved his many cowboy boots and hats. Any family member, friend or employee with a problem came to Bill. He loved life and he lived it to the fullest in his 60 short years. To say that I will miss him is an understatement. He filled my life with joy for 40 years.

Donna Bryan

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