Silver Linings: Two Kids Got to “Show” Anyway

What happened. For the local 4H Spring Steer and Heifer show, 2 children were not able to show their own animals because they and their parents had missed the entry deadline. So, instead of having nothing to do at the show, their 4H Leader suggested that they “exhibit” 2 of our calves, along with their older pasture companion in the barn, not the show arena. It was the job of the 2 children to explain what a Miniature Hereford is, to walk them a little bit and to encourage other children to come over to the calves. Once beside the calves, the other children were encouraged to pet and brush the calves. Actually, the calves were never alone for the entire 4-hour show. Many children and quite a number of parents came over to look at, touch and brush the Miniature Herefords. I’m fairly certain that this was the first time anyone in Central Alabama had ever seen this breed.
Since this was their 1st trip away from our farm, the calves stayed as physically close to their pasture companion as possible. You can tell this from the picture. After 3-4 hours of almost constant petting and brushing, it became obvious that the skin on the little bull calf was becoming tender and he would try to move away from anyone coming at him with a brush.
The next day, back at our farm, both calves’ behavior had changed. Upon seeing anyone, they would immediately just walk up to that person and put their noses into that person’s hands, looking for more treats and attention like they had received at the show.
The show was about 4 weeks ago and they will still just walk up to everyone looking for treats.

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