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2016 Miniature Hereford Junior Nationals

2016mhjn-logoWhat do you get when you mix 65 Miniature Hereford enthusiasts between the ages of 3 and 22 from 8 states with equal parts education, competition, and friendship? A heckuva’ good time at “Buckles and Banners,” the 2016 MHJN (Miniature Hereford Junior Nationals, that’s what.

MHJN was hosted by the Hansen Student Agriculture Center at Iowa State University June 22-26. If there was ever an event to signify the promise of a bright future for the Miniature Hereford breed, this was it. From the tremendous participation i

n the educational programs to the quality of the cattle shown and from the contributions of volunteers to the smiles on the kids’ faces, MHJN gave breeders countless reasons to be proud of the cattle and gave parents countless reasons to be proud of their kids.

The Kids

While we welcome cattle lovers of all ages, one of the things that makes us unique is how many really young kids we have participating in our youth programs. MHJN was no exception.  Out of the 65 youth exhibitors, 24 were Pre-Juniors (ages 3-7). Another 27 were Juniors (ages 8-12). They had 8 Intermediates (ages 13-16) and 6 Seniors (ages 17-22) to look up to and learn from. This was a fantastic group of kids who competed with each other, supported each other, and had a lot of laughs together.


Another unique aspect of the MHJN is the emphasis on education and the level of participation by the exhibitors. This year’s schedule gave the exhibitors several chances to learn about various aspects of cattle selection and presentation. And, the exhibitors took full advantage of those opportunities. Huge crowd took part in every educational session, including:

  • Character counts “It’s not only about the Banner!”, animal daily care and feeding, and cattle showmanship hosted by Weaver Livestock
  • Cattle fitting demonstration by Sullivan Supply
  • Livestock evaluation and terminology facilitated by Kirk Stierwalt and Dwayne Faidley
  • Meat grading and cuts
  • A tour of the Iowa State University Beef Teaching Farm


From learning to doing – that’s what the participants did over and over again, with enthusiasm! They used what they learned in the educational sessions to compete in a variety of contests. The livestock evaluation session prepared them for the judging contest, where they evaluated 4 classes of cattle, and the sales talk contest, where they were placed in a “mock sales” discussion with a “potential buyer” and presented the best attributes of one of their animals. The judges, or “buyers,” commented that they were blown away by the knowledge and presentation skills of our Miniature Hereford youth.

The fitting demonstration prepared participants for the fitting contest, where teams of exhibitors fit and animal and answered questions by the judges about their approach to making the animals look their very best. If that contest was any indication, we’ll have well-presented cattle at our Miniature Hereford shows for years to come. It was also a great way to give the kids a chance to do things many of them have never done. One young exhibitor remarked, “This is great! My dad never lets me use the glue!” That exhibitor and others like him made up for their lack of experience with leg adhesive by using plenty during the contest!

The showmanship session prepared the kids to give Judge Scot Campbell the best possible look at their cattle. What a talented group of showmen we have!

A competition that was designed to recognize the quiet, unheralded work that often goes unnoticed.  Stephen McIntyre founded the Herdsman of the Year Award, keeping his eye out for the exhibitors who earned the respect of peers, volunteers, and parents, demonstrated the honor and dignity of a future cattleman, and displayed pride in their cattle, by how they were presented in the show ring and cared for in the stalls. Other criteria included behaving with a positive attitude, being willing to help out whenever needed, and showing a diligent work ethic. Summer Kath from Minnesota was awarded the distinction of being the 2016 Herdsman of the Year. Summer’s dedication, hard work, and support of fellow exhibitors was evident to all who met her.

We also selected a Premier Exhibitor for each age group and an overall Premier Exhibitor for the MHJN 2016.  This award was scored by the total points each exhibitor earned in the contests and the points they received for exhibiting their animal.   Congratulations to our Premier exhibitors; Pre-Jr Blayklee Stelzer, Junior Carlee Smith, Intermediate Summer Kath, Senior Kelli Wicks, Overall Premier Exhibitor was Carlee Smith.


From beginning to end, all one had to do to know if MHJN was fulfilling its purpose was to look and listen. Smiles and laughter. Those were the hallmarks of the week. New friendships were forged. Old friendships were renewed. Sullivan Supply helped kick things off with Barnyard Olympics and the smiles and laughter continued the rest of the week. Happy kids made the efforts of the volunteers and the sacrifices of the parents all more than worth it. Thank you to all who helped make Buckles and Banners a success! See you next year!



TJLA Beltbuckle Bonanza!


