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2013 Election Results

The 2013 Miniature Hereford Breeders Association election results are as follows:

President – Justin Grady

Secretary – Charlotte Williams

Regional Director, Region 1 – Bill Moreton

Regional Director, Region 4 – Julie Sandstrom

Regional Director, Region 7 – Joe Bottini


And the results for the first election for the Miniature Hereford Youth Foundation are:

President – Fran MacKenzie

Secretary/Treasurer – Sherry Robinson

Director of Grants – Pat Underhill

Congratulations to both our new and renewing board members! On behalf of both Boards of Directors, I would like to thank everyone that joined in this election. We appreciate the willingness of all the candidates to serve our organization and look forward to another productive year.


The following information may help you get to know your boards a little better!


MHBA President Justin Grady


Hello MHBA Members—


My name is Justin Grady and I am currently serving as President of the Miniature Hereford Breeder’s Association. Thank you for your nominations for re-election.


I own and operate J bar W Cattle Company in Elizabeth, Colorado.  I was born and raised on a family farm, raising cattle & hogs, near Fort Dodge, Iowa.  I started my herd in 1997 with the purchase of 2 bred cows and a bull.  Through selective breeding and purchase of out-cross bulls, I have developed the herd of 80 head I have today. I also own & have operated a successful security/alarm business for 22 years.


I have been a member of the MHBA since its beginning in 1999.  My experience includes serving as Vice-President, Show Committee Chairman, Co-Superintendent & Sale Manager for the National Western and Show Superintendent for the Kansas City Royal. I was instrumental in assisting the development of the first Miniature Hereford show at the Iowa State Fair & the American Royal.   I have been actively involved with our shows across the nation to include all 14 years at the National Western, the Houston Livestock Show, the Star of Texas Show in Austin and the American Royal in Kansa City.


I have had the pleasure of witnessing the growth of this association and firmly believe in the positive forward direction we have taken.  I want to personally thank the membership, our current and past members of the Executive Board and Regional Directors for their time, sacrifice & dedication to this cause.  I hope you see, as I do, how your efforts have made tremendous strides in the popularity and respect of the Miniature Hereford in the cattle industry.


I have a deep passion and vested interest in these cattle. I will continue to work diligently to maintain the standard of excellence we have achieved with the Miniature Hereford breed.


As President– my goals include the following:

1) Continue the positive trends & ideas that the MHBA has taken for all members

2) Encourage greater member participation in shows and expressing their ideas and concerns

3) Develop programs for greater marketing strategies for the large or small breeding program

4) To gain optimum benefit of well-produced shows to increase public awareness and education

5) Promote Miniature Herefords as a specialty, choice beef product and the benefits of raising these cattle

6) The continued expansion & growth of the Junior Program & Scholarship Foundation


I thank you & appreciate your time, consideration & support!


Thank You

Justin Grady


MHBA Secretary Charlotte Williams


Thank you for allowing me to continue as Secretary of the Miniature Hereford Breeders Association!


I have served the past five years in this office and am delighted with the progress we have made in growing our membership, promoting our breed especially through our youth programs, and increasing show opportunities for everyone. Along with other board members, we have established sound procedures for the Secretarial position for maintaining membership records, including the main databases and website information, managing the annual election, maintaining board minutes and records, responding to inquiries from members and the public, and increasing communication through the magazine, website, and direct contact. I plan to fine-tune these procedures so they can be continued easily by future Secretaries and also to work with the board as we expand services to our membership. We welcome ideas from everyone!


My husband, Steve, and I are engineers and owners of a construction company and WW Ranch in Borger, Texas, where we have lived for 33 years. We have two sons: Ben, who lives in Borger, is married to Deborah and has a one year old son, Isaac; and Eli, who lives in New York City. We have another ranch in Pagosa Springs, Colorado where most of the cows and I spend our time, near my parents.


