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Treasury Report

Happy New Year to all. I hope this year brings you much success and enjoyment with your cattle.
At this deadline I am still waiting for a few items to close out the 2012 year. I will have that final report to present at the 2013 Meeting at the Banquet on January 26 during the National Western Show. It will then be available on our new website and printed in the next issue of this magazine. But the picture is nearly complete so I can make a few comments.
We ended 2012 having again spent more than we took in – but less than in past years. I am hopeful that the dues increase – the first in our history – will help that picture. Membership retention and growth will be very important for this year. We have made wonderful strides each of the past four years and are hopeful that will continue. The popularity of this breed continues, showing strong growth as more people are introduced to our cattle – mainly at shows, and have the vision of how these animals can fill a need in their lives.
We still need to develop more income in advertising for our Miniture Hereford News. And any Fund Raising ideas to increase Sponsorships both to the MHBA and the Youth Foundation would be most welcome. Your Board continues to work hard for the strength and growth of the Association and always welcomes your participation and ideas.

Treasurer’s Report

In June of this year after careful review of the state of the finances of the MHBA, I recommended to your Board of Directors that we increase the annual dues for our Family Membership to $75.00. The Family Membership covers all members of the family to show in any MHBA Open or Junior show and includes one subscription to our magazine, the Miniature Hereford News, and one vote in MHBA elections. There was wide and thoughtful discussion on this, and a further suggestion arose that we offer a Junior Membership to those young people whose families may not be invested in these cattle enough to warrant a Family Membership, but who are interested in showing in our shows. Motions were made on both these proposals and both have passed. Our new Junior Membership will cost $15.00 annually and will cover only that Junior Member to show in both Junior and Open classes at MHBA shows. This membership will not carry a vote, nor will it include a subscription to the Miniature Hereford News. It is our hope that it will allow those FFA and 4-H members and other youngsters who wish to have a great experience with Miniature Herefords to be able to participate in our shows.
This is the first (only) increase in the MHBA dues in our 13 years – while we have increased the number of shows we sponsor from one in 2000 to ten this year. Shows remain the number one response to the question “Where did you learn about Miniature Herefords?” and thus the best marketing source for our breed and our members, whether they show or not. Many buyers get interested in the breed at a show and then find a breeder from our website to start their herds. So all members benefit from these shows. Until we are able to develop other income sources – like from Sponsorships and more Cattle Sales – we depend on membership dues as our principal source for funds. Thank you for your continuing support of the MHBA!

Treasurer’s Comments

Treasurer’s Comments:
This has been a very full and active year for your Association. We broke the 300-member barrier this year; a very positive sign. We sponsored nine shows; the most ever. That’s the good news. The not so good news is that for the second year spending has been above income, further reducing the surplus we had built. 2012 will need to see a reduction in expenses and / or an increase in income to bring these into balance. The year’s report will be presented at the business meeting in Denver and will be posted on the website after that. Fran MacKenzie

2010 Year End Treasury Report


Miniature Hereford Breeders Assoc. 2010
Beginning Balance Jan 1 2010


Inflows Inflows
Membership Dues $11,161.00
Online Advertising $1,752.00
MH Ads $11,108.00
Sponsorships $4,519.00
NWSS Cattle Auction Proceeds $1,500.00
NWSS Banquet Tickets $3,436.00
NWSS Banquet Auction $5,368.00
Austin Cattle Auction Sales $92,100.00
Austin Cattle Auction Commissions $12,015.00
NAILE Entries $1,530.00

Total Inflows $144,489.00
Ending Balance December 31, 2010
Outflows Outflows
Magazine Expenses $13,613.00
Internet Maintenance $1,221.00
Election Expense $1,155.00
Youth Program $1,700.00
Program Sponsorship $2,000.00
Accounting Services $250.00
Advertising $195.00
Office Expense $282.00
Bank Charges $14.00
Fees (PayPal) $26.00
NWSS Banquet Expense $4,070.00
NWSS Banquet Auction Expense $463.00
NWSS Show Expense $5,692.00
Houston Show Expense $4,359.00
Austin Cattle Auction Payout $92,100.00
Austin Cattle Auction Expense $4,450.00
Austin Show Expense $3,649.00
Iowa State Fair Show Expense $2,450.00
Oregon State Fair Show Expense $1,700.00
Grand National / Cow Palace Show Expense $1,790.00
NILE – Montana Show Expense $1,607.00
American Royal, Kansas City Show Expense $1,546.00
NAILE – Kentucky Show Expense $5,880.00
Total Outflows $150,212.00
Ending Balance December 31, 2010 $25,116.00

