Beginning MHYF

MHYF“The Miniature Hereford Youth Foundation, Inc. was established to promote youth involvement in the breeding, management, showing, and marketing of Miniature Hereford Cattle through developing leadership skills and educational programs, encouraging personal growth, as well as providing a pathway towards attaining grants to continue to promote miniature Hereford breeding programs and awarding scholarships.”

Denver Stock Show 2011 was an exciting time!  Especially for the newly formed Miniature Hereford Youth Foundation and the awarding of the first two John Johnson Memorial Scholarships.

Mr Johnson and his wife, Betty, were the original breeders of polled miniature herefords at Straitside Ranch in Sequim, Washington.  He was a lontime friend and supporter of the miniature hereford breed and encouraged youth in their participation with the breed.  DuVal Farms in Silverton, Oregon generously donated their prize winning heifer, DF Aurora Borealis, to fund this scholarship in honor of John Johnson, who passed away last year.

DF Aurora Borealis was Grand Champion Female at the Oregon State Fair, Northern International Livestock Exposition (NILE) in Montana, and at the Grand National Stock Show (Cow Palace) in California as well as Champion Summer Intermediate Heifer at the NWSS.  She sold at the Denver sale, where five more generous members, J Bar W, Cole Cattle Co., WW Ranch, Splitt Ranch and Salt Creek Ranch, opened their wallets to purchase her for $4500.  They then turned around and donated her back to be auctioned off again at the annual banquet.

Splitt Ranch purchased her for $4700 after lively bidding at the banquet and a total of $9200 went into the scholarship fund.  Two very deserving youth (high school seniors) were awarded scholarships at the banquet: Kelsey Potter of Silverton, OR and Lawrence Velasquez of Santa Rosa, NM.

We soon hope to have a page on the MHBA website for the Miniature Hereford Youth Foundation.  Our future is in our youth and anything we can do to help our youth will help our organization.

Respectfully yours,

Sheila Lindsay,

Vice President and Public Relations Chairperson.

Welcome to MHBA online!

Our website was created to provide information regarding all aspects of the Miniature Hereford business for both the general public and our members.  To gain access to Members-Only articles and information, please join our association!  Otherwise, feel free to browse the links provided to learn about the amazing Miniature Hereford.

MHBA (Miniature Hereford Breeders Association) was organized and established by breeders of Miniature Hereford cattle as a conduit to market and educate breeders and enthusiasts about these mini cattle. MHBA sanctions and sponsors numerous Miniature Hereford Livestock shows across the USA including the National Western Livestock Show and Rodeo, the North American International Livestock Exposition, Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, Star of Texas Show & Rodeo and several more.  Over the past ten years, shows have been the most rewarding method of introducing the breed to the public for the first time, and thus encouraging increased sales.

Thank you for visiting and we hope you have an enjoyable experience on our website!


Why Miniature Herefords?

That is a very good question.  Why not?

Miniature Herefords have a dedicated following in their breeders and admirers.  The reasons range from purely scientific to a simple “I just LIKE ’em!”  For the record, we’ll provde a few reasons why you, too, should become involved with Mini Herefords:


  • Smaller size means less feed needed.  Face it.  Feed today is expensive!  Pasture is expensive!  Miniature Herefords, weighing roughly half what the standard-size Herefords weigh, eat roughly half as well!
  • Smaller size means less mess.  Mini cattle do much less harm to the environment than their larger counterparts.  From disturbing the ground far less for each foot-fall, to simply ranging more because they carry less weight – your pastures will love the Minis!  Especially the spots around the water trough.
  • Smaller size means shorter muscle length.  While this theory is to-date unproven scientifically, there are many advocates of Miniature Hereford beef who believe the meat is more tender because of the shorter muscle length.  Also, because the animal’s muscles need not be toned enough to carry 2,000 lbs around all day, they tend to be far more tender.  Consider the average Mini Hereford weighs in at 700 or 1,000 lbs, and you might say the meat is twice as tender!
  • Smaller size means more appropriate steak size.  A lot of the steaks you see today would completely cover a normal dinnerplate!  Where would you squeeze in your baked potato?  Consider the recomended serving size for meat, and a Mini Hereford steak is right on the money – with a little extra just ‘cuz.
  • Smaller size means smaller amounts of meat off of one animal.  Miniature Herefords are just right for an average family to raise, feeding exactly what they wish to feed, slaughter, and eat in the recommended shelf life of the meat.
  • Smaller size means they’re better for kids.  Calves are born ranging from 30 to 50 pounds.  Compare that to standard-size cattle today!  Children as young as 5 and 6 are capable of showing calves and steers!
  • Smaller size means they’re much more docile.  A standard-size cow knows full well she’s got you out muscled.  While a Mini cow is still plenty strong, normally they just don’t try to get away with nearly as much – except when it comes to finding the treats in your bucket!
So, are you convinced?

