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Clay County Fair – Iowa!

Are you looking for another place to show your Miniature Herefords?


You have worked hard to get them ready for the Iowa State Fair – why not show them again just a month later?


Clay County Fair in Spencer, IA – their boast: we are the “World’s Greatest County Fair” – it is BIG and Impressive. NW Iowa – Next to the IowaGreat Lakes


May Arrive: Tuesday, September 10, 7:00 P.M.


Must Be In: Wednesday, September 11, 8:00 a.m.


Show: Thursday, September 12, 8:00 a.m.


Release: Thursday, September 12, 5:00 p.m.


Must Be Out: Thursday, September 12, 7:00 p.m.


Registrations must be in by August 1!  Just around the corner. Late entries will be taken until August 15 with a $20 late fee.


Here is a link to the Beef Cattle Handbook PDF:

(All the times, information, and registration forms are located in this handbook)


Region 5

Hello! I hope this finds everyone doing well. I can’t believe it’s almost fall! It seems like summer just started!
Congratulations to all the exhibitors at the Iowa State Fair. What a tremendous presentation of our breed. I enjoyed speaking with so many breeders both new and veteran. We have so many great people in our organization.
Thank you to everyone for all of your hard work, support, and participation in the MHBA and your dedication to the quality of the Minature Hereford.
Hope to see you all in Kansas City!

Region 5

Happy Spring to Everyone!
Jami Bingham, Region 5 Director
I’m not sure where the last few months have gone, but I hope everyone’s calving season is off to a great start. I wanted to extend congratulations and thank you to everyone who participated at the National Western in January. Quite a few members from Region 5 participated either as an exhibitor or spectator, and I was glad to see you there. I know it involves a lot of travel and commitment and hope everyone enjoyed themselves. I wanted to extend a special THANK YOU to all the Region 5 members who participated with some very generous bids during the auction at the MHBA banquet. Those donations, as well as many others from other region members, helped raise quite a bit of money for the MHBA. Watching everyone come together and have a great time makes me very proud to be a part of this association.
I have talked with the Iowa State Fair and they will be allowing MHBA members to show again this year, although it will still not be an MHBA exclusive show. I hope everyone can attend and continue a great representation for the Miniature Hereford breed.
Up and coming news involves a great effort from Brent and Shelley White as well as Steve and Judy Splitt in speaking with the Iowa Beef Council and they will be allowing the MHBA to contribute in the Iowa Beef Expo in February 2013. We are excited about this new endeavor and updates will be provided as it progresses.
Thank you to everyone for all their hard work and dedication, and as always please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Region 5: Ready for Iowa?

Hi everyone. Looking alot like Christmas as I write this. We have had several
new members for our region lately and would like to give them a big welcome. The
Iowa State Fair Show is on tap for Thursday August 18. Can begin to arrive at
12:01am and must be in by noon August 18th. Show will be in Outdoor Arena on
Friday August 19,2011 at 1:00PM and Junior Show to follow at about 3:00. Release
on August 21 at 3PM. I will have more information to follow. This area is really
excited about our breed and never seems to end with the questions and people
looking to get into our breed. The fair last year has really given us a lot of
hope for marketing our cattle. Many new buyers this year and alot of people
exspanding. I wish all a good New Year and mark our dates on your calendar. Even
if you aren’t showing,we would love to have you come and be with our MHBA

Region 5

Rain,floods and heat will not keep the breeders of our wonderful Miniature herefords away. This is Bev Strong,region 5 director saying hello and hope everyone had fun at Iowa. We had a couple of cancellation due to the floods so keep CT Miniature Herefords in your prayers. We had 16 breeders and 82 head of cattle at the show. Every year the quality gets better. I would have hated to be judge. We had a Pasta supper on Thursday and most attended. The celebrity class had all new company’s represented.Our only repeat was Sophia from Des Moines Register. She sported new cowboy boots instead of flip flops this year. The excitement of our miniature herefords are growing in midwest. We have went from 8 breeders to 36 and growing everyday We welcome the new families that showed and also members that came in just to enjoy.I would like to thank all that attended and thank all who helped make show go smooth. So I must sign off and dream up a new class for our show. The stands were full and that’s what a show is all about.

Strong Miniature Herefords

Hello from Region 5

This is Regional 5 Director Bev Strong saying hello from Iowa Show. This year we go in on Thursday and by the fairs request we will be dismissed on Sunday. This is good for our breed as the weekends are very busy and a lot of people have requested  to see us. So we go in anytime after midnight Wednesday and have to be in place by noon Thursday the 19th of August. I have made arrangement for tieouts for  Wednesday night . We are having a Pasta Gathering at 7:00 PM Thursday night for everyone to meet and welcome our new exhibitors and friends.  Even if you are not showing  we welcome all.    Our  Open show will be Friday at 2:00. We will open our show with our Celebrity Baby Bull Show. This year we have several new showmen. We even have Sophia from the Des Moines Register that had so much fun last year wanted to try again. We will be in Cattle barn this year and will show in new Open Arena . All attending enter in Gate 6.  I have been told by the Junior President there is a new class for Junior Heifers.  These are heifer born 1-1-09 and later.  The deadline for Entry is July 1,2010. Late entries will be accepted with additional fees. All info is on The classes and info are on line now.  Entries are accepted online or you can print the form and mail it in. Cow /Calf winners will receive buckles.   So tie up them babies and hope to see you at Iowa State Fair. Info email

Region 5: Gearing Up for Iowa State Fair!

