Member Payment Options

Membership Payment Options:

The undersigned hereby applies for membership in the Miniature Hereford Breeders Association (MHBA), a non-profit corporation, and in consideration of acceptance, agrees to conform to and abide by the By-Laws, Rules, and Regulations of the Association and Amendments or Modifications thereto which may, from time to time, be adopted. By signing this application for membership, applicant irrevocably waives any claim against and grants an absolute release to the Miniature Hereford Breeders Association and member, employee, or agent of the Association, for any act or omission in connection with the Association, including but not limited to, any enforcement of the Rules and Regulations presently in effect or hereafter adopted by the Association


United States of America

Be sure to complete your membership application prior to making a payment.

Click here to send $85 Family Dues Payment

Click here to send $25 Junior Dues Payment


Canada & Mexico

Click here to send $90 Dues Payment if you live in Canada or Mexico


All Other Countries

Click here to send $95 Dues Payment if you live outside the US, Canada or Mexico


Or, you can Snail-Mail a check to our Treasurer:

Craig De Haan
804 2nd St. SE
Orange City, IA 51041