2016 Miniature Hereford Junior Nationals

2016mhjn-logoWhat do you get when you mix 65 Miniature Hereford enthusiasts between the ages of 3 and 22 from 8 states with equal parts education, competition, and friendship? A heckuva’ good time at “Buckles and Banners,” the 2016 MHJN (Miniature Hereford Junior Nationals, that’s what.

MHJN was hosted by the Hansen Student Agriculture Center at Iowa State University June 22-26. If there was ever an event to signify the promise of a bright future for the Miniature Hereford breed, this was it. From the tremendous participation i

n the educational programs to the quality of the cattle shown and from the contributions of volunteers to the smiles on the kids’ faces, MHJN gave breeders countless reasons to be proud of the cattle and gave parents countless reasons to be proud of their kids.

The Kids

While we welcome cattle lovers of all ages, one of the things that makes us unique is how many really young kids we have participating in our youth programs. MHJN was no exception.  Out of the 65 youth exhibitors, 24 were Pre-Juniors (ages 3-7). Another 27 were Juniors (ages 8-12). They had 8 Intermediates (ages 13-16) and 6 Seniors (ages 17-22) to look up to and learn from. This was a fantastic group of kids who competed with each other, supported each other, and had a lot of laughs together.


Another unique aspect of the MHJN is the emphasis on education and the level of participation by the exhibitors. This year’s schedule gave the exhibitors several chances to learn about various aspects of cattle selection and presentation. And, the exhibitors took full advantage of those opportunities. Huge crowd took part in every educational session, including:

  • Character counts “It’s not only about the Banner!”, animal daily care and feeding, and cattle showmanship hosted by Weaver Livestock
  • Cattle fitting demonstration by Sullivan Supply
  • Livestock evaluation and terminology facilitated by Kirk Stierwalt and Dwayne Faidley
  • Meat grading and cuts
  • A tour of the Iowa State University Beef Teaching Farm


From learning to doing – that’s what the participants did over and over again, with enthusiasm! They used what they learned in the educational sessions to compete in a variety of contests. The livestock evaluation session prepared them for the judging contest, where they evaluated 4 classes of cattle, and the sales talk contest, where they were placed in a “mock sales” discussion with a “potential buyer” and presented the best attributes of one of their animals. The judges, or “buyers,” commented that they were blown away by the knowledge and presentation skills of our Miniature Hereford youth.

The fitting demonstration prepared participants for the fitting contest, where teams of exhibitors fit and animal and answered questions by the judges about their approach to making the animals look their very best. If that contest was any indication, we’ll have well-presented cattle at our Miniature Hereford shows for years to come. It was also a great way to give the kids a chance to do things many of them have never done. One young exhibitor remarked, “This is great! My dad never lets me use the glue!” That exhibitor and others like him made up for their lack of experience with leg adhesive by using plenty during the contest!

The showmanship session prepared the kids to give Judge Scot Campbell the best possible look at their cattle. What a talented group of showmen we have!

A competition that was designed to recognize the quiet, unheralded work that often goes unnoticed.  Stephen McIntyre founded the Herdsman of the Year Award, keeping his eye out for the exhibitors who earned the respect of peers, volunteers, and parents, demonstrated the honor and dignity of a future cattleman, and displayed pride in their cattle, by how they were presented in the show ring and cared for in the stalls. Other criteria included behaving with a positive attitude, being willing to help out whenever needed, and showing a diligent work ethic. Summer Kath from Minnesota was awarded the distinction of being the 2016 Herdsman of the Year. Summer’s dedication, hard work, and support of fellow exhibitors was evident to all who met her.

We also selected a Premier Exhibitor for each age group and an overall Premier Exhibitor for the MHJN 2016.  This award was scored by the total points each exhibitor earned in the contests and the points they received for exhibiting their animal.   Congratulations to our Premier exhibitors; Pre-Jr Blayklee Stelzer, Junior Carlee Smith, Intermediate Summer Kath, Senior Kelli Wicks, Overall Premier Exhibitor was Carlee Smith.


From beginning to end, all one had to do to know if MHJN was fulfilling its purpose was to look and listen. Smiles and laughter. Those were the hallmarks of the week. New friendships were forged. Old friendships were renewed. Sullivan Supply helped kick things off with Barnyard Olympics and the smiles and laughter continued the rest of the week. Happy kids made the efforts of the volunteers and the sacrifices of the parents all more than worth it. Thank you to all who helped make Buckles and Banners a success! See you next year!



2014 Denver Miniature Hereford Show and Sale!


The premier annual show and sale for Miniature Herefords!

January 22-26, 2014 in Denver, Colorado!

Show Entry deadline November 20, 2013

Sale Consignment deadline November 30, 2013

You don’t want to miss this opportunity to see the best the breed has to offer and meet Miniature Hereford Breeders Association members from across the nation!

For more information for the show and sale  go to “Events” and click on “Shows” and “Sales”. Go to January 2014 to click on the event. Additional information may be found at the NWSS website at

More questions? Contact:

Justin Grady     (303) 646-9497

Charlotte Williams    (970) 264-1014

See you in the Mile High City!




