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Best Bald Spot

Well we loaded up with great anticipation the livestock (12 head but it felt like 40) and 4 grandkids and headed to Houston. Everything was good and going well. But were we ever surprised when we arrived and unloaded. There before our eyes were some bald spots. Now these were not little either, as a matter of fact they looked HUGE to us. And not on one heifer but two, no THREE (yikes)!! We couldn’t believe our eyes and the grandkids were shocked they had worked so hard on that hair and now here they were with heifers and bald spots. But we began to look around and realized we were not alone and that was comforting (if you can be comforted in that situation). So I thought hey why not have a Biggest Bald Spot Award. Surely we could win that one with hands down from the looks of it. With that thought in mind of having a fun award I began to ask anyone that wanted to join in to come on and many did. Even Jeff Fulgham entered, but not his heifer (who had no bald spot), he entered his own head can you believe that. Well when the voting was done we had a winner. And the winner was not LK Robinson Farms with that huge bald spot on that heifer but instead Jeff Fulgham and the bald spot on his head. Jeff in turn donated his bald spot winnings to the MHYF and was just happy to have received the very first Biggest Bald Spot Award given at a Miniature Hereford Show (and hopefully the last but who knows maybe not). His winnings and donation totaled $200.00. We want to thank everyone that participated and Jeff for his donation to the Miniature Hereford Youth Foundation. Hope to see everyone again next year and hopefully with no bald spots.
Sherry Robinson
LK Robinson Farms Inc.