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Clay County Fair – Iowa!

Are you looking for another place to show your Miniature Herefords?


You have worked hard to get them ready for the Iowa State Fair – why not show them again just a month later?


Clay County Fair in Spencer, IA – their boast: we are the “World’s Greatest County Fair” – it is BIG and Impressive. NW Iowa – Next to the IowaGreat Lakes


May Arrive: Tuesday, September 10, 7:00 P.M.


Must Be In: Wednesday, September 11, 8:00 a.m.


Show: Thursday, September 12, 8:00 a.m.


Release: Thursday, September 12, 5:00 p.m.


Must Be Out: Thursday, September 12, 7:00 p.m.


Registrations must be in by August 1!  Just around the corner. Late entries will be taken until August 15 with a $20 late fee.


Here is a link to the Beef Cattle Handbook PDF:

(All the times, information, and registration forms are located in this handbook)


TJLA Beltbuckle Bonanza!


I hope that everyone has picked out their perfect steer or heifer and is ready to hit the road for all the great summer shows! Please remember that there are both PreJr and Jr divisions at all TJLA shows! It is best to call the individual show and let them know that you are coming and bringing a Mini— They won’t be expecting one, because there are not a lot of them around- so just take a few Minuets to call and “check in” it will save you a lot of headache in the end!


As far as up coming MAJOR shows there are:

  •         The State Hereford Show in Belton, Tx June 17-20, 2015—- you must be a MHBA member and a Tx Jr Hereford Member. Check the Texas Hereford Association web site for details at
  •         TJLA Beltbuckle Bonanza in Waco, TX – you must be a MHBA and a TJLA member



IJBBA-Iowa Junior Beef Breeds Assoc.

The Iowa Junior Beef Breeds Association will be including Miniature Herefords in their classes this year. For more information, including which shows are sanctioned, go to:

This new program is also a model for other states to follow with their youth programs. To find out how, please contact Brent and Shelley White in Region 5.



TJLA Member Count!



I hope that all of yall are getting some much deserved rest after all the Texas shows! I know that many of you all have gotten your new animals for the upcoming show season and 2013-2014 Point season.

I spoke with TJLA today and we are up to 20+ members for the Mini Hereford points, most are PreJrs, but that is fine with me! We just need to keep the number growing!

There is so much going on here in Texas, we are looking to sell the Top placing market Steers at our sale in Houston 2014. So check back here for more info. We are also going to hold a HUGE fundraiser to raise money to purchase these animals. Make sure to check out our ad in The Mini Hereford news and in The Showbox for details.


Again, If you have any questions feel free to call me or send me an email! We are off and running! Good luck to all the kids at the shows this summer, please email me pictures and stories about how you do so I can feature them on line and in the magazine!!!





TJLAlogo (2)


We are off and running here in Texas and we couldn’t be more excited. I have spoken to some breeders and they are ready to see these kids run with their animals!

The new Points Start APRIL 13, 2013!


Make sure to Check back here and in the Mini Hereford Magazine for all things TJLA!

See you down the road.

– Tiffanie

TJLAlogo (2)

TJLA and Texas Youth!

Howdy from Texas!                                                                                                                                                                                  TJLAlogo (2)

Big things are happening down here in the Loan Star State that you should know about.

We recently approached TJLA, the Texas Junior Livestock Association, here in Texas about letting the Mini Herefords become a recognized breed in their sanctioned shows. After much negations we reached a deal that we feel would best represent our breed and the youth that are showing these animals.

For all of you that are unfamiliar with TJLA and how it works, TJLA is a governing body that oversees a point system and a group of sanctioned shows here in Texas. A youth becomes a member of TJLA and “run points” with their animals at a series of shows throughout the year. There is honestly a show every weekend, if not more than that, which they can go to. At the end of that given year the points are tallied up, based on shows attended and placement, and the top 10 exhibitors of that breed are given a “top 10 jacket” at an awards banquet. There is a division for all the species of cattle as well and pigs, lambs and goats. As you can see this is a BIG deal to be part of, and we are so excited!

In meeting with TJLA we realized that a majority of the kids that show minis were under the age of 8, which is normally when you are allowed to join TJLA, we went to them with the idea of letting the Pre Jrs show as well. They agreed, so now we are the only breed of cattle where a child under the age of 8 is allowed to show under the TJLA banner. For the 2013 point season, there will be 2 divisions, Juniors (ages 8 and older) and PreJrs (ages 3-8), they will combine steer and heifer points in each division and come up with an overall top 5 mini Hereford in each division. There is also 2 big TJLA shows a year, Belt Buckle Bonnanza and Fall Classic. As you can see there is a huge opportunity for kids to now get involved in the mini breed here in Texas!

We are asking all the breeders that are selling minis to kids to let them know about joining TJLA and all it has to offer. Please check back on the Mini Hereford Breeders Association web site as well as the magazines, where we will keep you up to date on all the upcoming shows and feature stories about the youth showing in Texas!