We began raising Miniature Herefords in 1998, became members of the Miniature Hereford Breeders Association in 2000, and started showing for the first time in 2006. Most of the herd resides in Colorado now, after selling off about a third of them to help deal with the continuing drought in the Panhandle of Texas. We breed for a beef animal, with the conformation required for quality show cattle. I love the Miniature Hereford breed and am actively working to promote it by taking my cattle to shows and local activities, as well as distributing information with brochures, leaflets, e-mails, internet efforts and just talking to folks.


I hope to see ya’ll soon!


Regional Director, Region 1 Bill Moreton


We are Bill and Sharon Moreton, full time organic pasture based farmers. Here at Spring Mountain Farms in Pennsylvania we raise grass-fed beef and lamb, pastured pork, chickens and free range eggs. We raise small framed cattle because of feed efficiency and that is where the miniature Herefords come in. They are by far the most efficient grass machines we have experienced. If there is ever anyway we can help or answer any questions that you might have about the mini’s please give us a call.


Regional Director, Region 7 Joe Bottini


My name is Joe Bottini I live in Pueblo Colorado. My wife Jackie and I have two children our daughter is a Sophomore in College and attending Colorado State University in Fort Collins Co. Our son is in fifth grade and very active with sports and of course our Cattle.

To be the Region 7 Director is an honor and I look forward in helping however I can. I have been involved in showing livestock all my life and look forward to promoting the Miniature Hereford Breed and promoting the benefits within the breed. I look forward to meeting everyone and helping with any needs that you may have.

Feel  free to contact me anytime my home phone number is 719-948-4441.


MHYF President Fran MacKenzie


I have been involved with the MHBA since its beginning and was glad to be able to spearhead the formation of the Youth Foundation as a 501(c)(3) to provide an opportunity to develop programs for our youth and a vehicle for members to support our youth through charitable gifts. I am grateful to be re-elected and to have the chance to continue the work of the Foundation.


MHYF Director of Grants Pat Underhill


I’m looking forward to being more involved with MHBA activities and projects.  I hope those of you who have been involved much longer than I have will point me in the right direction.  As far as background – I grew up with Holsteins and Hugh and I had a herd of Registered Holsteins for 25 years.  We did a lot of showing, embryo work, and sold cattle and embryos.  I started working with Minis in 2003 when I was asked to manage the herd for Becket School in New Hampshire.  At that time the school had 13 head and we grew to about 80 head in 2011 when we held our Becket Fall Foliage Sale and reduced the herd to 30.  Our Miniature Herefords provide many learning opportunities for our students who have learning disabilities and emotional handicaps.

MHBA Minutes 2nd – 4th Quarter 2012

The following document summarizes the voting actions taken by the MHBA Board of Directors in the second through fourth quarter of 2012.

A. Raise annual MHBA dues for a Family Membership to $75.00

Motion by Fran MacKenzie to raise annual dues for a Family Membership to $75.00. This membership will carry one vote in elections and one subscription to the Miniature Hereford News.

The motion was seconded by Bart Kendell.

“Yes” votes to raise dues to $75.00: Fran MacKenzie, Julie Sandstrom, Jim Cole, Ben Lisby, Justin Grady, Jami Bingham, Joe Bottini, and Bart Kendell.

“No” votes to raise dues to $75.00: Jayme Williams, Jerry DuVal, and Charlotte Williams.

The motion passed.

B. Add a Junior Membership for $15.00 per year

Motion by Fran MacKenzie to create a Junior Membership at $15.00 annually which would allow a Jr to participate in shows but not carry the benefits of a vote or magazine subscription.

The motion was seconded by Bart Kendell.

“Yes” votes to create a $15.00 Junior membership: Fran MacKenzie, Julie Sandstrom, Jayme Williams, Jerry DuVal, Jim Cole, Ben Lisby, Justin Grady, Jami Bingham, Joe Bottini, Bart Kendell, and Charlotte Williams.

