Minutes – 2010 4th Quarter



Summary – 4th quarter 2010



The following document summarizes the voting actions taken by the MHBA Board of Directors in the fourth quarter of 2010.


A. Youth Committee

Motion by Greg Schulz that MHBA form a Youth Committee who will form a youth organization that will be a part of MHBA .  This youth group will have a youth board, elected by the youth members.  This youth organization will be a part of MHBA.  The purpose of this association will be for our youth to show our cattle.

Second by Fran MacKenzie.

“Yes” votes to form a Youth Committee: Bill Moreton, Fran MacKenzie, Arlou Cox, Julie Sandstrom, Lesta Kugeler, Charlotte Williams, Teresa Speer, Steve Splitt, Bev Strong

“No” votes to form a Youth Committee: None

B. Youth Committee Composition

Motion by Teresa Speer to establish leadership positions for the new Adult Youth board.  They would be as follows.

Adult Director

Adult Board member 1

Adult Board member 2

Adult Secretary

Adult Treasurer


After these positions are agreed upon, we would then choose qualified

candidates to fill these positions.


Second by Arlou Cox.


Amend by Greg Schulz to include only a Director, Secretary, and Treasurer.


Amendment second by Julie Sandstrom.

“Yes” votes to Youth Committee composition: Greg Schulz, Julie Sandstrom, Arlou Cox, Teresa Speer, Charlotte Williams, Fran MacKenzie, Steve Splitt, Bev Strong, Lesta Kugeler, Bev Strong


“No” votes to Youth Committee composition: None


The motion passed.


C. Announcement – Miniature Hereford Youth Foundation has received 501 (c) 3 status, allowing for tax deductible, charitable donations for youth programs and scholarships


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