If you have any questions please contact me 210.482.0420 ! You can also log on and join TJLA online!!


See you soon!

Tiffanie Ivy

Region 8

Show season is winding down here in the Pacific Northwest as we are all beginning our winter weather preparations. I wanted to take a minute to thank the following individuals for their dedication to the Mini breed: Lacey Allen for spearheading this years Silent Auction effort at the PNW Regional show, Cynthia DuVal for coordinating a very smooth 13th annual PNW Regional Miniature Hereford show at the Oregon State Fair, Erin Eldridge for gathering the prizes for the 5th annual Jr. Showmanship contest at the PNWR show, Terri Potter and Peggy Potter for their participation in judging the first Cow Olympics competition at the Oregon State Fair, as well as Wayne Brokaw for organizing a terrific first Mini show at the Spokane County Interstate Fair. I am very excited by all the new and continuing exhibition opportunities for us in this region—and by the prospect of new shows beginning next year. Congratulations to all of our breeders/exhibitors on a wonderful show season!
My email inbox is always open and I would be glad to hear from my Region 8 membership regarding suggestions/articles for my “Moosletter” publication, individuals to add to our regional informational email list, recommendations for shows to pursue, or simply to chat and answer any questions. Happy Holidays!!!

Region 5

Hello! I hope this finds everyone doing well. I can’t believe it’s almost fall! It seems like summer just started!
Congratulations to all the exhibitors at the Iowa State Fair. What a tremendous presentation of our breed. I enjoyed speaking with so many breeders both new and veteran. We have so many great people in our organization.
Thank you to everyone for all of your hard work, support, and participation in the MHBA and your dedication to the quality of the Minature Hereford.
Hope to see you all in Kansas City!

Region 6

This being my first report since the elections and I want to say that I am honored to be elected as Region 6 Representative.  I look forward to serving you in Region 6.  First, I’ve selected Laura Cole as the show superintendent for all MHBA sanctioned and/or sponsored shows in the Region.  I’ve asked her to coordinate with the respective show personnel and work toward consistency in the rules for each of the shows in the Region.  Keeping the playing field level for Region 6 members is a priority.  I don’t support rules that put Region 6 members at a disadvantage to members in other regions so, when at all possible, the rules for Region 6 shows will be consistent with the rules in other regions.  I anticipate that we will have a schedule completed of all MHBA sanctioned and/or sponsored shows near the end of the year and I will have that schedule posted as soon as possible.  Second, Mr. Eward Meier has agreed to serve as a Regional Field Advisor.  Ed has spent a lifetime in the cattle industry and is a wealth of information for both the new breeders and more established breeders alike.  We are fortunate to have someone with Ed’s character and integrity available to us.  I welcome ideals and suggestions so please don’t hesitate to drop me an e-mail if you have any.  I think it’s going to be an exciting time for our region and I look froward to working with each of you.

Tri-State Fair & Rodeo Show Results

Open Show
Class 2: Spring Jr Heifer Calves
1. LK Robinson Farm with LK’s Maybelle*; 2. LK Robinson Farm with LK’s Taffey; 3. LK Robinson Farms with LK’s Commotion

Class 3: Fall/Winter Jr Heifers
1. Aubree Blissard with MABC Chocolate Lady 1404**; 2. Cheraye Aguirre with CA Lady “A”; 3. Emilee Munchrath with BLP Miss Peanut; 4. Aubree Blissard with MABC Coconut Lady

Class 4: Summer Int. Heifers
1. Bill & Dolores Jenkins with BDJ Silver Breez; 2. Bill & Dolores Jenkins with BDJ Sugar Plum Oak; 3. Charlotte Williams with WW Kid Edwina; 4. Charlotte Williams with WW Golden Grace; 5. LK Robinson Farm with LK’s Half Pint Continue reading Tri-State Fair & Rodeo Show Results

Pacific Northwest Miniature Hereford Show Results

Class1: Spring Heifer Calves
1. Potter Ranch Herefords with PJR Royal Juliet; 2. Silver Peaks Farm with SPF Lucy Lou

Class 2: Junior Heifer Calves
1. Straitside Ranch withSSR Crystal 202*; 2. Jensen Farms with JF Holomua; 3. Sweet Sippin Acres with Blue Moon; 4. Straitside Ranch with SSR Miss Tina 205; 5. Diamond S Herefords with Diamond S Starburst; 6. Straitside Ranch with SSR Abby 203**

Class 4: Sr. Heifer Calves
1. Diamond S Herefords with Diamond S Star Rose*

Class 5: Late Summer Yearling Heifers
1. Breeanna Hafner/DuVal Farms with DF Mia’s Miracle* Continue reading Pacific Northwest Miniature Hereford Show Results

