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TJLA Beltbuckle Bonanza!


I hope that everyone has picked out their perfect steer or heifer and is ready to hit the road for all the great summer shows! Please remember that there are both PreJr and Jr divisions at all TJLA shows! It is best to call the individual show and let them know that you are coming and bringing a Mini— They won’t be expecting one, because there are not a lot of them around- so just take a few Minuets to call and “check in” it will save you a lot of headache in the end!


As far as up coming MAJOR shows there are:

  •         The State Hereford Show in Belton, Tx June 17-20, 2015—- you must be a MHBA member and a Tx Jr Hereford Member. Check the Texas Hereford Association web site for details at
  •         TJLA Beltbuckle Bonanza in Waco, TX – you must be a MHBA and a TJLA member



TJLA Member Count!



I hope that all of yall are getting some much deserved rest after all the Texas shows! I know that many of you all have gotten your new animals for the upcoming show season and 2013-2014 Point season.

I spoke with TJLA today and we are up to 20+ members for the Mini Hereford points, most are PreJrs, but that is fine with me! We just need to keep the number growing!

There is so much going on here in Texas, we are looking to sell the Top placing market Steers at our sale in Houston 2014. So check back here for more info. We are also going to hold a HUGE fundraiser to raise money to purchase these animals. Make sure to check out our ad in The Mini Hereford news and in The Showbox for details.


Again, If you have any questions feel free to call me or send me an email! We are off and running! Good luck to all the kids at the shows this summer, please email me pictures and stories about how you do so I can feature them on line and in the magazine!!!





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We are off and running here in Texas and we couldn’t be more excited. I have spoken to some breeders and they are ready to see these kids run with their animals!

The new Points Start APRIL 13, 2013!


Make sure to Check back here and in the Mini Hereford Magazine for all things TJLA!

See you down the road.

– Tiffanie

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TJLA and Texas Youth!

Howdy from Texas!                                                                                                                                                                                  TJLAlogo (2)

Big things are happening down here in the Loan Star State that you should know about.

We recently approached TJLA, the Texas Junior Livestock Association, here in Texas about letting the Mini Herefords become a recognized breed in their sanctioned shows. After much negations we reached a deal that we feel would best represent our breed and the youth that are showing these animals.

For all of you that are unfamiliar with TJLA and how it works, TJLA is a governing body that oversees a point system and a group of sanctioned shows here in Texas. A youth becomes a member of TJLA and “run points” with their animals at a series of shows throughout the year. There is honestly a show every weekend, if not more than that, which they can go to. At the end of that given year the points are tallied up, based on shows attended and placement, and the top 10 exhibitors of that breed are given a “top 10 jacket” at an awards banquet. There is a division for all the species of cattle as well and pigs, lambs and goats. As you can see this is a BIG deal to be part of, and we are so excited!

In meeting with TJLA we realized that a majority of the kids that show minis were under the age of 8, which is normally when you are allowed to join TJLA, we went to them with the idea of letting the Pre Jrs show as well. They agreed, so now we are the only breed of cattle where a child under the age of 8 is allowed to show under the TJLA banner. For the 2013 point season, there will be 2 divisions, Juniors (ages 8 and older) and PreJrs (ages 3-8), they will combine steer and heifer points in each division and come up with an overall top 5 mini Hereford in each division. There is also 2 big TJLA shows a year, Belt Buckle Bonnanza and Fall Classic. As you can see there is a huge opportunity for kids to now get involved in the mini breed here in Texas!

We are asking all the breeders that are selling minis to kids to let them know about joining TJLA and all it has to offer. Please check back on the Mini Hereford Breeders Association web site as well as the magazines, where we will keep you up to date on all the upcoming shows and feature stories about the youth showing in Texas!

If you have any questions please contact me 210.482.0420 ! You can also log on and join TJLA online!!


See you soon!

Tiffanie Ivy