A Picture World: Miniature Herefords


Buckets of fun! With eleven competitors and a total of sixty-three entries across the twelve classes I think this first Virtual Cattle Show was successful. There has been enough positive feed back to warrant holding it again next year. Does the month of June suit everyone? The programme will be much the same but with a few adjustments to bring it in line with more serious competitions. It would be great, too, if we could find sponsors who could supply real prizes to the placegetters in their particular countries. Something to work on.

A common comment was the appreciation of being able to view Miniature Herefords of similar ages in the different countries. What big bottoms you Americans have – your cattle, I mean! Someone asked if they were double-muscled like the Belgian Blue, Parthenais, and Piedmontese. Seeing the different developments of animals in the classes has inspired us to look to our own breeding programmes and a sharing of experiences can only be helpful.

Results of the Individual Breed Classes are still to come but will be able to be viewed on the AMHBN website which is www.amhbn.com . There are, however, results from Classes 10, 11 and 12 and you can see all the photos for these on the mentioned website. They are:

Class 10 – Scenic

First – Page 4 – Jennie Menzies (Perian Stud) New South Wales, Australia
Second – Page 3 – Joy Walters (Boomercreek Stud) Tasmania, Australia
Third – Page 7 – Janet Poole (Riverlets Stud) Northland, New Zealand

Class 11 – Entertainment

First – Page 5 – “Go on, make my day!” – Ruth Blaikie, Northland, New Zealand
Second – Page 4 – “Wonder how much bull power this has?” – Julie Stott, NSW, Australia
Third – Page 2 – “Watch my tail!” – Charlotte & Steve Williams, Texas, USA

Class 12 – Viewers’ Choice

First – Photo No. 1. Kirstie Kasch, Texas, USA – Miniature Hereford Enthusiasts
Second – Photo No. 2 Charlotte and Steve Williams, Texas, USA – Never to young to start.
Third Equal – Photo No. 5, Alistair Hargrove, Northland, NZ – Four young MH ladies
Photo No. 8, Julie Stott, NSW, Australia – Mother and Child
Photo No. 9, Jennie Menzies, NSW, Australia – Evening Supper

A big thank you to all who took part, all who helped organise and all who gave us useful feedback for another show. For those of you who would like to compete next year start taking photos now. The schedule of classes can be seen on www.amhbn.com and there should only be minor alterations. If the numbers grow we may have to look at running regional, national and then a final international Virtual Show with place getters from each going on to the next competition but time will tell.

Janet Poole,
Riverlets Miniature Herefords,
New Zealand.



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