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Dixie-Classic Fair, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

In October, North Carolina had their Dixie Classic Fair. This fair takes place in Winston-Salem and is one of the largest standard size Hereford shows in North Carolina. When I called to see about bringing our Miniature Herefords to the show, I was encouraged with great enthusiasm to bring them. At any time I had a question about our entries or anything regarding our stay in Winston-Salem, the livestock super was very helpful. We had some apprehension about going to the Dixie Classic, but once we arrived we
knew we had made the right decision. We were warmly welcomed and treated very well. Everyone was very interested in us and people wanted to talk to us about the breed and the young bull that we had brought. Friendly, hospitable, and helpful describes the other exhibitors there. As soon as we arrived, we went in and represented the breed to the best of our ability, conducted ourselves in a professional manner and put on a decent show. In response, many of the exhibitors were eager to find out about the miniatures. We were complimented on our animals. We didn’t have any negative feedback which was something we were prepared for. One of the mornings, the fair provided a catored breakfast. A very nice touch to go along with our wonderful experience. The response from the public was fantastic. The show was better than we expected. We had a judge that has judged all around the United States and has judged in the past in Denver. He was impressed with the minis and had a lot of good things to say. The owners
represented there were Capeside Farm, Straitside Ranch, Ivey Glen Farm and Cherub Station. We feel that this fair has the potential to be a very profitable place to exhibit the Miniature Hereford breed.

Our goal in the upcoming years is to continue to attend the Dixie Classic along with the Raleigh State Fair that is the following week. We hope to have our own show in the next three years. We were asked and encouraged to bring more animals next year. I would like to encourage those breeders close to North Carolina to please come see us or plan to attend next year.

We hope to expand throughout region 2 by finding more places to exhibit theMiniature Hereford breed.
~ Ben & Jayme Williams

Northern International Livestock Expo. Review

Was it a cattle show or just a big party with lots of laughs and hugs ? BOTH !

With our generous sponsors, Quality Supply, Lakeland Feed, Seven Ranch and MHBA we passed out colorful pitchforks, calf creep, feed tubs, embroidered jackets and T-shirts. The latest rose gold buckles went to Grand and Reserves.

Thanks to Mark and Michaelina Campbell the pancake breakfast was delicious and the coffee raved about. Our clinic presenter, Mark King, wowed us all, novices as well as old hands, with his informative presentation on cattle conformation.

Everyone came away with a clearer idea of how to evaluate an animal for not only beauty but durability and longevity as well. One of our celebrities was too ill to make
it, so we only had 3. All were well known and liked, so we had a large number of spectators who wouldn’t otherwise have seen our cattle and asked that question we all love to hear “Where can I get one of those little guys ?”

Thank you KP Ranch and Lindsay Littles for the use of your baby bulls. A special thanks to Dan and Beatrice Jensen and their 2 girls. This was their first show and though they brought no cattle this time, they scrubbed, fed, watered and led, thus getting the full experience. Hopefully they’re hooked and will show next year.

Peg Aldridge organized our Junior show and will be looking forward to next year. We will have showmanship as well as breed classes. Next year there will only be 2 shows in the Northwest, Oregon State Fair and the NILE in Billings. Let’s get out and support them.
~ Jo Young

Fun against “The Big Girls”

by Sherry Robinson

We bought our minis this year and began a wonderful trek. Who would have ever believed that we were the proud owners of a new species. Or at least that was what we began to hear when we started looking for places to show our heifers. When we introduced our new heifers to our grandkids, Weston 14, Ethan 12, Alea 9 and Madeline 3, there was an instant love relationship that was even amazing to us. This relationship between the heifers and our grandkids brought about a new and arduous task: that of finding places for them to show their heifers that was in a somewhat close proximity to us here in the Texas Panhandle (6 to 8 hours away or less would have been nice). Because of the lack of close Miniature Hereford shows we decided to go ahead and enter the heifers into shows in which they would show against “The Big Girls” as our grandkids so cautiously put it. With that in mind we knew that we would probably not win, but at least the grandkids would get a chance to show their heifers and get practice in before going to the bigger Miniature Hereford shows. Now mind you: who would have thought you would have to convince people that these were not a new species but in fact
a registered Hereford heifer with the AHA, just taken back to the original size and a little smaller. So feeling that this was a good way to let people see the minis first hand and get to know the heifers we proceeded. When permission was finally granted to us to enter the heifers our grandkids were ecstatic and entered their Miniature Hereford heifers in the Amarillo TX Tri State Fair. They were placed in the AOB Class the first go round and then in the Hereford Class the 2nd time. And as the grandkids said always against “The Big Girls.” In this show at the Tri State Fair we have 2 generations showing at the same time: our son Kily, his son Weston; our daughter Nici and her son Ethan and daughter Alea. They would not let Madeline show in the ring so she would walk the heifers around for exercise and also take them to the show ring. Many people saw that
this was a family affair and one that we all were enjoying together. It was impressive to everyone that even our 3-year-old could handle the calves. We had more inquiries than most of the exhibitors there and most were about having their young kids show the minis. Parents are tired of their young ones being hurt and drug and parents having
to take control of the calves. They are beginning to see a big advantage to a little smaller sized calf. I have to tell you that the general attitude toward our cattle was great and it was good for all of us and everyone there. Also we were approached by a regional representative for the Jr. Hereford Assoc. about having our grandkids join the Jr. Hereford Association and showing their miniature heifers here this coming summer at their show. They would love to have the Miniature Herefords show also. So we highly encourage everyone to seriously look at entering your mini heifers even against “The Big Girls.” As our grandkids say “NEVER GIVE UP, WHO KNOWS YOU MIGHT JUST WIN ONE OF THESE TIMES.” But at least go ahead and get out there and show them what a mini is made of. AND BY THE WAY WE WON 2ND’S THRU 7TH’S BOTH GO ROUNDS and that was against “The Big Girls” and we loved every minute of it.

