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MHBA’s Beginnings

The MHBA was formed to unite Miniature Hereford breeders across the country, promote the Miniature Hereford breed and encourage the success of each individual breeder. Sponsorship of shows helps to inform the vast general public of the presence of Miniature Hereford cattle and teach the many benefits of owning them to the vast population who have “never heard of a Miniature Hereford”.
MHBA is an incorporated non-profit organization led by a board of directors that meet biannually and hold an annual membership meeting. The annual MHBA membership meeting is held in conjunction with the Miniature Hereford Show at the National Western Stock Show in Denver, CO, each January.

The MHBA sponsors the National Miniature Hereford Show and Auction at the National Western Stock Show in Denver, CO as well as the Miniature Hereford Shows at the Star of Texas Fair and Rodeo in Austin, Texas, and the California State Fair in Sacramento.
MHBA membership entitles members to show at all MHBA sponsored Miniature Hereford shows and participate in all MHBA training seminars.
The officers and board members of the MHBA work together with the Canadian breeders to organize the Canadian Miniature Hereford Breeders Association (CMHBA) to unite breeders and promote the Miniature Hereford breed in Canada.

Mini Hereford History

Miniature Herefords are full blood Herefords.  They are simply not as tall as the normal, ordinary Hereford you usually see today.  The Miniatures are registered with the American Hereford Association, just like their large counterparts; and their pedigrees within the AHA trace all the way back to when the Hereford cow first set foot on American soil.

Herefords have come a long way since they first arrived in the United States, and they have repeatedly proven their hardiness, adaptability to any environment in which they are placed, and their ease of gaining weight to produce high quality beef.  Because of these special traits, the Hereford is primarily a beef animal, and the Miniatures are not so different.

Miniature Herefords, because of their smaller size, are much easier to handle than large cattle.  They require less space for comfortable living quarters, and they eat far less food.  Because of this, they make great backyard pets and can even help obtain agricultural tax exempt status.

Extremely docile in nature, the Minis are excellent for children.  A superb 4H or FFA animal, they can help instill responsibility and a sense of accomplishment in a youngster.

How many more reasons do you need?