Region 5: Ready for Iowa?

Hi everyone. Looking alot like Christmas as I write this. We have had several
new members for our region lately and would like to give them a big welcome. The
Iowa State Fair Show is on tap for Thursday August 18. Can begin to arrive at
12:01am and must be in by noon August 18th. Show will be in Outdoor Arena on
Friday August 19,2011 at 1:00PM and Junior Show to follow at about 3:00. Release
on August 21 at 3PM. I will have more information to follow. This area is really
excited about our breed and never seems to end with the questions and people
looking to get into our breed. The fair last year has really given us a lot of
hope for marketing our cattle. Many new buyers this year and alot of people
exspanding. I wish all a good New Year and mark our dates on your calendar. Even
if you aren’t showing,we would love to have you come and be with our MHBA

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