President’s Prospective


Summer is officially here and certainly hope everyone had a successful calving season! May your grass be plentiful as we are experiencing an extremely dry and above average warm season here in Colorado.
Now that the MHBA election has been held, I want to thank all of you who took the time to return your ballot. Your participation plays an important role to the continued success of this association.
On behalf of the association and myself, I want to sincerely thank Teresa Speer, Steve Splitt and Greg Schulz, although Greg has taken on a new role, for their time and dedication. Each of them has worked tirelessly to ensure the success and notoriety of the Miniature Hereford Breed.
A very special thanks to Charlotte Williams and Fran MacKenzie for their time and hard work to keep many aspects of this association running smoothly and timely. Also, kudos to Judy Splitt and Regena Barrett for everything they do in publishing the Miniature Hereford News—You are greatly appreciated!
I want to welcome our newly elected officers and directors—Greg Schulz—Vice-President; Fran MacKenzie—Treasurer & Directors Ben Lisby—Region 3; Jayme Williams—Region 4; Jim Cole—Region 6; Bart Kendell—Region 9.
I’m also pleased to announce the members of our newly formed MHBA Junior Committee— Chris Hoffman—Kelsey Potter—Stephen McIntyre—Brent White. We are excited for this new part of the MHBA.
I’m looking forward to working with all of you and appreciate your willingness to serve.
Please enjoy the rest of the summer and feel free to contact your regional director or any of the officers or committee members for your ideas, suggestions or concerns.
Thank You—



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