Region 8 Report

Summer is off to a great start here in Region 8 with the calving season and hay harvest well underway. We are all getting cattle prepped for the numerous county fairs throughout Oregon and Washington, including Deschutes County Fair and Clark County Fair, as well as the Pacific Northwest Regional show during the Oregon State Fair. This will mark the 13th annual Miniature Hereford show at the OSF, the fifth annual Jr. Showmanship competition, and the second year of prospect and market steer classes. A few new things will be occurring at the PNW Regional show, namely a few separate activities—a “Cow-Olympics” obstacle course and a cutest costume contest. We encourage everyone to bring cattle to the PNW Regional show and experience the excellent atmosphere and marketing/sale opportunities.
PNW Regional Miniature Hereford Show – Salem, OR
Move In: Monday, August 27
Move Out: Thursday, August 30
* Premium book for the Oregon State Fair will be available online soon.
I hope that everyone is enjoying our “Moosletters,” a bi-monthly publication that includes member spotlights as well as educational and helpful hints/reminders. If you know of anyone that would like to be added to our email list or have any questions/suggestions, please contact me at As always, wishing you all the best for a terrific calving and show season! Jerry DuVal, DuVal Farms, Silverton, OR.

Region 8

Region 8
By Jerry DuVal, Regional Director

It has been a crazy winter here in the West. There was major flooding in January, sunny and warm in February, and now that it is March I don’t know if I should get my cattle snowshoes or a boat. We have had heavy snow for 3 to 4 days then yesterday we got 3″ of rain (yep, in less than 24 hours)… I thought winter was just about over, maybe by April we will see the sun. Just a little reminder to everyone, make sure to get your worming done, we recommend using an injectable wormer this time of year due to the constant rainy weather patterns. When it dries out you can use the pour on wormers if needed. Also, make sure that your cows have a clean dry area for calving; this makes it easier on both mom and calf. Region 8 members make sure to send me pictures of that special little one so that I can include it in my next “Moos” Letter.

I am currently working on gathering up the information for shows in our region. I have sent a list to all Region 8 members by email of the shows, and as soon as the class lists for each show are available I will get those to you. If you are in my region and have not received the “Moos” letter, please contact me and I will add you to the email list. I would like to send a special thank you to Arlou Cox for her work in bringing back the Miniature Hereford show at the Central Washington State Fair. This show held in Yakima, Washington, is loads of fun and I would recommend it to everyone.

We would like to recognize our newest MHBA members, Craig and Patricia Larson of Onalaska, Washington, Eric Filler of Bainbridge, Washington, and Ronal Lewis of Amity, Oregon. Welcome to you all. Also, we would like to send our congratulations to Kelsey Potter of Silverton, Oregon for winning one of the 2012 John Johnson Memorial Scholarships presented by the MHYF during the NWSS.

Remember, if you have any questions or need any help, I am only an email away.
Happy Calving,
Jerry DuVal

A Straitside Ranch cutie!

Region 5

Happy Spring to Everyone!
Jami Bingham, Region 5 Director
I’m not sure where the last few months have gone, but I hope everyone’s calving season is off to a great start. I wanted to extend congratulations and thank you to everyone who participated at the National Western in January. Quite a few members from Region 5 participated either as an exhibitor or spectator, and I was glad to see you there. I know it involves a lot of travel and commitment and hope everyone enjoyed themselves. I wanted to extend a special THANK YOU to all the Region 5 members who participated with some very generous bids during the auction at the MHBA banquet. Those donations, as well as many others from other region members, helped raise quite a bit of money for the MHBA. Watching everyone come together and have a great time makes me very proud to be a part of this association.
I have talked with the Iowa State Fair and they will be allowing MHBA members to show again this year, although it will still not be an MHBA exclusive show. I hope everyone can attend and continue a great representation for the Miniature Hereford breed.
Up and coming news involves a great effort from Brent and Shelley White as well as Steve and Judy Splitt in speaking with the Iowa Beef Council and they will be allowing the MHBA to contribute in the Iowa Beef Expo in February 2013. We are excited about this new endeavor and updates will be provided as it progresses.
Thank you to everyone for all their hard work and dedication, and as always please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Region 7

Region 7
I want to thank and say “Congratulations” to Sheila Lindsay and Wendy Morris for all their hard work to make the NILE show in Billings, MT a fun and successful show. From all the positive comments made about the show I am sure it will grow in interest and attendance.
Activity is ramping up for the show at the National Western Stock Show in Denver . Entries are in and it looks like we will have a good turn-out. Numbers for the sale are up, and the show and sale will be live on the Internet through Cattle In Motion. Already their publicity has brought in requests for sale catalogs from new people. We anticipate it bringing in a wider range of buyers both live and on line.
Those coming to Denver, please make sure your hotel reservations are in by Jan 7th to get the group rate. Also have your Banquet reservations into Fran by Jan 9th. As in the past any donations of items for the Silent Auction that is held at the Banquet are most appreciated. Proceeds help the MHBA bottom line.
On a personal note – I won’t be able to attend the National Western this year due to some health challenges I am facing. I so appreciate all the help from so many – especially Jami Bingham, Carson and Leeann Ribble, and Charlotte Williams. I’m confident it will be a terrific show. Lesta