I hope that everyone has picked out their perfect steer or heifer and is ready to hit the road for all the great summer shows! Please remember that there are both PreJr and Jr divisions at all TJLA shows! It is best to call the individual show and let them know that you are coming and bringing a Mini— They won’t be expecting one, because there are not a lot of them around- so just take a few Minuets to call and “check in” it will save you a lot of headache in the end!


As far as up coming MAJOR shows there are:

  •         The State Hereford Show in Belton, Tx June 17-20, 2015—- you must be a MHBA member and a Tx Jr Hereford Member. Check the Texas Hereford Association web site for details at
  •         TJLA Beltbuckle Bonanza in Waco, TX – you must be a MHBA and a TJLA member



IJBBA-Iowa Junior Beef Breeds Assoc.

The Iowa Junior Beef Breeds Association will be including Miniature Herefords in their classes this year. For more information, including which shows are sanctioned, go to:

This new program is also a model for other states to follow with their youth programs. To find out how, please contact Brent and Shelley White in Region 5.



TJLA Member Count!



I hope that all of yall are getting some much deserved rest after all the Texas shows! I know that many of you all have gotten your new animals for the upcoming show season and 2013-2014 Point season.

I spoke with TJLA today and we are up to 20+ members for the Mini Hereford points, most are PreJrs, but that is fine with me! We just need to keep the number growing!

There is so much going on here in Texas, we are looking to sell the Top placing market Steers at our sale in Houston 2014. So check back here for more info. We are also going to hold a HUGE fundraiser to raise money to purchase these animals. Make sure to check out our ad in The Mini Hereford news and in The Showbox for details.


Again, If you have any questions feel free to call me or send me an email! We are off and running! Good luck to all the kids at the shows this summer, please email me pictures and stories about how you do so I can feature them on line and in the magazine!!!





TJLAlogo (2)


We are off and running here in Texas and we couldn’t be more excited. I have spoken to some breeders and they are ready to see these kids run with their animals!

The new Points Start APRIL 13, 2013!


Make sure to Check back here and in the Mini Hereford Magazine for all things TJLA!

See you down the road.

– Tiffanie

TJLAlogo (2)

TJLA and Texas Youth!

Howdy from Texas!                                                                                                                                                                                  TJLAlogo (2)

Big things are happening down here in the Loan Star State that you should know about.

We recently approached TJLA, the Texas Junior Livestock Association, here in Texas about letting the Mini Herefords become a recognized breed in their sanctioned shows. After much negations we reached a deal that we feel would best represent our breed and the youth that are showing these animals.

For all of you that are unfamiliar with TJLA and how it works, TJLA is a governing body that oversees a point system and a group of sanctioned shows here in Texas. A youth becomes a member of TJLA and “run points” with their animals at a series of shows throughout the year. There is honestly a show every weekend, if not more than that, which they can go to. At the end of that given year the points are tallied up, based on shows attended and placement, and the top 10 exhibitors of that breed are given a “top 10 jacket” at an awards banquet. There is a division for all the species of cattle as well and pigs, lambs and goats. As you can see this is a BIG deal to be part of, and we are so excited!

In meeting with TJLA we realized that a majority of the kids that show minis were under the age of 8, which is normally when you are allowed to join TJLA, we went to them with the idea of letting the Pre Jrs show as well. They agreed, so now we are the only breed of cattle where a child under the age of 8 is allowed to show under the TJLA banner. For the 2013 point season, there will be 2 divisions, Juniors (ages 8 and older) and PreJrs (ages 3-8), they will combine steer and heifer points in each division and come up with an overall top 5 mini Hereford in each division. There is also 2 big TJLA shows a year, Belt Buckle Bonnanza and Fall Classic. As you can see there is a huge opportunity for kids to now get involved in the mini breed here in Texas!

We are asking all the breeders that are selling minis to kids to let them know about joining TJLA and all it has to offer. Please check back on the Mini Hereford Breeders Association web site as well as the magazines, where we will keep you up to date on all the upcoming shows and feature stories about the youth showing in Texas!

If you have any questions please contact me 210.482.0420 ! You can also log on and join TJLA online!!


See you soon!

Tiffanie Ivy

Beginning MHYF

MHYF“The Miniature Hereford Youth Foundation, Inc. was established to promote youth involvement in the breeding, management, showing, and marketing of Miniature Hereford Cattle through developing leadership skills and educational programs, encouraging personal growth, as well as providing a pathway towards attaining grants to continue to promote miniature Hereford breeding programs and awarding scholarships.”

Denver Stock Show 2011 was an exciting time!  Especially for the newly formed Miniature Hereford Youth Foundation and the awarding of the first two John Johnson Memorial Scholarships.