Hi gang,this your Region 5 director from the state of Iowa hoping your weather is better than ours. If the daily snow don’t get you, the bitter cold and wind will. We are gearing up for the Iowa State Fair. We will go in on August 18 thru August 21. For those of you that travel, I have set up getting in Tuesday night after six. They have saved tie outs. We will be given preminums this year  as we have proven we are here to stay. Our numbers were 81 head and 23 breeders last year and with all the new breeders I think we will grow again. We have moved the Celebrity Baby Bull class to start the Open Show which will start at 2:00PM. Get your babies ready let me know. It is a wonderful show case for your ranch. Last year we had standing room only. We have cooked up some surprises that I will inform you later about. So the buckles are ordered,the show will go on. Registration must be in by July 1. We a challenging you to come whether it is your first time showing. MHBA members are alway willing to help. So mark this on your calendar. I  attended a Cow/Calf Exibition  yesterday to see Brent White show our breed and the interest and excitement was unbelievable. Happy Calving season. Bev Strong

Iowa State Fair: Non-Stop Fun!

By Bev Strong

Hear ye, Hear ye! The Iowa State Fair is over for another year. This is worn out Director 5 sending a big THANK YOU for all that attended and helped make the show run smoothly. A big THANK YOU to all who let the wooden bull come back to Montezuma and gave Ronald McDonald a $500 donation. We raised $700 from selling sweatshirts and donated items. There were 81 head that showed in open show and 23 breeders. Several were first timers and we hope you enjoyed yourselves. Most attended BBQ on Wednesday night with hamburgers beans, chips and, of course, Iowa sweet corn. A big thank you to Craig and Terri Warren & Darrel Bailey for working so hard. It was
a good time and nice to meet the new people. The Celebrity Bull Class was fun and I think it made people aware of our breed. We had articles in our Des Moines Register talking about our breed. We had thirteen Celebrities show with all receiving big rosettes saying “I Showed A Miniature Bull At Iowa State Fair.” Baby Bulls received a sash to match. We had two prospect steers show and 9 market steers in the junior division. In the end we had 92 head show. So until next year this is Bev Strong saying “Thanks again!”

Iowa State Fair

Miniature Hereford Show August 19 – 20, 2009

By Bev Strong

This is Region 5 Director, Bev Strong coming to you from the sunny but sometimes soggy state of Iowa. We are gearing up for the Iowa State Fair Miniature Hereford Show. The date of arrival is August 19, 2009 thru August 22. All entries may check in from 7 a.m. thru noon. We will weigh in at 3 p.m. After all cattle are settled in we will have a BBQ on the grounds. We invite all breeders, their families, fitters, and MHBA members to come to a Get To Know Each Other BBQ. Coke will generously provide Coke products for our meal. We have asked all our Celebrity Baby Bull contestants to join us.

The entries are due by July 1; late entries will be acceted until July 8 with a $10 penalty. Iowa State fair allows substitution within breed on any animal you enter rather than by class. Anyone wanting to fly in to see the show, if they call the Quality Inn, they will pick you up and deliver you back at their expense.

Now for the fun part, the MHBA would like to invite all to view the first ever Celebrity Baby Bull Class. It will start our show. We hope to give our ranches some PR and also give our contestants some advertising. Everyone asked why baby bulls. To tell the truth when we got this idea, I looked at my babies and said what do I have the most of to cover this? I was thinking maybe 3 or 4. Then we had a wonderful surprise. Everyone was excited and wanted to show our babies. We now have 12 and expecting 13 as I write this. What we were trying to accomplish is happening. We are getting media coverage. As the list grows you will see we have people from all areas of life and locations:
Gary Van Aernam – President of Iowa State Fair Board
Gary Edwards -Des Moines Convention & Visitors Center
Ronald McDonald –Ronald McDonald House
Frank Brownell -Brownells Inc CEO
Ken Root–WHO Radio Big Show Guys
Erica Reimers –Sullivans Show Supply
Coca Cola-Lynn Clayton
Dr. Schroeder- Mercy Hospital
Tim Gassmann –Millhiser Smith Insurance Agency
Representative- Endreprocessing
Brian Rinehart – Hydro Klean
Representative- Adventureland
We have six classes for our Junior Show. We will have a new class for Junior Heifers shown by any age MHYA Member 3-18. This is a heifer born 1-1-09 and after. Our open Miniature Hereford Show will follow with thirteen classes. We have a new class this year GET OF SIRE. Information for all classes can be viewed at
So whether you are showing or sitting in the crowd learning, come enjoy an afternoon with us or stop by Wednesday thru Saturday