Tri-State Fun!

2011 Tri-State Fair & Rodeo in Amarillo, TX
September 17 – 19, 2011

As its name implies, the Tri-State Fair & Rodeo in Amarillo, TX is hosted by three states – Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma –but, as the premium book says, is open to the world. Despite this ambitious invitation, the show retains its atmosphere of relaxed, easy-going rivalry among friends and neighbors. There is an old-style feel to the show that welcomes families and smaller breeders, while encouraging the competition and drive to win that has made our country great.
The second annual Miniature Hereford show was no exception. Although there were folks such as Meredith Roberts and his crew from J & M Farm that traveled nearly a dozen hours to reach the show, there was also a representation by LK Robinson Farms of grandparents, parents, and kids from the hometown of Amarillo. They also brought their friends, Andrew and Cheraye Aguirre. A new member of MHBA joined our ranks when young Cole Brown showed his steer, Art. Overall, there were thirteen exhibitors with thirty-seven animals, making this year’s show even bigger and better than last year and surpassing the number of entries by most of the other breeds.
The show began with an outstanding set of three classes of youth showmanship with thirteen young folks, including a last minute entry. Aubree Blissard won the Pre-Junior class with a skill that only comes from many long hours of practice. Alea Smith took the Junior class, demonstrating that a willing worker can develop good techniques with only a couple of years of showing. Kirstie Kasch finished in the Senior class with her heifer, Joy, purchased just last January in Denver from Olson Miniature Herefords. The pair went on in the open show to take Reserve Grand Champion Female, so Kirstie’s special feeding program definitely paid off. And although he did not win his class, more than one observer noted the courage it took for Ethan Smith to use a bull for a showmanship competition!
The open show was just as exciting with a wide variety of animals and stiff competition throughout. Greg Schulz took top honors for Grand Champion Female with his heifer, SF Miss Princess Josie, shown by Madeline Smith.
Weston Robinson showed the Grand Champion Bull, LK Spencer, which he and his family raised at LK Robinson Farms. Rounding out with the Reserve Grand Champion Bull was Leah Stroud showing WW Tom Thumb, a little bull from WW Ranch.
The show finished where it started when three five-year-olds and their steers beat out all other ages in the ring. The Prospect Steer, LK’s Lightning, was shown by little Madeline Smith. Barrett Howe proudly led his steer, JAM G-Man from J & M Farms, to take Grand Champion Steer, and Corbin Marsh completed the day with a massive animal that he fondly calls Shaggy.
Now we are looking forward to next year and invite all of you to join us – but only if you want to have fun!

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