President’s Prospective

This article opens with sadness and a heavy heart as we lost a dear friend and dedicated member of our MHBA family with the passing of Lesta Kugeler. Lesta loved the cattle and has been with the MHBA since its beginning. Lesta served as an officer, regional director and show superintendent for the National Western in Denver. Lesta dedicated countless hours to assuring the MHBA was always headed in the right direction. She and I worked closely together as show superintendents—I could always count on Lesta’s ability to make sure all the details were covered and always made herself available to lend a helping hand to anyone. I could go on and on about her but will just say that I will miss her in more ways than I can imagine. My deepest sympathy to her family. The 2013 Miniature Hereford Show at the National Western is dedicated to Lesta —in loving memory to a dear friend that can never be replaced and will never be forgotten—she will always be with us.
Congratulations to all of our exhibitors who have participated in the shows throughout the summer. Your commitment to these shows keeps our Mini Herefords in the spotlight across the country. I’ve also seen that some of our cattle have held their own when competing against full size cattle.
Welcome to Joe Bottini as our new Region 7 Director. Joe and his family live in Pueblo, CO, and have many years experience showing livestock. I look forward to working with Joe and believe his fresh approach and ideas will be a huge benefit to the MHBA .
The MHBA Executive Board and Regional Directors continue to make every effort to move in a positive direction. Some of the agenda items that we have worked on are the creation of a junior membership and raising the annual membership dues among others.
As always, please contact any Board Member or your Regional Director for any ideas, questions or concerns. Please check the website for additional information and a listing of upcoming events.

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