I want to be like you!

At the young age of two months old Brandon Arredondo had seen stock shows all over the state of Texas. Hot or cold, he has always been a part of the stock show world. Once he was able to walk and talk he showed an interest in show cattle, always helping dad any way he could.
Like his dad, Brandon has a passion for livestock showing. When he was just three years old he got his first Mini Hereford, and they traveled to several jackpot shows in South Texas just to “show steers like the big boys,” but that first year Brandon was too young to go to the majors due to the January 1st age requirement. The next year, in April, he was ready to get a new steer because “the first one was getting too big!”
When Lance came home the two really hit it off. Brandon started to do more with the steers, as he was already aware of what was going on in the steer business. We as parents are very proud of Brandon because of how far he has come with just one year under his belt.
When the major stock show came along Brandon was ready to go and show at the big shows. San Antonio was our first major show and he was a real trooper, early mornings and late nights and not once did he complain. Houston came and once again Brandon was ready to go, again worked hard, and never said anything about all the hard work he had to do. The first year showing at majors was not one to brag about in terms of awards, but watching Brandon growing in the show ring makes us two very happy parents.
After the Houston we brought home our newest steer, Frank n’ Beans, and those two are like peas in a pod. Brandon loves to work with him and sets him up with his show stick any time we are out at the barn.
We are so excited to have had the opportunity to start Brandon off showing the Miniature Hereford cattle at such a young age and we will continue until Brandon is old enough to show larger cattle and fat steers. Brandon’s goal is to walk into the AT&T Center or the Reliant Stadium with a breed champion one day, just like his dad did at Houston in 1997.
Showing Miniature Herefords has brought our family closer together as we spend countless hours at the show, and at the barn with the cattle. We have to thank everyone who has coordinated Mini Hereford shows around the state of Texas. At these shows, Brandon has the chance to “be like dad” and together we share many happy hours prepping for the show.
Thank you to everyone who has given us the opportunity to show! Especially Michael Poe for finding good calves for us, and the Splitts for sending calves to Texas for us to put on feed. Thank ya’ll so much for helping us make Brandon’s dreams come true!

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