Marketing and selling Miniature Herefords is no different than selling any other product. You must define your product, know your prospective buyers, and develop the tools necessary to inform them of your product.
In my opinion the miniature cattle industry is a niche industry within an industry, therefore requiring some level of education to prospective buyers. Many of your potential buyers will be new to the cattle industry and have limited knowledge of cattle. So it may help to offer assistance after the sale.
How do people know you have cattle for sale? Most folks driving by your property will not realize that you he some for sale. You need to have some or all of the following tools in place to assist you in informing the public that you have cattle for sale; 1) sign in front of property , 2) advertisement in magazines or other publications, 3)internet web sites, 4) stock shows, 5) word of mouth.
It does not matter if you are selling show cattle, seedstock, or beef cattle. You must know your product and choose your market. Inform people about your product. They cannot buy from you if they do not know you exist. In my opinion the best advertisement you can ever get is word of mouth.
A sign in front of your property so people who drive by will know you raise Miniature Herefords can be a good way of advertising your cattle. A sign on your trailer is like a traveling billboard.
Magazines and printed publications can be great for advertising your cattle. There are lots of magazines, so you should make sure the magazine or periodical of your choice is targeting the demographic that will be most likely to purchase cattle.
Livestock shows are a great way to market your premier show stock. Buyers, enthusiasts, and fellow breeders will be there to view cattle and select new breeding stock.
What about livestock auctions? Your standard livestock auctions may not be the best place to sell Miniature Herefords. Registered cattle auctions or specialty auctions may work out okay for you. Remember, you have a specialty product and you are in a niche market. You have a premium product and you need to market it as such.

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