2018 Election Nominees

MHBA Vice President Nominees  (3 Nominees)
  • Travis Kauffman (member since 2018)
    My name is Travis Kauffman and I am running for the Vice President position on the MHBA board. Id like to tell you a little about myself and family and how we got started in the miniature Hereford breed. I am married and have two children ages 13 and 9. We wanted to get our children involved in cattle and were told we needed to look into getting a mini. My son was nearing 4 when we purchased our first mini steer and instantly we all feel in love with the breed. A year later we purchased four mini cows and created KenKo Miniature Herefords. Fast forward six years and we now have a small herd and a recip program. My goal is simple, its about our youth and making the breed the best it can be for not just the future showman but the breeders, weather its raising show calves or beef production. I thank you for your time and consideration.
  • Holly Schafer (member since 2014)
    My name is Holly Schafer and I am asking for your vote to become Vice President of the Miniature Hereford Breeders Association.  I have lived in Ardmore, Oklahoma for 10 years with my husband Ryan and our son Royce.  I have been involved with the Miniature Hereford breed for about seventeen years.  After graduating from a local community college, I attended and graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in Chemistry. I went into education and taught Chemistry at both the high school and college levels before concentrating solely on my family and H and R Ranch.  I manage the daily operations of both the Texas and Oklahoma ranches.  I continuously rely on that background along with continuing education opportunities (currently enrolled in the 2018 OSU Master Cattleman’s Program) to improve not only the ranch operations, but the quality of the Miniature Herefords we produce. 
    While attending high school in Texas, I served as President of our local 4-H and enjoyed the leadership opportunities afforded to me through that organization.  I presently serve on the Miniature Hereford Junior Nationals committee and enthusiastically supported adding the Pre-Junior age division to the show this year.  I served on the City of Ardmore’s Parks Board for several years.  Leadership and giving back are two firmly rooted ideals I’ve stuck with my whole life.  Having been provided the opportunities of a rural upbringing, nothing is more heartwarming than seeing a child take pride in their cattle and benefiting from the life lessons learned in the barn or pasture.During the years of owning minis, I can personally attest to the explosion in both the growth and quality that our breed has seen.  DNA verification, AI and ET practices have helped us all improve the quality of our breed.  As your Vice President I would like to help this momentum with the addition of increased show opportunities and a more user friendly website.  I feel the mini breeders and owners have a great presence on social media and would love to see that further enhanced.My mother’s ancestors brought some of the first “white-faced” cattle into the state of Texas many years ago; the Herefords we now refer to as “mini’s” and our Oklahoma ranch sits in a region of southern Oklahoma historically referred to as “Hereford Heaven”—I think it’s just in my blood!  Once again I am asking for your vote and would welcome the opportunity to represent you as Vice President of our organization.  Should you elect me, I would encourage you to reach out with any issues, concerns or growth ideas you may have so together we can make our organization and breed the absolute best!I sincerely appreciate the nomination and your vote.
  • Pat Wendling (member since before 2008) (Incumbent)
    I am honored to be nominated for a chance to be your Miniature Hereford Breeders Association Vice President for a second term.  A little bit about myself, we live in the middle of Kansas on a small eighty acre farm, and raise a small herd of Mini and Classic Hereford cattle, about 15 head. We are a grass fed beef operation and that works well for us . I am a member of NCBA, KLA, BQA, MHBA, also I am our County Livestock Association President,  and your current MHBA VICE President. We do not show our cattle.  That is why you don’t  see me out on the road, but I pay attention to what is going on in our organization and the cattle industry as a whole. We have been an MHBA member for about fifteen years and have watched it grow to what it is today, which is a sustainable breed in the cattle industry.  With that comes many challenges for an all volunteer organization.  I have been asked many times  why don’t  we do this or why wasn’t  that info out earlier, why wasn’t  that update sooner. Well like I said we are a volunteer organization and sometimes life just gets in the way. This is one of the things that the MHBA members as a whole need to address, as well as a growing lack of funds. I have worried about this a lot.  Membership is up, cattle numbers are up,  and shows are up which is great, but that all takes money and volunteers to make it happen. We need to work together to continue the success of the MHBA and not try to separate by region. I think sometimes we forget it comes down to promoting the cattle we have and hopefully enjoy, whether it be by showing, selling, or raising for beef. Again as you’re  current Vice president I am always available for you to contact by phone or email. So please contact me, I will listen to your rants or suggestions.  Thanks  again for supporting me in the past and hopefully in future.  
