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Rootin’ Tootin’ Downhome FUN!

First, to Charlotte Williams … you are so correct when you say the International Virtual Cattle Show is a fun new cattle show concept! Thanks again for encouraging us to participate! It was a hoot! (Part of the fun was meeting the VCS organizer Janet Poole of New Zealand … she too is a truly delightful lady like yourself … you are a matched pair!)
Hello People are you paying attention?! Join in and enjoy yourselves too! The whole “showing process” here is quite simple. It’s all based solely on the animal itself, with each entry anonymously identified by a number only. You simply send in 3 pictures (front, side, rear) of your bovine. No training, washing, clipping, fitting, showing, traveling, time-consuming stress required! OK, maybe there’s a little “anticipation stress” involved!
The entries are sorted in to the standard gender and age appropriate classes (this year had 59 entries; from Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, and USA).
Entry pictures are posted online and an International Panel of Judges decide the actual Class Placings. There is also a “Viewer’s Choice” category, where anyone anywhere in the world can vote.
“Live Shows” by their nature require the judge to make a “snap decision,” but our judges were able to take more time to analyze the merits of each animal. To top it off, this Panel of Judges explained in writing the basis of their decisions. So very educational as well! Just go to and you’ll see what we’re tallking about!
So come on everyone, lighten up, grab your cameras and join in the fun! They’re already starting to plan the 2013 Show!
Finally, on a personal note, many thanks to everyone involved: entrants, judges and the voting general public. We’ve enjoyed knowing other folks also appreciate our little guy “Duke” (1st in Class and 1st in Viewer’s Choice… Awesome! What an honor! ) We’re proud this little fellow has represented the Mini Hereford breed and the USA so nicely!

Virtual Miniature Hereford Show

This year’s Virtual Cattle Show for Miniature Herefords attracted almost double the entries we had last year and more have indicated they would like to take part next time. With four countries participating – Scotland and America in the north and Australia and New Zealand in the south – there was a good representation of Miniature Herefords from a wide variety of environments. This shows their versatility in coping with different climates, terrain, pasture and management.
The Judge this year was a Dexter breeder but also an All Breeds Judge. She took on board the requirements for judging Miniature Herefords and her in-depth comments for every entry were very much appreciated. For her part she thoroughly enjoyed the experience and we are grateful for her participation.
There were some new entrants this time and one of them managed to win both its breed class and the Viewers’ Choice. This was the yearling bull, IBA Duke of Ireland exhibited by Bob and Joan Massengale of Iti Biti Acres in Colorado. The Judge’s comments for this entry were:
“Attractive masculine head. Level top-line with square tail-set. Legs at four corners, wide and clean through brisket although front feet toed out slightly. Tight sheath, scrotum showing ligament definition and tilting back slightly. Good body length and spring of rib. Nicely balanced bull.” Our congratulations to them for their first effort.
By providing the three views the Judge was able to make a comprehensive analysis and readers will be able to see these reflected in her comments. For the future we encourage all exhibitors to spend time getting these three views as it gives a better profile of their animal.
There will be some slight adjustments for next year’s rules, one of them being changing Class Twelve (poll vote) to a favourite photo rather than be chosen just from the breed classes as there was not so much interest in the poll voting this year. This photo can be one already presented in a class or something quite different. These will help attract viewers to look at the particular appeal of the exhibit. For example, this photo (opposite page) ranked second in the poll yet was unable to be placed in breed classes owing to the very young age of the calf which meant its attributes were yet to develop.
There was a good selection of entries in each of the classes so that first to fourth placings were able to be made in almost all sections. It is proposed that Certificates for placings be made and possibly prizes for winners if appropriate sponsors can be found in each country which enters.
Many competitors are getting out their cameras now so that when the next VCS approaches they will have a good number of photos to choose from. New competitors are also encouraged so those who have already taken part may like to spread the word about it. There is not room in this article to display more photos but full coverage of the VCS can be seen on both the MBHA ( and AMHBN ( websites.
Here I would like to express my gratitude to Julie Stott (Australia) for her website recordings of the event and thanks to all competitors who took part. I had a wonderful time sorting the photos into their respective classes and enjoying the sight of so many Miniature Herefords from different places yet all with the distinctive features that are the mark of this smallest variety of Hereford. Congratulations to place getters and all who entered – you have worked well.
Photos top to bottom: VCS Champion IBA Duke of Ireland side view, front view, rear view submitted by Iti Biti Acres in Howard, Colorado, USA. Opposite: Reserve Champion Viewer’s Choice.

