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Regions 2 & 4

Happy New Year to all. I am happy to say that both regions 2 and 4 are
growing we have several new member in each region and I do hope to
meet them all some day. If anyone has any news please let me know I
would love to get it out to the rest of the members,

I know I have been gone alot this fall but our daughter needed me to
take care of our grandson while she was on bed rest for the passed 10
weeks and has now blessed uw with twins a boy (Everett) 2 lbs 14 oz.
and a girl (Willa) 3 lbs.

I did get home long enough to go to Louisville and had a great time
Thank you Ben for another great show!!!! Now we are looking forward to
Denver in a few weeks so you all there. Julie /region 2 and 4.