2013 NILE

NILE Miniature Hereford Show in Billings, Montana
Saturday October 19th, 2013 at 1:00 p.m.
The judge was Bruce Kiesewetter from Letts, IA
Class 1A- Heifer Calf- 1/1/13 & after
1st-EZ Chesters Lil Dottie  owned by: EZ/Mini Herefords of Whitefish,Mt. shown by:Casey Morris
2nd-EZ Winchesters Tiny owned & shown by: Isabell Johnson of Whitefish, Mt.(EZ/Mini Herefords)
3rd-LL Playmate Bundtini owned by: Lindsay Littles of Hot Springs, SD shown by: Justin Irgens
4th-LL Playmate Quatro owned by: Lindsay Littles of Hot Springs, S.D. shown by: Brandy March
5th-Liberty’s Playmate Frances owned by: Mycas Minnies of Buffalo Gap, S.D. shown by: Myca Cantrell
Class 2A- Heifer Calf- 9/1-12/31/12
1st-D&A Empress Emolyn owned & shown by: David Bennett of Rupert,
Class 4A- Heifer- 1/1-4/30/12
1st-LL Playmate Princess owned & shown by Alexis Johnson of Whitefish, Mt.(EZ/Mini Herefords)
2nd-LL Playmate Oralee owned by: Mycas Minnies of Buffalo Gap, SD shown by: Myca Cantrell
EZ Chesters Lil Dottie owned by EZ/Mini Herefords of Whitefish, Mt shown by: Casey Morris
LL Playmate Princess owned & shown by: Alexis Johnson of Whitefish, MT (EZ/Mini Herefords)
Class 5A-Cow/Calf Pair
1st-Orion’s Red Oakette, EZ Chesters Lil Dottie owned by: EZ/Mini Herefords of Whitefish, Mt. shown by: Skip Schroeder & Alexis Johnson
2nd-LL Playmate Pearl, EZ Winchesters Tiny owned by: Isabell Johnson of Whitefish, Mt (EZ/Mini Herefords) shown by: Isabell Johnson & Casey Morris
3rd-LL Playmate Gracie, Liberty’s Playmate Frances owned by: Mycas Minnies shown by: Myca Cantrell & Brandy March
Orion’s Red Oakette, EZ Chesters Lil Dottie owned by: EZ/Mini Herefords of Whitefish, Mt shown by: Skip Schroeder & Alexis Johnson
LL Playmate Pearl, EZ Winchesters Tiny owned by: Isabell Johnson of Whitefish, Mt (EZ/Mini Herefords) shown by: Isabell Johnson & Casey Morris
Class 6A-Bull Calf 1/1/13 & after
1st-DNT’s Quip’s Peter Pan owned by: Shadow Mountain Cattle of Genola, UT shown by: Cameron Daniels
2nd-LL Playmate Traces Primero owned by: Lindsay Littles of Hot Springs, SD shown by: Justin Irgens
3rd-LL Playmate Deuce owned & shown by: Brandy March of Hot Springs, SD
4th-DNT’s Hunters Spirit owned by: Shadow Mountain Cattle of Genola, UT shown by: Hadley Daniels
Class 7A-Bull Calf 9/1-12/31/12
1st-D&A Sir Shawn owned & shown by: David Bennett of Rupert, ID
Class 9A-Bull 1/1-4/30/12
1st-JW’s Apollo owned by: Shadow Mountain Cattle of Genola, UT shown by: Daniel Taylor
DNT’s Quips Peter Pan owned by: Shadow Mountain Cattle of Genola, UT shown by: Cameron Daniels
D&A Sir Shawn owned & shown by: David Bennett of Rupert, ID
Class 13A-Jr. Prospect Heifer after 1/1/13
1st-EZ Chesters Lil Dottie owned by: EZ/Mini Herefords of Whitefish, Mt shown by:Alexis Johnson
2nd-EZ Winchesters Tiny owned & shown by: Isabell Johnson of Whitefish, Mt (EZ/Mini Herefords)
3rd-Liberty’s Playmate Frances owned by: Mycas Minnies of Buffalo Gap, SD shown by: Myca Cantrell
Class 15A-Junior Showmanship
Grand Champion Showman- Isabell Johnson of Whitefish, Mt showing EZ Chesters Lil Dottie
Reserve Champion Showman-Hadley Daniels of Genola, Ut showing DNT’s Hunters Spirit
3rd Place-Alexis Johnson of Whitefish, Mt showing LL Playmate Princess
Class 15B-Senior Showmanship
Grand Champion Showman-Cameron Daniels of Genola, Ut showing DNT’s Quip’s Peter Pan
Reserve Champion Showman-Justin Irgens of Baker, Mt showing LL Playmate Traces Primero
3rd Place-Brandy March of Hot Springs, SD showing LL Playmate Deuce
4th Place-Myca Cantrell of Buffalo Gap, SD showing LL Playmate Oralee