Rootin’ Tootin’ Downhome FUN!

First, to Charlotte Williams … you are so correct when you say the International Virtual Cattle Show is a fun new cattle show concept! Thanks again for encouraging us to participate! It was a hoot! (Part of the fun was meeting the VCS organizer Janet Poole of New Zealand … she too is a truly delightful lady like yourself … you are a matched pair!)
Hello People are you paying attention?! Join in and enjoy yourselves too! The whole “showing process” here is quite simple. It’s all based solely on the animal itself, with each entry anonymously identified by a number only. You simply send in 3 pictures (front, side, rear) of your bovine. No training, washing, clipping, fitting, showing, traveling, time-consuming stress required! OK, maybe there’s a little “anticipation stress” involved!
The entries are sorted in to the standard gender and age appropriate classes (this year had 59 entries; from Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, and USA).
Entry pictures are posted online and an International Panel of Judges decide the actual Class Placings. There is also a “Viewer’s Choice” category, where anyone anywhere in the world can vote.
“Live Shows” by their nature require the judge to make a “snap decision,” but our judges were able to take more time to analyze the merits of each animal. To top it off, this Panel of Judges explained in writing the basis of their decisions. So very educational as well! Just go to and you’ll see what we’re tallking about!
So come on everyone, lighten up, grab your cameras and join in the fun! They’re already starting to plan the 2013 Show!
Finally, on a personal note, many thanks to everyone involved: entrants, judges and the voting general public. We’ve enjoyed knowing other folks also appreciate our little guy “Duke” (1st in Class and 1st in Viewer’s Choice… Awesome! What an honor! ) We’re proud this little fellow has represented the Mini Hereford breed and the USA so nicely!

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