Treasurer’s Report

In June of this year after careful review of the state of the finances of the MHBA, I recommended to your Board of Directors that we increase the annual dues for our Family Membership to $75.00. The Family Membership covers all members of the family to show in any MHBA Open or Junior show and includes one subscription to our magazine, the Miniature Hereford News, and one vote in MHBA elections. There was wide and thoughtful discussion on this, and a further suggestion arose that we offer a Junior Membership to those young people whose families may not be invested in these cattle enough to warrant a Family Membership, but who are interested in showing in our shows. Motions were made on both these proposals and both have passed. Our new Junior Membership will cost $15.00 annually and will cover only that Junior Member to show in both Junior and Open classes at MHBA shows. This membership will not carry a vote, nor will it include a subscription to the Miniature Hereford News. It is our hope that it will allow those FFA and 4-H members and other youngsters who wish to have a great experience with Miniature Herefords to be able to participate in our shows.
This is the first (only) increase in the MHBA dues in our 13 years – while we have increased the number of shows we sponsor from one in 2000 to ten this year. Shows remain the number one response to the question “Where did you learn about Miniature Herefords?” and thus the best marketing source for our breed and our members, whether they show or not. Many buyers get interested in the breed at a show and then find a breeder from our website to start their herds. So all members benefit from these shows. Until we are able to develop other income sources – like from Sponsorships and more Cattle Sales – we depend on membership dues as our principal source for funds. Thank you for your continuing support of the MHBA!

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