A Decade of The Best in The West: Oregon State Fair Miniature Hereford Show

By: Region 8 Roving Reporter

The 2009 Oregon State Fair Miniature Hereford Show certainly was “The Best in The West.” This year marked the 10-year Anniversary of a Mini Hereford show in Oregon—the only one other than the National Western to reach this milestone. The entire four-day event went without a hitch as every breeder extended helping hands to each
other whether in the wash racks, tie outs, stalls, or preparing for show.

Upon arrival at the Oregon State Fairgrounds, exhibitors received “Welcome Bags”—which included special hats embroidered with ranch names, Hereford cookies, a cow cookie cutter, and local Oregon products. MHBA members were greeted by the sweet smell of fresh doughnuts, orange juice, and Starbucks coffee, which was sponsored by a different breeder each morning.

By 8:00, bidding began on ten silent auction items (ranging from a painting, to cattle equipment, to lavender baskets) that were graciously donated by Straitside Ranch, Sweet Sippin’ Acres, PJ Ranch, LE & J Cattle Service, DuVal Farms, and Wayne Baize.

The Show was one of the best events I have been to, with a line up of first in class prizes enticing exhibitors and their cattle, an outstanding judge, and intense competition. Forty-five head of Miniature Herefords were entered into this year’s Oregon State Fair show! Each first in class winner received a 50-pound bag of feed and a feed pan. Grand Champion Female and Grand Champion Bull were presented with a championship neck sash.

The Second Annual Junior Showmanship competition directly followed the Open show, with twelve kids, ages six to 18, participating in four divisions, each wearing a donated matching embroidered denim shirt. They were all presented with special medallions, a feed pan, rope halter, and wash brush. Champion Showmen from each division also received embroidered chairs; additionally, the Grand Champion Showman was awarded a gift certificate to Sullivan’s Show Supply.

At the Awards Banquet later that night, open show division winners were presented with handcrafted embroidered scrapbook albums while specialty classes received embroidered stadium blankets or brass engraved picture frames. Grand and Reserve Champion Female and Bulls were awarded with embroidered armchairs. My favorite
awards accompanied the Pair of Bulls winners—an engraved knife with “Keep the Best, Cut the Rest” for Reserve, and two matching nose bugs with brass-plated leads for Champion. John and Betty Johnson of Straitside Ranch were recognized for their contribution to the Miniature Hereford breed by receiving a plaque and blanket. Every exhibitor concluded that night’s banquet with an award. On Monday, members were treated to a picnic lunch provided by DuVal Farms and Straitside Ranch. Everyone joined together once more to swap stories and laughs before heading for home.

“A Decade of The Best in The West” was an amazing show for everyone!

Iowa State Fair: Non-Stop Fun!

By Bev Strong

Hear ye, Hear ye! The Iowa State Fair is over for another year. This is worn out Director 5 sending a big THANK YOU for all that attended and helped make the show run smoothly. A big THANK YOU to all who let the wooden bull come back to Montezuma and gave Ronald McDonald a $500 donation. We raised $700 from selling sweatshirts and donated items. There were 81 head that showed in open show and 23 breeders. Several were first timers and we hope you enjoyed yourselves. Most attended BBQ on Wednesday night with hamburgers beans, chips and, of course, Iowa sweet corn. A big thank you to Craig and Terri Warren & Darrel Bailey for working so hard. It was
a good time and nice to meet the new people. The Celebrity Bull Class was fun and I think it made people aware of our breed. We had articles in our Des Moines Register talking about our breed. We had thirteen Celebrities show with all receiving big rosettes saying “I Showed A Miniature Bull At Iowa State Fair.” Baby Bulls received a sash to match. We had two prospect steers show and 9 market steers in the junior division. In the end we had 92 head show. So until next year this is Bev Strong saying “Thanks again!”