MHBA Treasurer (1 Nominee)
  • Craig DeHaan (member since 2012) (Incumbent) 
    First of all
    , I would like to thank those of you who nominated me for a 2nd term as Treasurer. I am humbled by your support and the trust you have in me to represent the Miniature Hereford Breeders Association. I must be honest, it is my name on the ballot, but I cannot do this without my wife’s help. She has most recently works at VB & VV public account firm in Orange City. She is my QuickBooks go-to.
    My Family: Sandi and I celebrated 27 years of marriage this year and we have 4 children. Dalton (23) graduated last year from Northwestern College with a BA in Business/Criminal Justice, Paxton (20) is a Sophomore at Northwestern College and is studying Pre-Med, Chadon (17) is a Sophomore at MOC/FV High School, and Jazlin (15) is a Freshman at MOC/FV High School. (As you can see, my “showers” are growing up and moving out!)
    Professional: Currently, I am a 2nd Vice President (Ag. Loan Officer) at American State Bank, Sioux Center, IA. We are the 2nd largest Agricultural bank in Iowa. Iowa ranks #2 in agriculture behind California and Sioux County ranks #1 in Iowa. I am a 4rd generation farm kid who loves the farm. I still hobby farm 250 acres of corn/soybeans and have a cow/calf herd of 50-60 miniature Herefords. I am also the Fair Board President for the Sioux County Youth Fair.
    MHBA: I have been raising Miniature Herefords (and been a member in good standing) for approximately 7 years and have been actively showing all 7 of those years. Iowa State Fair, Jr. Nationals, Clay County Fair, Denver Stock Show, and the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo have all been shows we have attended. I am also the Breed Supervisor/Superintendent at the Iowa State Fair.We are facing new and challenging times for the Miniature Hereford breed. With growth comes challenges!  As treasurer, my main area of concern would be to keep us properly funded, to put on quality shows around the nation. As a voting member of the board, I take my position seriously in doing what is best as a “National” association. I value productive conversations and those truly interested in improving our association around the US.
Region 3 Director (1 Nominee)
  • Daniel Wiley (member since 2011)
    Hi, my name is Daniel Wiley.  I live in Central Ohio with my wife, Heather and our two teenage boys, Isaac and Walker.  My wife and I both grew up in the city but, spent our weekends in the country with grandparents.  Seventeen years ago, we left city living behind and bought a small hobby farm.  Eight years ago, we bought our first Miniature Herefords.  We had never owned cattle before and had no idea what we were doing.  That first year was a baptism by fire, but we sure did learn a lot.  Our oldest son started showing in 4-H in 2012 and we have been involved in the show circuit ever since.  Each winter, our boys compete in the miniature division of Ohio Cattlemen’s Association B.E.S.T. program.  We have also been privileged to have a part in adding the Miniature Hereford show to The Ohio State Fair.  I am passionate about the Miniature Hereford breed and am excited about what this breed can do for this part of the country.  The more we show up, the more we are recognized.  The more we are recognized, the more opportunities will be presented for us to showcase our breed.  The Miniature Hereford Breeders Association has offered our family great opportunities through the show ring and by being part of an organization that has so much to offer the cattle industry.  This cattle business is a family affair.  I love watching my boys grow up in this life and learning to love the Miniature Herefords as much as my wife and I do. 
Region 6 Director (2 Nominees)
  • John Henkhaus (member since 2016)
    Growing up as a Gulf Coast Texan in Refugio County, John Henkhaus has enjoyed what the Livestock industry has always taught him about dedication and commitment. John and his family have now been involved in Cattle production and the show industry for over 50 years. John has and continues to share that tradition with his own growing family. After graduating from San Angelo State University in 2003 with a B.S. in Animal Science, John met and Married his wife Cassie. Once John and Cassie were settled in San Angelo, TX, it did not take long for John to return to his livestock roots. John purchased a handful of does and he and Cassie were quickly involved in breeding and raising of show goats. This venture proved successful and that John still had that same desire as he did as kid to be involved, develop, and improve the livestock industry. In 2012, John and Cassie started their family with a set of twin girls, Mallie Ryan and Preslie Jean. In 2014, John purchased a set of embryos to begin a new venture. The Miniature Hereford business had always struck his interest and with that embryo purchase the Henkhaus family would later enter into their next family business called X2 in reference to their two girls. Since this time they have continued to show, study, and grow their own herd in hopes they can help the Miniature Hereford breed improve and succeed for the next generation.  John looks forward to the opportunity of representing the Mini Hereford Breed Association and would greatly appreciate your vote to do so.   