“No” votes to create a $15.00 Junior membership: none

Treasury Report

Happy New Year to all. I hope this year brings you much success and enjoyment with your cattle.
At this deadline I am still waiting for a few items to close out the 2012 year. I will have that final report to present at the 2013 Meeting at the Banquet on January 26 during the National Western Show. It will then be available on our new website and printed in the next issue of this magazine. But the picture is nearly complete so I can make a few comments.
We ended 2012 having again spent more than we took in – but less than in past years. I am hopeful that the dues increase – the first in our history – will help that picture. Membership retention and growth will be very important for this year. We have made wonderful strides each of the past four years and are hopeful that will continue. The popularity of this breed continues, showing strong growth as more people are introduced to our cattle – mainly at shows, and have the vision of how these animals can fill a need in their lives.
We still need to develop more income in advertising for our Miniture Hereford News. And any Fund Raising ideas to increase Sponsorships both to the MHBA and the Youth Foundation would be most welcome. Your Board continues to work hard for the strength and growth of the Association and always welcomes your participation and ideas.

Region 8

Show season is winding down here in the Pacific Northwest as we are all beginning our winter weather preparations. I wanted to take a minute to thank the following individuals for their dedication to the Mini breed: Lacey Allen for spearheading this years Silent Auction effort at the PNW Regional show, Cynthia DuVal for coordinating a very smooth 13th annual PNW Regional Miniature Hereford show at the Oregon State Fair, Erin Eldridge for gathering the prizes for the 5th annual Jr. Showmanship contest at the PNWR show, Terri Potter and Peggy Potter for their participation in judging the first Cow Olympics competition at the Oregon State Fair, as well as Wayne Brokaw for organizing a terrific first Mini show at the Spokane County Interstate Fair. I am very excited by all the new and continuing exhibition opportunities for us in this region—and by the prospect of new shows beginning next year. Congratulations to all of our breeders/exhibitors on a wonderful show season!
My email inbox is always open and I would be glad to hear from my Region 8 membership regarding suggestions/articles for my “Moosletter” publication, individuals to add to our regional informational email list, recommendations for shows to pursue, or simply to chat and answer any questions. Happy Holidays!!!

Treasurer’s Report

In June of this year after careful review of the state of the finances of the MHBA, I recommended to your Board of Directors that we increase the annual dues for our Family Membership to $75.00. The Family Membership covers all members of the family to show in any MHBA Open or Junior show and includes one subscription to our magazine, the Miniature Hereford News, and one vote in MHBA elections. There was wide and thoughtful discussion on this, and a further suggestion arose that we offer a Junior Membership to those young people whose families may not be invested in these cattle enough to warrant a Family Membership, but who are interested in showing in our shows. Motions were made on both these proposals and both have passed. Our new Junior Membership will cost $15.00 annually and will cover only that Junior Member to show in both Junior and Open classes at MHBA shows. This membership will not carry a vote, nor will it include a subscription to the Miniature Hereford News. It is our hope that it will allow those FFA and 4-H members and other youngsters who wish to have a great experience with Miniature Herefords to be able to participate in our shows.
This is the first (only) increase in the MHBA dues in our 13 years – while we have increased the number of shows we sponsor from one in 2000 to ten this year. Shows remain the number one response to the question “Where did you learn about Miniature Herefords?” and thus the best marketing source for our breed and our members, whether they show or not. Many buyers get interested in the breed at a show and then find a breeder from our website to start their herds. So all members benefit from these shows. Until we are able to develop other income sources – like from Sponsorships and more Cattle Sales – we depend on membership dues as our principal source for funds. Thank you for your continuing support of the MHBA!

President’s Prospective

This article opens with sadness and a heavy heart as we lost a dear friend and dedicated member of our MHBA family with the passing of Lesta Kugeler. Lesta loved the cattle and has been with the MHBA since its beginning. Lesta served as an officer, regional director and show superintendent for the National Western in Denver. Lesta dedicated countless hours to assuring the MHBA was always headed in the right direction. She and I worked closely together as show superintendents—I could always count on Lesta’s ability to make sure all the details were covered and always made herself available to lend a helping hand to anyone. I could go on and on about her but will just say that I will miss her in more ways than I can imagine. My deepest sympathy to her family. The 2013 Miniature Hereford Show at the National Western is dedicated to Lesta —in loving memory to a dear friend that can never be replaced and will never be forgotten—she will always be with us.
Congratulations to all of our exhibitors who have participated in the shows throughout the summer. Your commitment to these shows keeps our Mini Herefords in the spotlight across the country. I’ve also seen that some of our cattle have held their own when competing against full size cattle.
Welcome to Joe Bottini as our new Region 7 Director. Joe and his family live in Pueblo, CO, and have many years experience showing livestock. I look forward to working with Joe and believe his fresh approach and ideas will be a huge benefit to the MHBA .
The MHBA Executive Board and Regional Directors continue to make every effort to move in a positive direction. Some of the agenda items that we have worked on are the creation of a junior membership and raising the annual membership dues among others.
As always, please contact any Board Member or your Regional Director for any ideas, questions or concerns. Please check the website for additional information and a listing of upcoming events.

