Region 5

Rain,floods and heat will not keep the breeders of our wonderful Miniature herefords away. This is Bev Strong,region 5 director saying hello and hope everyone had fun at Iowa. We had a couple of cancellation due to the floods so keep CT Miniature Herefords in your prayers. We had 16 breeders and 82 head of cattle at the show. Every year the quality gets better. I would have hated to be judge. We had a Pasta supper on Thursday and most attended. The celebrity class had all new company’s represented.Our only repeat was Sophia from Des Moines Register. She sported new cowboy boots instead of flip flops this year. The excitement of our miniature herefords are growing in midwest. We have went from 8 breeders to 36 and growing everyday We welcome the new families that showed and also members that came in just to enjoy.I would like to thank all that attended and thank all who helped make show go smooth. So I must sign off and dream up a new class for our show. The stands were full and that’s what a show is all about.

Strong Miniature Herefords

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