  • Vernon Lang (member since 2014)
    My Name is Vernon Lang and I live in The Woodlands, Texas with my wife Melissa and her son Trevor.  Between the two of us we have six additional successful adult children.  Most of my days are spent running a commercial construction company and looking forward to relaxing on weekends tending to our Miniature Hereford cattle, catching up on chores around our ranch and enjoying our time with family and friends. 
    Melissa and I have been full members of the Miniature Hereford Breeders Association for over seven years.  We have been active in showing our cattle at many shows in Texas and meeting new friends.  What began as a family hobby for us and the kids has now become a way of life.  As we move towards becoming empty nesters and retirement, we look forward to continuing developing our herd of minis and going to shows with our grandchildren. We are both enthusiastic about promoting the Miniature Hereford breed and continuing to grow our relationships with fellow members and the “Mini Hereford Family.”  I am a 30 year “life member” of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, and have chaired the Trail Ride Committee and served on Livestock, Equipment Acquisition and CY-Fair Go Texan committees.  I feel that these first hand experiences, coupled with running a successful business and our family’s passion for the Miniature Hereford bred, will lend a new level of expertise to office of Regional Director.  Melissa and I are both excited about dedicating my services to the MHBA.  The MHBA is an amazing organization, and I have seen first-hand the growing pains in our Region. There are areas where the proper leadership and vision could bring positive changes to the organization for Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas.  I am an advocate for children and the amazing learning opportunity that owning and raising this great bred of cattle provides.I pledge to work closely with the National MHBA, MHYF and the TMHYO to support the breeders and youth exhibitors.  My vision is to seek new ways to expand our membership and support of the growing numbers of Miniature Hereford owners and breeders, solidify and promote our shows by closely communicating with the show Superintendents and remain open to new ideas that will continue to grow our industry.   Working together, we can accomplish even more and continue to provide greater opportunities for our families and the future of our children (and grandchildren).I greatly appreciate your nomination and I ask for your support and for your vote.
Region 9 Director (1 Nominee)
  • Dan Taylor (member since 2013) (Incumbent)
    I’m Dan Taylor, I’ve been nominated for Region 9 Board of Director.
    My wife Nan & I purchased our first mini Herefords in 2012, since then we have built a herd of 20+ mini cows. In the fall of 2013 we started showing our Mini’s at the Utah State Fair against the full size Herefords. After which we petitioned the fair board for our own show which was granted in 2014. Since that time the State Fair continues to grow in numbers, and was sanctioned by MHBA this past fall. If elected as Region 9 Director I would like to expand the number of participants in the Miniature Hereford Breeder Association and continue to help grow the Miniature Hereford breed. I would be honored to have your vote for Region 9 Director. 
MHYF Vice President (1 Nominee)
  • Jennifer Christenson (member since 2015)
    Hello,my name is Jennifer Christenson and I have been nominated for vice president of the MHYF. I live in Linden, Iowa with my husband Scot and two kids Colton(6) and Claire (3). My love for cattle stems from my childhood. I was raised on a farm and was active in showing cattle and 4-H.
    In 2014 we took the plunge and purchased our first Miniature Hereford at the Iowa State Fair, we quickly fell in love with the breed,soon forming Christenson Cattle Company. Since then we have expanded our herd and have attended many MHBA shows and events. There are so many great things about being involved in MHBA,one of them being the great friendships we have formed with customers and fellow breeders. The growth within this breed is tremendous. As having two young  children involved in the Miniature Herfeord breed I’m excited for the future, so many opportunities. This is also my first year on the Miniature Hereford Junior Nationals Committee and I am really enjoying it. I would love to bring a fresh perspective, my knowledge and motivation to this position. I am honored to be nominated and would appreciate your vote. 
MHYF Director of Scholarships (1 Nominee)
  • Terrie Potter (member since 2009) (Incumbent)
    Terrie Potter, current Director of Scholarships for the MHYF, grew up in Salem, Oregon and later moved to her current home in Silverton, Oregon.  There she resides with her husband, Dave Potter and three children.  Together, the family founded Silver Peaks Farm in 2009, focusing on raising quality Miniature Herefords for market, breeding and show as well as quality market hogs for the local youth.  She has spent over 12 years volunteering and mentoring youth through 4-H, FFA, and the high school equestrian team at local, district and state levels.  When not volunteering her time or working the family’s cattle, she can found working alongside her husband at their automotive repair business in town or enjoying one of her favorite hobbies.  She has spent the past few years involved with the Miniature Hereford Youth Foundation and enjoys having the opportunity to work with our youth.