Region 8 Report

Summer is off to a great start here in Region 8 with the calving season and hay harvest well underway. We are all getting cattle prepped for the numerous county fairs throughout Oregon and Washington, including Deschutes County Fair and Clark County Fair, as well as the Pacific Northwest Regional show during the Oregon State Fair. This will mark the 13th annual Miniature Hereford show at the OSF, the fifth annual Jr. Showmanship competition, and the second year of prospect and market steer classes. A few new things will be occurring at the PNW Regional show, namely a few separate activities—a “Cow-Olympics” obstacle course and a cutest costume contest. We encourage everyone to bring cattle to the PNW Regional show and experience the excellent atmosphere and marketing/sale opportunities.
PNW Regional Miniature Hereford Show – Salem, OR
Move In: Monday, August 27
Move Out: Thursday, August 30
* Premium book for the Oregon State Fair will be available online soon.
I hope that everyone is enjoying our “Moosletters,” a bi-monthly publication that includes member spotlights as well as educational and helpful hints/reminders. If you know of anyone that would like to be added to our email list or have any questions/suggestions, please contact me at As always, wishing you all the best for a terrific calving and show season! Jerry DuVal, DuVal Farms, Silverton, OR.

President’s Prospective


Summer is officially here and certainly hope everyone had a successful calving season! May your grass be plentiful as we are experiencing an extremely dry and above average warm season here in Colorado.
Now that the MHBA election has been held, I want to thank all of you who took the time to return your ballot. Your participation plays an important role to the continued success of this association.
On behalf of the association and myself, I want to sincerely thank Teresa Speer, Steve Splitt and Greg Schulz, although Greg has taken on a new role, for their time and dedication. Each of them has worked tirelessly to ensure the success and notoriety of the Miniature Hereford Breed.
A very special thanks to Charlotte Williams and Fran MacKenzie for their time and hard work to keep many aspects of this association running smoothly and timely. Also, kudos to Judy Splitt and Regena Barrett for everything they do in publishing the Miniature Hereford News—You are greatly appreciated!
I want to welcome our newly elected officers and directors—Greg Schulz—Vice-President; Fran MacKenzie—Treasurer & Directors Ben Lisby—Region 3; Jayme Williams—Region 4; Jim Cole—Region 6; Bart Kendell—Region 9.
I’m also pleased to announce the members of our newly formed MHBA Junior Committee— Chris Hoffman—Kelsey Potter—Stephen McIntyre—Brent White. We are excited for this new part of the MHBA.
I’m looking forward to working with all of you and appreciate your willingness to serve.
Please enjoy the rest of the summer and feel free to contact your regional director or any of the officers or committee members for your ideas, suggestions or concerns.
Thank You—



MHBA Minutes

Summary – 1sr quarter 2012
by Charlotte Williams, Secretary
The following document summarizes the voting actions taken by the MHBA Board of Directors in the first quarter of 2012.

A. Regional Director – Region 2

Motion by Charlotte Williams to appoint Jayme Williams as Region 2 Director, effective March 1st, unless there is an objection by a majority of the Board.

The motion was seconded by Teresa Speer.

“Yes” votes to appoint Jayme Williams as Region 2 Director: Fran MacKenzie, Jerry Duval, Jami Bingham, Julie Sandstrom, Lesta Kugeler, Greg Schulz, Teresa Speer, Justin Grady, and Charlotte Williams

“No” votes to appoint Jayme Williams as Region 2 Director: none

The motion passed.