MHBA Treasurer’s Report

Inflows Inflows
Membership Dues $7,664.00
Online Advertising $598.00
MH Ads $4,297.00
Sponsorships $2,400.00
NWSS Banquet Auction $5,433.00
NWSS Banquet Tickets $3,436.00
NWSS Cattle Auction Proceeds $1,500.00
Austin Cattle Auction Sales $91,565.00
Austin Cattle Auction Commission $11,695.00
Donation $14.00
Total Inflows $128,602.00
Outflows Outflows
NWSS Show Expenses $5,692.00
NWSS Banquet Expense $4,070.00
NWSS Banquet Auction Expense $1,028.00
Houston Show Expense $225.00
Austin Cattle Auction Expenses $225.00
Austin Cattle Auction Payout $86,650.00
MH News Expenses $525.00
Internet Maintenance $1,221.00
Program Sponsorship – TJLA Heifer Division $2,000.00
Iowa St Fair Expense $498.00
Advertising $165.00
Office Expense $124.00
Bank Charges $14.00
Fees (PayPal) $5.00
Total Outflows $102,442.00
Overall Total $26,160.00
Beginning Balance Jan 1 2010
Ending Balance March 31, 2010

2009 Treasury Report

Beginning Balance January 1, 2009: $25,118.00
Membership Dues $13,300.00
Online Advertising $2,310.00
MH Ads $13,907.00
Sponsorships* $14,569.00
Fundraising** $500.00
Sales*** $708.00
NWSS Cattle Auction Consignment $3,360.00
NWSS Cattle Auction Sales $74,650.00
NWSS Banquet Tickets $3,570.00
NWSS Banquet Auction $2,127.00
Austin Cattle Auction Sales $35,800.00
NAILE Entries $2,900.00
TOTAL INFLOWS $167,701.00

* $6000 is added NWSS premiums
** Sale of NWSS 10 Year Pins
*** Merchandise at Iowa State Fair

NWSS Banquet Expense $3,328.00
NWSS Banquet Auction Expense $190
NWSS Cattle Auction Expense $5,840.00
NWSS Cattle Auction Payout $68,767.50
NWSS Show Expenses $5,766.00
NWSS Show Special (Added Premiums) $6000
Houston Show Expense $3,134.00
Austin Show Expense $3,152.00
Austin Cattle Auction Expense $4,191.00
Austin Cattle Auction Payout $29,772.50
Iowa State Fair Show Expense $1,542.00
CA State Fair Show Expense $1,107.00
OR State Fair Show Expense $1,500.00
WA Fair Show Expense $317.00
MT Show Expense $1,469.00
KY Show Expense $2,841.00
Magazine Expense**** $19,160.00
Internet Maintenance $1,222.00
Advertising $900.00
Member Refund $102.50
Bank charges $47.00
Fees (PayPal) $77.00
Office Expense $20.00
Accounting Services $225.00
TOTAL OUTFLOWS $160,670.50

**** Jan. 2010 issue printed an additional 1000 copies
Overall Total for 2009: $7030.50
Ending Balance December 31, 2009: $32,148.50

Treasurer’s Report 10-11-2008

Treasurer’s Report

October 11, 2008

Balance 8/6/08 $31,267.18

Activity 8/06-10/11


  Memberships (14) $707.48

  Classified Ad $ 50.68

Sale of merch.

IA Show $620.00

Total income $1,378.16


Print checks $25.19

CA Show – buckles $676.50

MCAW 15 @ $18.75 $281.25

IA Show embroider

Jackets & Shirts $728.40

OR State Fair –

Premiums $500.00

Total Expenses $2,211.34

Balance 10/11/08 $30,434.00

(Pending expense for buckles for NAILE $921.00)

*A Note: the amounts sent to MCAW have not cleared the account.

$4325.00 from 7/13 and the $281.25 from 8/15.