Becket Fall Foliage Sale

Pike, New Hampshire was the place to be on the 1st weekend in October as Miniature Hereford enthusiasts came from 9 states and as far away as Colorado and Nebraska for the first Becket Fall Foliage Sale. It was a time to meet other breeders, invest in good cattle, and enjoy the colors of New England.

The weekend started with a dinner on Friday evening at the Meeting House here on our campus. The meal featured a Miniature Hereford rib roast with miniature fall vegetables prepared and served by our culinary staff and students. For dessert, they made a special apple cake with maple frosting made from maple syrup produced by our students last spring.

The weather outside was cool and rainy but the atmosphere in the barn was warm as the sale got started. Fran Mackenzie, MHBA Treasurer and Bill Moreton, Region 1 Director, greeted the crowd and encouraged new breeders to join the association. Scott Bang from Fremont, NE, read the pedigrees as Reg Lussier from Lyndonville, VT, did the auctioneering. Topping the sale at $4000 was Becket Tug Liesel 152H with her polled heifer calf, Becket G Lacey 249L. Donna Spano from Wallkill,,NY, took them home along with Becket P Molly B21 and Becket L Mackenzie 258L at $3300 and several other outstanding cow/calf pairs. These animals will be the foundation of her new herd.

Eleven head went west to Nebraska to Splitt Creek Ranch and Old School Genetics. Judy Splitt, along with her friend, Kay, joined us for the weekend. Among those cattle headed for Nebraska are Becket Mr Mischief 207K, a young bull sired by MMF George 061 and out of one of our top cow families and Becket SW Lauren 203J, a fancy bred heifer from our Lucy Family.

Justin Grady, Elizabeth, CO, was the successful bidder on one of our favorite heifers, Becket SW Sally 201J and a young bull with a big future, Becket Mighty Mike 250L.

Margaret Tarvis, Little Compton, RI, bought a fancy polled heifer calf. Becket L Oyeah 247L is a Becket Liberty 144G out of a Tug daughter. Margaret and her husband, Tom, are long time Hereford breeders who started with Minis a few years ago.

Bill and Sharon Moreton, Lehighton, PA, took home 3 members of our Gloria Family including a pair of full sisters by MMF George 061. They are out of a Remitall Online 122L daughter that we have been breeding down to Miniature frame size. Bill is also the new owner of George and Willy, our premier herd sires.

We were very pleased that several new breeders decided to start their herds with Becket cattle. Scott and Heather Delconte and their family from Oswego, NY, took home 4 head including the dam of their show-winning heifer. Becket Tug Orissa 148H is the dam of Becket G Opal who was the Reserve Grand Champion of all breeds at their show last summer.

David Machado from Westport, MA purchased 2 bred heifers from the Lucy and Manzanita families as the foundation for his herd, and Harold and Lynn Lassonde from Pittsburg, NH, will build their herd on two young cows from those same cow families. Starting another new herd is Wayne Akins from Warner, NH, with a nice bred heifer, Becket L Libby 218K. Wayne also purchased Becket SW Stanley 228K, a LPF Slick Willy son from Becket Tug Star 65F. Warren Kimball and Alice Towle, Grantham, NH, purchased two consignments from Bill and Sharon Moreton .

Tom Harrison, Eagle Bridge, NY was the successful bidder on Becket SW Luna 206J, a young heifer that has been a favorite here. Since we’ve had such good luck with bulls purchased from Tom, we added LPF Mr. McFrost, a Lexus son, to our herd as a future herd sire.

We will continue to develop our herd and build on the Lucy and Manzanita families through daughters of LPF Slick Willy, MMF George 061, and Becket Liberty 144G. We’re looking forward to watching the influence of J-W’S Full Throttle and our new bull, ”Frosty” make a positive impact in our herd.

It is our hope that this sale is just the beginning of many more Miniature Hereford activities in the Northeast. With new herds starting up and the enthusiasm that these great little cows generate, Region 1 is on a roll! Whenever you visit the northeast, we hope you’ll stop by, say hello, and take a look at our cattle.


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