B. MHBA Logo

Motion by Fran MacKenzie to ask Cynthia Duval to re-work her winning logo ideas with the view of clarity, ease and reasonable cost to reproduce it.

The motion was seconded by Charlotte Williams.

“Yes” votes to ask Cynthia Duval to rework the logo: Jayme Williams, Charlotte Williams, Fran MacKenzie, Lesta Kugeler, Justin Grady, Jerry Duval, Teresa Speer, and Jami Bingham.

“No” votes to ask Cynthia Duval to rework the logo: none

President’s Prospective

As spring and summer approaches, we have concluded our successful 2011 MHBA show season and are rolling right into 2012. I want to commend all of you for your dedication and commitment to these shows. The outstanding quality of Miniature Hereford cattle entering the show ring is truly impressive. Also, a heartfelt thanks to everyone who jumped in and assisted with the production of our shows, sales and those who so graciously donated items and participated in the silent and live auction during the annual business meeting and banquet at Denver. There is a great deal of time and work dedicated to these shows and your generous contributions to the MHBA are greatly appreciated. We couldn’t do it without you!!!
I’m proud to announce that our show entries, sales & membership continue to rise. It’s exciting to see our Miniature Herefords catching so much attention and making such a bold statement in the cattle industry.
I want to remind everyone of our upcoming election. I encourage all of you to take a moment out of your busy lives and submit your nominations and ballot for the executive board and your regional director. Your involvement and participation in the election is vital to the continued success of the MHBA & the Miniature Hereford breed.
Please don’t hesitate to contact your Regional Director or any of the executive board members with your questions, ideas and concerns. We will work diligently to ensure that we flourish and improve in a positive direction.
Best Wishes for a successful calving season—
Thank You
Justin Grady

Region 8

Region 8
By Jerry DuVal, Regional Director

It has been a crazy winter here in the West. There was major flooding in January, sunny and warm in February, and now that it is March I don’t know if I should get my cattle snowshoes or a boat. We have had heavy snow for 3 to 4 days then yesterday we got 3″ of rain (yep, in less than 24 hours)… I thought winter was just about over, maybe by April we will see the sun. Just a little reminder to everyone, make sure to get your worming done, we recommend using an injectable wormer this time of year due to the constant rainy weather patterns. When it dries out you can use the pour on wormers if needed. Also, make sure that your cows have a clean dry area for calving; this makes it easier on both mom and calf. Region 8 members make sure to send me pictures of that special little one so that I can include it in my next “Moos” Letter.

I am currently working on gathering up the information for shows in our region. I have sent a list to all Region 8 members by email of the shows, and as soon as the class lists for each show are available I will get those to you. If you are in my region and have not received the “Moos” letter, please contact me and I will add you to the email list. I would like to send a special thank you to Arlou Cox for her work in bringing back the Miniature Hereford show at the Central Washington State Fair. This show held in Yakima, Washington, is loads of fun and I would recommend it to everyone.

We would like to recognize our newest MHBA members, Craig and Patricia Larson of Onalaska, Washington, Eric Filler of Bainbridge, Washington, and Ronal Lewis of Amity, Oregon. Welcome to you all. Also, we would like to send our congratulations to Kelsey Potter of Silverton, Oregon for winning one of the 2012 John Johnson Memorial Scholarships presented by the MHYF during the NWSS.

Remember, if you have any questions or need any help, I am only an email away.
Happy Calving,
Jerry DuVal

A Straitside Ranch cutie!