Mr Johnson and his wife, Betty, were the original breeders of polled miniature herefords at Straitside Ranch in Sequim, Washington.  He was a lontime friend and supporter of the miniature hereford breed and encouraged youth in their participation with the breed.  DuVal Farms in Silverton, Oregon generously donated their prize winning heifer, DF Aurora Borealis, to fund this scholarship in honor of John Johnson, who passed away last year.

DF Aurora Borealis was Grand Champion Female at the Oregon State Fair, Northern International Livestock Exposition (NILE) in Montana, and at the Grand National Stock Show (Cow Palace) in California as well as Champion Summer Intermediate Heifer at the NWSS.  She sold at the Denver sale, where five more generous members, J Bar W, Cole Cattle Co., WW Ranch, Splitt Ranch and Salt Creek Ranch, opened their wallets to purchase her for $4500.  They then turned around and donated her back to be auctioned off again at the annual banquet.

Splitt Ranch purchased her for $4700 after lively bidding at the banquet and a total of $9200 went into the scholarship fund.  Two very deserving youth (high school seniors) were awarded scholarships at the banquet: Kelsey Potter of Silverton, OR and Lawrence Velasquez of Santa Rosa, NM.

We soon hope to have a page on the MHBA website for the Miniature Hereford Youth Foundation.  Our future is in our youth and anything we can do to help our youth will help our organization.

Respectfully yours,

Sheila Lindsay,

Vice President and Public Relations Chairperson.

Miniature Hereford Youth

Miniature Hereford Youth Foundation
By Cynthia DuVal
The Foundation is pleased to congratulate our 2012 recipients of the John Johnson Memorial Scholarship.
Our first winner is Leah Stroud of Borger Texas. She is currently a senior at Borger High School, a member of the FFA and shows Miniature Herefords at several major shows. Leah is planning to attend Texas Tech in the fall, majoring in Animal Science.
Our College level winner is Kelsey Potter of Silverton Oregon. She is currently completing her first year at Oregon State University. Kelsey is working towards her BS in Crop and Soil Sciences. She has been involved with Miniature Herefords for the past four years and currently owns and shows several of her breeding stock.
Congratulations to Leah and Kelsey and we wish you the best in your academic future!


Junior Nationals

As everyone else in the country is looking forward to fireworks on Fourth of July weekend, I will be heading across the country to Indianapolis. This is the venue of the 2010 Hereford Junior Nationals. I am ten year old Wyatt Debnam from Glenville, PA, and my family owns Springfields Miniature Herefords. Last year my sister and I had the first Miniature Herefords that attended Hereford Junior Nationals. I entered my bred and owned bull and my sister, Caroline, entered her heifer. Our intention was to show off the Miniature Hereford breed. We did not do so well when it came to ribbons, but by far, we had the most visitors and cameras in our stall area. I did get pulled to represent my age in the showmanship champion drive.

This year I am solo as I wanted to bring both my regular size Hereford and my miniature Hereford to Nationals. Last week at the regional show, they weighed 1343 lbs. and 534 lbs. respectively. Since there are no Miniature Shows on the east coast, we show against the big ones all year. We get placed all over the board, but as most cattle people will tell you, you need to be first or last, not in the middle. This past winter I had the thrill of placing second and third in a class of 14, shown by age. As the judge, club calf legend Dave Guyer, said you can’t hate on him because he’s little. The next week a judge commented that my steer is one the best steers he had ever seen, then placed him 5th. As Nationals approach, we are rinsing twice a day to grow and keep their hair.
We bought our first heifers in 2006 and now try to keep 6 cows around as we try to improve the small herd. Normally we travel to 14 shows a year, showing until we go to Louisville to show against the minis. As Dad says, we practice all year to show one time against our own kind. As the mini fans say, GO MINIS!!!!!!

Youth Foundation Approved

Board Approves formation of Youth Foundation.

In mid January a proposal was submitted to your Board of Directors to form the Miniature Hereford Youth Foundation to be the education arm of the MHBA; to promote youth participation in the breeding, raising, showing and marketing of Miniature Hereford Cattle. The proposal was to form this Foundation as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization able to accept donations and apply for grants to fund scholarships and educational programs. Discussion followed in the Board Google Discussion Group with many thoughtful questions brought up and issues gone through. It came to vote was and approved on February 21. Your Executive Committee is now in the process of recruiting and appointing a five-member Board which will be charged with writing the Mission Statement and By Laws that will be submitted with the 501 application. When the application is approved, which we are confident it will be, the job of raising funds will start, along with the many other tasks associated with getting an organization of this type up and running. We are very excited about being able to plan and set in place programs for the future needs of the youth who choose to work with Miniature Herefords, By starting now we will be ready to encourage and support the hard work and efforts of our growing young ‘family’ of members in a real and meaningful way.