Pacific Northwest Miniature Hereford Show

We couldn’t have asked for better weather for the PNW Regional Miniature Hereford Show held in Salem, Oregon. The days were nice and warm with pleasantly cool evenings for our 13th annual show. This year we started our week with move-in on Monday, August 27, followed by Weights and Measures on Tuesday morning. Our tradition of coffee, juice and doughnuts continued each morning and was sponsored by Allen Family Farms, Silver Peaks Farm, and DuVal Farms.

This year the PNW Regional show sponsored a new event open for every breed in the Open Beef Barn to participate in…Cow Olympics. This event was open to anyone ages 6 thru “too old to ask” who had an animal and was willing to run through the timed obstacle course. Twenty-five individuals participated in four divisions with Miniature Herefords, Shorthorns, and Shorthorn Plus being represented. Everyone had so much fun and we drew quite the crowd of spectators. This new event was even reported in the local newspaper in a half page article–way to go Miniature Hereford Breeders, oh, and of course the Mini’s won in three of the four divisions, they may be small, but they are quick. We ended Tuesday evening with our annual no-host Breeders dinner where everyone had the opportunity to catch up and visit with old friends and meet the new breeders who attended.

Wednesdays are usually a day of rest and a time to speak with all the public, but not this year. This year we had our first Mini Hereford Costume Contest. We had ten entrants with a variety of costumes ranging from a Hula Heifer, Sheriff Nate, a Lion, an Angel, a soccer coach, a Ballerina, and even the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Dorothy. The competition was held at the Livestock Showcase Stage where the general public was the judges. After leading these little cuties around the stage showing off their wonderful costumes the votes were cast with the Ballerina winning. What a wonderful experience for both the youth competing as well the public who participated in the judging.

The Open show started at 10am on Thursday, August 30, with the Junior Showmanship competition following. We had 15 participants in the Junior Showmanship, ranging from ages 4 to 18, competing in four separate age brackets; our winners are Jake Allen in the Peewee division, Emma Eldridge as a Junior, Jesse Potter in the Intermediate, and our Senior division winner, Lauren Uhde. Emma received the Overall Grand Champion Showman award–Congratulations! After the completion of the show and photographs, our exhibitors gathered for an End of the Trail Luncheon featuring sub-sandwiches, awarding Open show and Junior showmanship prizes, and announcing the results of our silent auction, the proceeds of which contribute to the Junior and Open shows.

I would also like to recognize our 2012 PNW Regional show sponsors: Platinum Sponsors: MHBA and DuVal Farms. Gold Sponsors: Abiqua Animal Clinic, Allen Family Farms, Central Oregon Ranch Supply, LE&J Cattle Service, PJ Ranch LLC, Silver Peaks Farm, Straitside Ranch, Sweet Sippin Acres, VSI, and Wooden Nichol Ranch. Silver Sponsors: Cornerstone Acres and D&A Miniature Herefords. Bronze Sponsors: Blue Raeven Farms Inc, Dawson Cattle Company, and Half-Pint Herefords.

The PNW Regional show is an excellent exhibition for anyone wanting to experience a friendly show atmosphere with plenty of marketing opportunities to the public. I highly encourage everyone to come to the OSF next year for a truly wonderful show!