Region 5

Happy Spring to Everyone!
Jami Bingham, Region 5 Director
I’m not sure where the last few months have gone, but I hope everyone’s calving season is off to a great start. I wanted to extend congratulations and thank you to everyone who participated at the National Western in January. Quite a few members from Region 5 participated either as an exhibitor or spectator, and I was glad to see you there. I know it involves a lot of travel and commitment and hope everyone enjoyed themselves. I wanted to extend a special THANK YOU to all the Region 5 members who participated with some very generous bids during the auction at the MHBA banquet. Those donations, as well as many others from other region members, helped raise quite a bit of money for the MHBA. Watching everyone come together and have a great time makes me very proud to be a part of this association.
I have talked with the Iowa State Fair and they will be allowing MHBA members to show again this year, although it will still not be an MHBA exclusive show. I hope everyone can attend and continue a great representation for the Miniature Hereford breed.
Up and coming news involves a great effort from Brent and Shelley White as well as Steve and Judy Splitt in speaking with the Iowa Beef Council and they will be allowing the MHBA to contribute in the Iowa Beef Expo in February 2013. We are excited about this new endeavor and updates will be provided as it progresses.
Thank you to everyone for all their hard work and dedication, and as always please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Treasurer’s Comments

Treasurer’s Comments:
This has been a very full and active year for your Association. We broke the 300-member barrier this year; a very positive sign. We sponsored nine shows; the most ever. That’s the good news. The not so good news is that for the second year spending has been above income, further reducing the surplus we had built. 2012 will need to see a reduction in expenses and / or an increase in income to bring these into balance. The year’s report will be presented at the business meeting in Denver and will be posted on the website after that. Fran MacKenzie

Region 7

Region 7
I want to thank and say “Congratulations” to Sheila Lindsay and Wendy Morris for all their hard work to make the NILE show in Billings, MT a fun and successful show. From all the positive comments made about the show I am sure it will grow in interest and attendance.
Activity is ramping up for the show at the National Western Stock Show in Denver . Entries are in and it looks like we will have a good turn-out. Numbers for the sale are up, and the show and sale will be live on the Internet through Cattle In Motion. Already their publicity has brought in requests for sale catalogs from new people. We anticipate it bringing in a wider range of buyers both live and on line.
Those coming to Denver, please make sure your hotel reservations are in by Jan 7th to get the group rate. Also have your Banquet reservations into Fran by Jan 9th. As in the past any donations of items for the Silent Auction that is held at the Banquet are most appreciated. Proceeds help the MHBA bottom line.
On a personal note – I won’t be able to attend the National Western this year due to some health challenges I am facing. I so appreciate all the help from so many – especially Jami Bingham, Carson and Leeann Ribble, and Charlotte Williams. I’m confident it will be a terrific show. Lesta


Regions 2 & 4

Happy New Year to all. I am happy to say that both regions 2 and 4 are
growing we have several new member in each region and I do hope to
meet them all some day. If anyone has any news please let me know I
would love to get it out to the rest of the members,

I know I have been gone alot this fall but our daughter needed me to
take care of our grandson while she was on bed rest for the passed 10
weeks and has now blessed uw with twins a boy (Everett) 2 lbs 14 oz.
and a girl (Willa) 3 lbs.

I did get home long enough to go to Louisville and had a great time
Thank you Ben for another great show!!!! Now we are looking forward to
Denver in a few weeks so you all there. Julie /region 2 and 4.

President’s Prospective

Fall is rapidly approaching here in Colorado and I’m sure everyone’s summer has gone way too fast.

With everyone’s busy summer, we didn’t have any changes for the MHBA. Planning & discussion continues with the development of the Junior program. We are continuing to develop some ideas for marketing Miniature Hereford Cattle as well as the beef aspect of the breed. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, please contact your Regional Director or any Executive Board Member.

I also want to alert all of you to a rule change by the American Hereford Association that concerns registration of bulls. The new rule reads as follows:

*All Hereford bulls born after January 1, 2011 are required to be DNA typed at the official AHA DNA laboratory before their progeny can be registered.*

Please keep this in mind, as it will impact registration of calves in the future. Please contact the AHA for any questions or information.

Fall also brings a busy show season for many MHBA breeders. Hope all of you will consider entering and/or attending one of the upcoming shows. These shows provide an avenue of exposure and marketing for the Miniature Hereford Breed. Please see the “Upcoming Events” listing in this magazine for a complete schedule and details.

As always, please feel free to contact me for any information, questions, your suggestions or concerns.

Best Wishes!