Region 6

The drought continues throughout the majority of Region 6. This drought is certainly the worst in recent history. Between the wild fires and the lack of moisture, most grazing land in Texas is not capable of supporting livestock at this time without supplementation.

If you are one of the many that are in this situation you have several options depending on what you may have available for forage. Assuming your pasture is basically non productive you will need to feed some form of roughage:

1. If you choose maze stalks, rice stalks, or a poor quality grass weed mix of hay, you can supplement with any of the following:

a. 20% breeder cubes at a rate of 5# per day per head along with a quality mineral and salt.

b. Free choice “Purina “ Accuration #2, #1, or LW depending on the size and age of your cattle. This product is fed free choice. Once again you should have quality mineral and salt available.

2. If you have a medium quality hay. Hay at 8 to 10% protein with with TDN less than 60%, you may supplement with protein tubs. I’d recommend using tubs with protein higher than 20%.

3. If you choose a quality Bermuda hay, bahia hay, brome hay, or alfalfa hay, supplement with a quality mineral and salt. Definitiion of a quality hay is 10.5% protein or higher with a TDN of 60% or higher.

These are just a few options you may use to survive the drought. Don’t forget to worm often. Parasites are worse in drought conditions. You cattle need to be wormed much more often when in these conditions.

Good luck, hang in there.

Greg Schulz

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